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Once when I died my hair a dark auburn, a friend told me I seemed less intelligent ¿¿ I guess being blond is an "intelligents" of it's own.

SRQ it's past 5 now, and almost time for dinner, so I'm going for a drink!!! My cooking always taste better after a drink!
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STRANGEST Compliments you have received!!
Posted: 6/24/2013 8:54:51 AM
im originally from Europe and when I came to the US I started receiving compliments from many random strangers saying that I look like Rebecca Demornay from 'risky business' movie. It was sooo strange. Even security guys in airports were making comments on this. So I checked on her pic online and YES, she does look like me lol !! p.s. she is 10 yrs older than me though
STRANGEST Compliments you have received!!
Posted: 7/6/2013 11:25:53 AM
A number of years ago, I was returning from lunch at work. I was walking through the office lobby and a group of female employees were standing there talking among themselves before returning to their desks when one of them asked if they could talk to me for a minute. I, of course, said yes.

The one that had asked me to stop then said, "A bunch of us girls were talking at lunch and we just want you to know that we really enjoy working for you...because we can talk to you just like you're one of the girls." Huh???

I still haven't figured out if that was truly a compliment, but we all worked together several more years. I THINK it was a compliment.
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