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I personally just cant see myself ever getting married. It's simply to risky. I have a good job with a great pension. I also own a home in which I should have paid off in roughly 5 years. And I am very conservative with my extra income and tend to save. Why on earth would I want to put my pension, home and savings at risk of being stolen in the event of a divorce?

I'm sorry but the risks simply out weigh the benefits of marriage. Can you ladies really blame me for thinking this way? (That also works vice versa to be fair.)
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Posted: 3/31/2009 9:28:12 AM

I know it degrades the santity of marriage

There's sanity in marriage?

Do you mean sanctity?

Obeying the wishes of your parents, honoring and respecting the leadership and choices for your family, would be the reason behind allowing them to select your marital partner.

Wouldn't it?

That being said how would doing so violate the sanctity of marriage?

You can't pick and choose which portions of religious doctrine you apply, folks.

OP, your use of language is a slippery slope.
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Posted: 3/31/2009 9:40:27 AM
Since most marriages only last as long as a July frost these days anyway, I might. Anymore marriage has sunk to the same level as "going steady". Just take the ring back and call it quits.

My mom and dad would choose a "nerd" for me and my daughters would choose "Grizzly Adams".

I knew my second husband all of six weeks before we were married and lived together for 21 years. I grew to love him and respect him. We had two daughters together.
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