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As for the baby wipes, I just did something regrettable - I licked one. Now that's got to be a polite lover to not say anything. They taste HORRIBLE!

I solved that one years ago. I take a fresh one, rinse it under hot water, and then use it. That trick came about because I have allergies and my then toddler was always leaving the box open so that they dried out. They work better my way.

...fe fi fo fum...

OT: Funny you should quote that... I got a 2 day trip to ban camp posting that in a thread "what do you like a man to say when approaching"....
When it comes to hygiene and sex, I would prefer to take a more direct approach - if you stink - I ain't doing ya... A daily shower and then freshening up should suffice. I don't care what time of day it is or how many showers you've had, if you need one - take one.
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/15/2009 7:47:46 AM
well, I have to agree with candid 1. if you need a shower, even if you had one that morning, take one before hopping into bed.

guy I dated had - to me - the most foul odor when he was aroused. it was enough to gag me. it was one of the things that eventually broke us up. the other was his lack of consideration, but that's another thread (which I'm sure has already been done to death).

I've been on days-long horseback trips, no chance for anyone to shower, and had no trouble doing the deed. of course, all of us smelled like horses.
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/15/2009 8:22:28 AM
I don't think I'd want to have intimacy after being all hot & sweaty from working outside. At the same token, there is a sponge bath.
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/15/2009 9:28:20 AM

^^^msg 149. That is so true re the scent of a partner on their clothes, etc. Sometimes I would wear his pjs around the house, loving the fact that I could still smell him long after he had left for the day. One man I dated had hair that always smelled, and felt (lol) wonderful. After he left the room I would often roll over to his side of the bed and go back to sleep with my head on his pillow. Boy, just typing that sentence really brings back some wonderful memories!!!

That does bring back memories. I too used to roll over to his side of the bed....and I loved wearing my ex's t-shirts or shirts around the house. I loved him and I loved the way he smelled, shower or no shower.

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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/15/2009 9:47:17 AM

No I don't. I have met some that wore too much perfume though.

Wow, this brings back a memory.

When I was in the Navy back in the 70s, I served on a submarine homeported out of Holy Loch, Scotland. This is a very rural area. The nearest "village" that offered any meaningful social life to a bunch of young single sailors was called Dunoon. They offered a couple of clubs that were always overwhelmed by tons of sailors, local girls and local fellows (seething with resentment).

When you first would walk into one of these places you were nearly knocked over by the odor of gallons of perfume, after shave and deodorant. After a few minutes another odor began to cut through that fog..........body odor. It could really be rank.
But enough alcohol and the desire to mate generally overrode that and you just dove in and went

All that body odor was a result of a cultural difference. The locals simply didn't bathe daily as we Americans tended to do. They actually thought we were a bit obsessed with bathing. It was my understanding that people often went 3-4 days between baths. These were farm folk, raising sheep...etc. The women also didn't shave their legs (no problem), or their underarms. Sometimes in those slow dances, it got a bit overpowering, but I learned to tough it out.....
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/15/2009 5:40:17 PM
I'm on the treadmill in the morning...shower after that...Often treadmill again at noon...again...shower. I have a pretty clean and non physical occupation. I don't usually shower at bedtime. Now single & with no obvious prospects even less reason.
But when I was in a physical relationship there was no ridged bathing schedule apart from at least once a day...If I was planning an especially 'romantic' evening I might decide to freshen up...if something 'spontaneous' came up...not likely to stop and shower first...There is no 'standard proceedure' for me...I've never encountered a problem. Don't know if I 'caused' problems though...
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/15/2009 10:44:17 PM
I see Windroper beat me to it, as I read through the first 4 1/2 pages, wondering, "Don't these people like morning sex?" Back in the days when I worked, especially, I was sometimes really tired when I went to bed, so oftentimes we had it in the morning. I loved morning sex, as I was wide awake, and it set the mood with good memories for the rest of the day...and no, we didn't jump up and shower first.

I, too, like the smell of my man. When I was in a LDR, I took a pair of his boxers home with me, so I could sleep with this reminder while we were apart. It made for some nice dreams...

I like wearing my man's clothes, too. It makes me feel closer to him...

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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/16/2009 12:14:31 AM
Yah sure go ahead and have wylde whacky ... buffed up .. flesh rubbing.. the only requisite is that your partner never defacates... or at least only mid week.. has a catheter attached to his penis that runs out his ears .. and has went in and had the hood area removed from his joystick ... so that the cheese and the curd are easier to spot with the Naked eye on a naked gun20/20 vision and a man who has received back to back NOBEL Prizes for only farting once a year and wiping his ass so well you would think he had a built in rear view anal mirror and a waterpic attachment 200psi with a swifter buffer built into his porcelain throne! ..............

Now that we got that shit taken care of.. why would anyone with a brain in their head who is in love with their partner want to kill them with coliform bacteria.. are they too stupid to live.. or do they have shit for brains? E.Coli... Kills

Never really thought about the buttons on an ATM being deadly but apparently traces of E.Coli have been linked to infections nearly causing death .. experts suggest using a sani-wash bacteria when using an ATM as many sources have been questionably linked to this... so.. not only do you not have sex without a sani wash .. don't have sex with an ATM machine without a sani wash either!
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/16/2009 1:35:05 AM
Well its great that you all are happy to waste water, we have been on stage 3 water restrictions for years here in Melbourne, we are supposed to reach 155 Litres a day usage per person. That means 5 minute showers once a day. No watering lawns or privates.

You do realise that if you continue to use water the way you do, you will soon be under the same restrictions. Fresh water is running out. So while your hoo hoo's are clean of any human scent, your children will be dying of thirst.

Just my two cents....crazy people
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/16/2009 1:37:17 AM
A full bath or shower for a half an hour is over the top..............but always clean your privates
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/16/2009 2:35:03 AM

Napoleon sent a note to Josephine while away on a campaign.
The missive said "I'll be home in 3 days. Don't bathe. "

Dude's a freak, you have to be to try and conquer Europe. However for us, less empire loving folk, we prefer our women bathed.

Or at least I do.
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/16/2009 2:52:41 AM
Yeah, when the mood **** it...A man or woman who takes care of themselves, doesnt need to bathe to be clean down there EVERYTIME before sex....There are other ways women keep themselves smelling fresh....You've never been taken over by your passion, and just made love to your partner right then and there? Or, like a Public Pool, do you make them shower first everytime? lol
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/16/2009 8:46:21 AM
public pool, in the middle of a department store, on the outside balcony of a resturant ...................where is that shower when you need it ??? D ammmmmm

N O T...........................LIVE IN THE MOMENT BABE
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/16/2009 8:59:03 AM
Howbigisyour love, YES, MOST OF THESE PEOPLE ARE NUTS! I wouldn't date them....I wouldn't even want to drink from a glass they had "washed", because if their body hygiene isn't great, I can only imagine what their housekeeping is like!
Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/16/2009 2:21:39 PM
I can't believe many of the responses on this thread. Clearly spontaneity is not a word that exists in some peoples vocabulary.

Many people are confusing the concepts of normal everyday body climate and having the funk. Most of us bathe in the morning when we get up and go about our day. Most of those that have a nonstrenuous job are not going to build up a bunch of body odor during their day. If someone conducts their bathroom hygiene with normal accepted procedures why do you need to have a shower before sex.

Those of us that workout or those with strenuous jobs would shower after these activities. I think that is common sense. If there has been a shower after that activity do you really need another one before sex?

What is wrong with the natural scent or essence or someone with normal hygiene practices....... Our society has become a society of germophobes due to all of the fear mongering of the companies selling antibacterial products etc........ when i make love with someone I want to experience them...... I want to bask in their essence, i want to savor their tastes.......Later when we have parted I want to catch the quick scent of their presence on me, or the bed, or on some article of clothing and be able to instantly be back in that moment we shared.

Have you not spent the day at the beach with your partner and then the moment you get in the door ripped off each others clothing because you have wanted them all day...... have you not worked all day in the yard or on a common project and not celebrated the completion by making love? Are you really going to ruin those moments by insisting upon a pre-sex shower?

Sex, at its best, is the spontaneous expression of love and desire for your partner....... Spontaneous being the key word in that phrase........ if you cannot freely and spontaneously explore your desire for your partner without first showering then i feel sorry for you..........

The more I read these forums I see why so many people are single..........
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/16/2009 2:52:54 PM
This by far has been the most amusing and entertaining thread I have read in some time.

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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/16/2009 3:27:54 PM
I dont know about the rest of you, but I know if I am going to get a little someth'n someth'n (or hope to). I shower before I leave the house, even if I just had one a couple of hours ago. Then you can make sure the kitty smells good and is well groomed. Your whole body is moisturized, legs shaved, nails are clipped and clean......
it is a no brainer.
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/17/2009 9:04:18 PM


I have no idea, but personally?

Natural male musk, that earthy scent of warm male skin and hair and sweat is a thousand times more arousing to me than soap, shampoo and cologne.
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/17/2009 9:29:15 PM
The dirty people are all freaking out at the audacity of the idea that people should bathe every day.
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/17/2009 9:35:24 PM
Tuezday- I agree. Natural phrenomes connect peoples brains. All this sanitizing keeps the animal urges down, the brain isn't as stimulated. Alittle sweat & natural skin smell are a real turn on. Lusty. It sometimes gets me lightheaded. I guess I like to be more spontaneous. You're out somewhere, get so turned on you can hardly get in the house fast enough & shower?? No. I guess I just like it either way.
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/17/2009 9:41:44 PM
Personal choice is rarely ever "standard". Its whatever works for the people involved. Personally - I'd shower, but then I'd also share!

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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/18/2009 1:04:38 AM
Some people do shower in the morning an at night. But I bet you everyone has gone to bed at some point without showering...I just think thatcertain things are overlooked when you are with someone exclusively. One assumes that their lover practices proper hygiene so there's no question when it comes down to pawing one another and turning things up a notch or two right?? You would think it would be out of respect for your honey to not encourage intimacy if they weren't feeling fresh or something, but then again...this can easily be turned into an advantage by asking them to join you. Oh and we also know that not every sexcapade is going to start off with oral sex either. If people are so uptight about being dirty, don't you think we should wash our hands before we handle our junk and take a piss?? (or before you swipe?) who knows where your hands have been before right ? At an ATM machine? Your computer at work? Paying the paperboy and handling money?
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/18/2009 6:51:38 AM
EEEWWWW....Wouldnt think of bedding down without cleaning up...and a shower with her afters nice the soaping up!
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/18/2009 3:57:49 PM
It depends on the couple,not our way of thinking/acting. Many couples have differant styles/habits,that others find offensive. Something to ponder...where is it written "that you must be washed/cleaned before you enjoy me " ? Since we all enjoy differant ways in sexual's for not you that's fine.. let them enjoy what's good for them.
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Hygiene and intimacy (sexual)
Posted: 2/18/2009 4:10:57 PM
I can't imagine showering before having sex. I mean, having sex after I shower sure but needing a shower before getting hot and sweaty with my lover? The germaphobes are taking over the world. I'm blaming clorox for this one.
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