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 Jason Nigrelli
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listen to your the vanishing point.Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
brave fortune
fondles me
when you
reply with
that smell
of yours

sugar snap
peas are
sweet but
you are
not a veggie

in common
we dance
til dawn
on a

to the
of all
the show
must go
even though
the star
peeled out
in a
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 3/7/2009 9:33:52 PM
i was asked a few years ago,
much like you,
by an internet stranger
'who are you?'
sofrom that simple question
along with some homework
i was that week also given
to find my 'life mission'
i thought,
much like you,
the only way
to answer the question
is to go back
and start from the beginning
and see where my life began
to see the purpose of my journey
though i didn't think at the time
to go further back to my parents
or to the running for life and immigration
to this land by my grandparents to be free
much like you,
in writing of my childhood
my parents hearts and souls came through
and though you don't mention it of you,
you too are also a healer
a catalyst
with your words
which through your art can be felt
directly coming from your soul and heart

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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 3/7/2009 11:11:39 PM
Listen to your heart and it will never take you a stray. If you listen to your heart it will guide you to do the right thing. Your mind will talk you out of a true love especially if you listen to your mind telling you this could never possibly work because of the hugh age difference, but I should of listened to my heart which told me it was possible and would last a lifetime. What love lasts a lifetime? My heart tells me to keep looking and I will find the love of a lifetime:0) It will last a lifetime my heart tells me.............looking for that love of life that will last a lifetime.
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 3/8/2009 12:15:13 AM
When I'm all alone I reflect the reason why
So many of us live alone and cry
I can't be bothered by visions of you and I
Nothing new to see yet I question myself why
Now I watch the falling rain
And sink back into the pain

Well I guess you took my youth and gave it all away
Like a rosebud among the thorns every pricks showing it's way
And if you died I couldn't cry
As I sink back into the bottle and always ask myself why
You couldn't understand you heartless freak as I start to shed away
And as I become a mixture of ash and rain I sink and shy today

Throughout all the thoughtless years I was alone
I became the drug and left myself laid out in stone
And if I die
You wouldn't cry
You'd just add me to the list of young burdens cast away
All in doubt as I jump into the next life abandoned and afraid
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 6/19/2009 11:15:56 PM
Listen to your heart to the vanishing point.
If I listen to my heart then I would be with you at this moment. Loving you and making my dreams come true which is to be in your arms forever and ever.
My heart crys for you and my soul is only alive when I am with you, but my brain tells me that you are a player and can never be with just one woman. As the battle between my heart and brain continues and my soul is trying to survive the battle knowing that we have been here before in another life together as soul mates. The battle continues and my heart and soul crys out because we were meant to be together.
As I try to lose myself in someone elses arms..... my heart continues to cry and my brain tells me someday the vision of you will just go away and you will just vanish away ..... and maybe it is true that out of sight, out of mind just might work and you will vanish from my heart.
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 6/20/2009 11:15:36 PM
HI Petitelittlebuttercup (Rita)
I was sitting and thinking about how I was feeling and decided to just let the words flow from my heart and that was what came out wheter it meant any sense or was from my heart . I use to write alot of poetry and somehow got side tracked and never went back into writing about me and what feelings I was having...ignoring what was in my heart to speak about.
So when reading your thread...I just felt a need to talk about what is in my heart and how I need to let go of a guy who just wants to play games and does not care.
Thank you for the great thread and for the great poems that you have written...may your words of wisdom live on forever.....
A new friend
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 6/21/2009 10:43:07 PM
Hi Rita,
Thanks for the compliments
You are a great new friend.
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 6/21/2009 10:47:59 PM
This is was written for my one true love Rick who I was with for over 9 years.

This is my hand that I give to you to guide and protect me. My hand represents the trust and love I feel for you because if I give you my hand to hold, then I give you my world to share.
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 6/22/2009 8:53:52 PM
Dear Rita,
I enjoy your poems they are just great and you took my hand poem and took it to new heights of joy. Thank you. Your new friend Viv.. Let me try to explain something that went on...lets see if I can make it into I go

This is my dedication to Jose that maybe if it is meant to be...>I will show him this someday......... Jose...........
This started on New years were with someone else. I watched you dancing with your special someone...didn't know your name, but wanted to know all about you.
Watched you dancing and you captured my respect and my heart because you did not notice me or any other women except the one you were with. You only had eyes for her...My hats off to you. You were just paying attention to her and no one else.
My New Year wish and every time I saw you was that I wished to God for someone just like you. I wanted to be her.....just to have someone look at me the way you looked at her on New years night and every night you two were together.
Everytime I went there and saw had my whole attraction and you never noticed me, only her. How many times I wished to be her. Hundreds at least. I would never interfer, but just watched from afar wanting more.
Sunday night I was somewhere and feeling was fathers day and my dad has gone to heaven. My day was spent in tears and depression. God I needed a mircale to get out of this. My eyes were swollen from crying for the lost of my hero, my Dad. As always Daddys girl no matter matter if he left this world.
I lost a part of me when he passed to the new world with God.
I was so sad and who walked in the door, but you my dream guy and I said Hi and went back to my table with my friends and you followed.
My heart stopped, looking at you and I realized I never got over wanting you .
We talked thru the night and danced, my wish to God came true. You were looking at me like you looked at her.
We talked and you told me about breaking up one week ago and I told you about something that happened that day to.
His father died last year and we talked about the sadness and Fathers day without our Dads.
As the night passed...I could not take my eyes off him.....I thought of God and that maybe he didn't want to see my tears and sadness and was sending me someone to make me happy because just being in his arms ...I felt like I had came home after a long trip. This was meant to be.
He came from a broken relationship and I did to, so I hope this was meant to be.
I have looked at him since January 1, 2009 and now it is June 21, so waiting was well worth it. I looked at him all this time and knew he was meant to be mine. Thank God for sending him to me........He looked at me and told me I was beautiful and how could that be when I cryed my heart out all day for my Dad, but he made me feel beautiful because he was my dream that came true.
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 6/24/2009 8:01:06 PM
Gabby Girl
My baby Gabby girl came into this world running and laughing. Gabby took a hold on the world and used it as her adventure to see and find the simple pleasures and everyone around her saw the world in a different light.
Gabby talks, sings, dances and laughs ....there wil never be another Gabby girl.
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 6/25/2009 1:50:19 PM
I took a look into your soul
Kindred eyes looking through me as if I'm made of glass
Was I even worth a whisper against the sands of time and space
Out there in the garden trended delicately with roses silently covering up the holes in my heart
I prayed you not to hurt me as i masquerade the shepard tending to his sheep
Don't run astray from your guidance stay within the keep
But I gave you wings to fly and come back in the autumn fog
More and more i wanted but you said i wanted all
Maybe that's why i fall to earth without wings without care
Hoping on a wishing star to someone that's never there
But if it rings true to these words for someone to take me as a lamb amoungst a pack of wolves
Guide me to the stars let me show you the happy side of me never muttering the truth
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 6/25/2009 4:51:37 PM
I carried you beneath my heart and our hearts beat together. A bonding that would last for ever and ever.
My love has no end because our hearts beat together.
A mother's love has no end. I was there when you took your first breath, your first cry, your first step, your first love.
I was there then and forever and ever.
A mother's love never ends.
There will be a time when I will pass from this world to the next, but always remember our hearts beat together and when your heart beats remember I was there before and I will always be there with you because a mothers love never ends.

I read somewhere that My love for you is eternal as the winds of time and will last forever and ever..

My love for you my son will be forever and ever because our hearts beat together and forever.
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 6/25/2009 7:48:14 PM
I'm in Chapter 14 now and some of the words i use are better but some of the content is lagging.. still I think I can make it into a grand story kinda like how those teeny boppers like twilight... maybe get my own groupies and call them dreamers.... :)

I don't like to judge
When you've always shown me love
Wishing upon a moondrop
When do I find the one for me as my eyes begin to wet and turn to a drop
A single tear
I was afraid to show always playing mr. macho year after year
Do you love me when i'm gentle and full of grace
Or are you wooed by my strengh inside dealing with problem after problem each year I face
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 6/26/2009 12:03:56 AM
Your poetry is awesome...touchs my soul when I read it. I agree with petitelittlebuttercup...we are your groupies
Great continue you two...I am enjoying reading the poetry from both of you
It is just awesome how you take words and make them really mean something special.
Your friend
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 6/26/2009 5:36:11 AM
star stealing girl where are your stars
As I face another day casting to your wind you glide in your hair
But I'm never there
At times I wish I could just comfort you
Do you miss me
Was I just another fork in the road
I made mistakes don't we all
A shadow man harking loyalty and faithfullness
But I was so eager for more
A journey left unexplored
Walking the streets at night under your stars
Just a man between nature and hoping you carry on
I've thought about you diligently
Often stared at the moon like a fool
Always yearning for a touch of your grace
Falling to the floor as I am unbridled left in the sand
A sinking ship scattered away
Never afloat never astray
Guide me with your wind show me your star
So that way I'll always know where you are
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 6/26/2009 2:56:02 PM
More More more Ibersekerl.....I enjoy reading your put your heart and soul into them. Thanks......Viv
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listen to your the vanishing point.
Posted: 7/18/2009 2:33:13 PM
Listen to your the vanishing point.....
Things happen for a reason and someone comes into your life for a reason....
No one knows why until something happens that connects the reasons....then you realize why and the answer appears..........
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