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Joined: 12/8/2009
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Angry Music
Posted: 12/14/2009 11:31:50 PM
pissed off music works for pissed off moods

Coheed and cambria
Children of bodom
Early project pitchfork

I love the guys posting here that metal isn't music. Go buy a rocking chair and yell at kids on your lawn. This thread is about music to listen to when you're pissed off. What did you expect? I love depeche mode. Am I going to listen to martin gore singing "somebody" when I wanna run people down in my car?

Metal is a reaon a lot of people don't get violent. It releases anger for you. People who can't handle it need to find other outlets
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Angry Music
Posted: 12/15/2009 3:07:23 AM
Alrighty. I don't really like list threads so I'll keep it brief.

Krisiun - Southern Storm
Origin - Antithesis
Carcass - Necroticism ~ Descanting the Insalubrious
Autopsy - Severed Survival
Dying Fetus - Destroy the Opposition (anything by them really)
Goreinhaled - The Art of Sickness

Those are some of the bands that can really rile you up, there are few metal bands that can anger me nowadays. If anybody is remotely interested in my listening habits feel free to browse:

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Angry Music
Posted: 12/16/2009 11:44:59 PM
Drum & bass techo doesn't come to many people's minds when they think of good, angry music, but I can't think of anything I've heard that's more pissed-off than some of the stuff on Ultra-Obscene by Breakbeat Era, such as "Anti-Everything," "Rancid," and "Our Disease."
Joined: 11/22/2009
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Angry Music
Posted: 12/17/2009 7:30:54 PM
Napalm Death - Contemptuous
Napalm Death - Twist The Knife (Slowly)
Metallica - Blackened
Metallica - Dyer's Eve
Black Flag - Rise Above
Black Flag - My War
Rollins Band - Low Self Opinion
Rollins Band - Vol. 4
Snapcase - Harrison Bergerson
Helmet - Milquetoast
Ministry - Just One Fix
Ministry - Corrosion
Swans - Coward
Killing Joke - Whiteout
Killing Joke - Hosannas Dwell In the Basements of Hell
Alice In Chains - Angry Chair
Alice In Chains - Man In the Box
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Angry Music
Posted: 12/21/2009 3:57:49 PM
a bit of Rancid, Against ME, Joe Strummer (strummer is amazing to settle down with.)
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Angry Music
Posted: 12/22/2009 9:05:53 PM
Old school hip hop - KRS ONE, Beastie Boys, Bobby Digital (not old). Nine Inch Nails if I really want to savor the mood.

To be honest with you, house, trance, (dance/techno) do it for me. Helps put things into perpective. Something like Nadia Ali - Fine Print or Deepest Blue Deepest Blue (not a typo). Ibiza 2008 has some great music.
Joined: 5/3/2008
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Angry Music
Posted: 12/27/2009 3:58:35 PM
I don't listen to music much when I'm angry, I write more when I'm angry...and try to make myself laugh.....its hard to beat on someone while laughing.....but then again, ....

There is 2 songs that will always be my soothing songs:

Bottom by Tool
Hush by Tool

Anything else just plays by itself....
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Angry Music
Posted: 12/27/2009 5:50:50 PM
Depending on why/what/who has pissed me off really..
Ska and Bob Marley is about all that clams me down.
Joined: 2/3/2010
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Angry Music
Posted: 2/11/2010 1:45:00 PM
If I'm really really disliking someone, the song Worthless by Chimaira usually does the trick :)

Or I listen to happy punk and ska songs. Soon enough, I'm skankin all over the place.
Joined: 1/22/2010
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Angry Music
Posted: 2/12/2010 8:56:25 PM
Bury Your Dead
Bleeding Through
As I lay Dying
The list could literally go on forever, such good music
Joined: 11/27/2009
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Angry Music
Posted: 2/12/2010 9:17:12 PM
I try and not to listen to music that is angry. In fact, I purposefully make sure the songs I write and perform are good inside and out : )
 Colours Move
Joined: 2/10/2010
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Angry Music
Posted: 2/13/2010 2:32:16 PM
Even when not angry these bands just do it for me:

Sombres Forets
Sea of Bones
Putrid Pile
Sunn O)))
Nocturnal Depression
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Angry Music
Posted: 2/13/2010 6:20:20 PM
^ Nocturnal Depression - And fall the february snow
Dying Fetus
Decrepit Birth
and a bunch of others
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Angry Music
Posted: 2/17/2010 4:13:35 PM
I don't get it...all the angry music. I would imagine that I am much older than most of the people on this site. Do people not realize that music sets a mood and one can alter their mood by changing their music? I grew up with R & B....much more sensitive, love music. (not the bubble gum music either)

I worked at the Tabernacle when different artists played and it was so interesting to see the kind of people that followed the different musics.

So I would think, that when one is angry, they might try more calming music.

Just a thought
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Angry Music
Posted: 2/20/2010 6:32:24 PM
Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone
Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique
Eminem (anything by)

It can be very therapeutic to listen to certain music when your angry.
Joined: 10/27/2009
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Angry Music: classical department
Posted: 2/21/2010 10:26:19 AM
Classical music that roars with a vengeance?

Try Ralph Shapey's chamber music.

Or the militant fugue from the second movement of Shostakovich's 11th Symphony.

Or the raging fury of the opening of Ralph Vaughan Williams's Fourth Symphony

For starters.

In the historical folder, there's Beethoven's 3rd and 5th Symphonies --- angry as you please.

Or the scherzo from Bruckner's 9th.

Joined: 1/7/2010
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Angry Music: classical department
Posted: 2/21/2010 2:45:46 PM
Black Flag, Nervous Breakdown EP.....this is ssh*t to riot to.
Joined: 2/1/2010
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Angry Music
Posted: 2/23/2010 10:44:17 AM
steve albini is pretty angry. well he did not smile or say a word on stage last year in paradiso in amsterdam. thought he was gonna say something when he caught me filming him from front of stage too..!!!! man would of love to of seen big black back in the day..or minor threat..or dead kennedys
Joined: 2/11/2010
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Angry Music
Posted: 2/23/2010 10:59:14 AM
black flag
minor threat
the germs
the adolescents
suicidal tendencies
the casualties

I do get the Johnny cash thing, some of you were on about though. I listen to Johnny a lot and it does chill you out, or in a sense, just make you laugh about stuff and not give a crap anymore. I also listen to Johnny cash after a break up or when im sad lol
Joined: 2/1/2010
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Angry Music
Posted: 2/24/2010 2:50:18 AM
FUGAZI...Ian is pretty angry too...though i prefer later albums like End hits!!
Joined: 2/1/2010
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Angry Music
Posted: 2/24/2010 8:41:05 AM
PISSED JEANS...check em out. new band on Sub Pop. when i put them on my i pod i can only take about 5 songs before i change music...its not so much angry just too intense...even for my ears ha ha...or maybe i am too old...someone at top of page thinks Rush is angry music. he would have a heart attack at a black flag show
Joined: 9/29/2008
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Angry Music
Posted: 3/2/2010 5:15:58 AM
Beethoven's 9th (ever since I saw A Clockwork Orange as a kid, I hear that I want to get into some Ultra-violence!) oddly enough
Joined: 4/2/2007
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Angry Music
Posted: 3/2/2010 9:13:05 AM
i would have to say that the main songs i jam that makes me want to headbutt things would be either sepultura's-troops of doom
or exhorder's- desecrator
Joined: 1/1/2010
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Angry Music
Posted: 3/8/2010 12:12:51 AM
when I am pissed-

I crank up the sound
and listen to Nirvana

that and some hard liquor
works every....
okay, a lot of the time
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