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Economy effecting your dreams?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
Not really, as long as I can pay my dreams involve things that don't necessarity involve buying more things...

I have plenty of things as it is.
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Economy effecting your dreams?
Posted: 2/5/2010 8:17:27 AM
It's a good time to review your priorities in life, and that's always a positive. I do agree that such times can make a person far stronger and better.

My definition of success and happiness is (and has always been) rather simple. If I have a roof over my head, food on my plate, a few good friends and a woman that truly loves me then I consider myself already rich. I'm just missing the latter, and that too will eventually arrive.

I've just been through a prolonged labor contract labor negotiation conflict, and that could have lead to having no pay at all. For months, it was a touch and go situation, and at times I was paying my rent two months in advance to make sure I had some breathing room if the worst case scenario was to pass. We won a reasonable contract, in the end.

For the last two years plus, I've also focused on my post divorce debt. When I got divorced, I started at zero, and credit cards were the only thing that allowed me my freedom. This summer should see that debt erased, totally. It's made for a rather boring life, but the overall goal is to free up my future, and I'm not the type of person to simply walk away from debts I racked up.

After that, there's some other things to be done, and then I start saving up for my trip to the Netherlands to visit some good friends. That's my reward, for all I've endured over these years.

You see when I first moved to Montreal, in 1977, I knew no one. I left home with a few meager belongings at age 22. At that time Montreal was in the middle of a major recession. My plan at the time was to get some basic minimum wage job, and go to university (you could actually do that here, back then). I was actually living at the YMCA in a room, to save money. I'd just broken up with my first girlfriend , who I discovered had been cheating on me.

Let's say that those were not good times , while in the midst of them.

St. Catherine street is Montreal's main thoroughfare, and I remember walking it trying every place I could think of to find some type of job. I was on unemployment insurance, and that was running out in months.

Through simply carrying on, I eventually wound up meeting a friend from school and sharing an apartment. Two months later I applied for a clerk's job, and found out it was actually a web offset production coordinator's position. From then on, I was able to work almost continually without any real interruptions.

The job I'm in now is one that flourishes in bad times, and is still needed in good ones. I have a good enough reputation that I'd probably be able to find another one in the trade without much trouble.

The key is not to give up, and to focus. You do appreciate things far more if the road to accomplishing them is one you've had to work at. Over thirty years ago anyone that knew me at the time probably would have said I'd have failed at this Quixotic attempt to start from zero in a huge city where I knew no one - coming from the smaller one I grew up in.

I've proved them wrong, and that success comes from never giving up , and having the advantage of an old school Irish working class background. All journeys start with a single footstep, and the key is to continue to keep moving forward in it - however slowly.
Joined: 12/26/2008
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Economy effecting your dreams?
Posted: 2/5/2010 3:04:24 PM
We've had economic crisises before, they were relatively solvable.....I saw this one coming back in '97.....

The problem is that in the '90's the home computer took off, this and its off springs caused the surge in the economy, not Clinton....but while in the boom, the commercials said to buy, buy, buy, get a loan of 125% of the value of your home, etc....

And buy the people did...till they ran up the till, and there was no more credit to obtain, etc, and they were overdrawn..bills higher than income, etc....this slowed spending, the new made wealth were used to raking in a certain amount of money each year...when it slowed, they meerly increased prices to compensate for lagging sales....wrong decision, you always lower prices to stimulate sales.

This caused even more slowdown of sales...The Automakers started offering o% financing as an incentive, etc..either way, this price increases continued , on and on....then the war happened, the borrowing for it caused the value of the dollar to decline....since the major oil companies( all U.S.) sell around the world, when they converted foriegn currencies back into U.S. dollars, they lost a up went the price of fuel....also in a slow economy, utilities, oil, precious metals are the safe bet....that contributed to higher barrels prices....combine all of this with jobs moving oversea's....the influx of foriegn workers, offsetting the job per worker rate....

Well, the rest is history....under the current laws, and being its really a global economy....our government is powerless to do anything about it, even if they wanted too....Big Business runs the Government and the country.

Keep in mind too, the common worker hardly if at all saw any raises during the last several years, are hardly at all.

To solve this...the prices would have to come down, the wages go up...stimulating can't spend money you don't have....the common worker masses were the worse hit, and they still make up the majority...People quit buying, except for necessities, places go out of business, jobs are lost...even the needed item places cut back or lay off....some go out of business too.

Laws would have to be passed to put limits on how much wealth you can obtain to make this happen....The thing is most major companies that gained their wealth starting out being a U.S. only are world an example Wall Mart only gets 37% of its sale in theU.S.

I'm afraid without limits on wealth....or unless voluntarily these wealthy lower prices and pay more(yeah right) this isn't very solvable.

The government can creat some jobs in energy tech, but it taxes to pay the salaries..this is why you see political focus on Healthcare, to devert your attention from the fact, with currents laws...they really cannot do anything about this.
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Economy effecting your dreams?
Posted: 2/5/2010 3:15:53 PM
I'm all for Democrasy, freemarket society....a doctor should make more than a shoe salesman, etc....if there were a limit of say one mill, after taxes...the job importance could still be broken down on a pay scale...but once you hit the are taking greed out of the picture....the wealthy would have to unload a few houses to maintian, etc...this would drive down the housing cost, and other items...After the limit is hit...the rest could go to taxes, better pay and benefits for workers, it would no longer be viable to locate your jobs oversea's etc....actually in one quick swoop, you could solve about every major issue, except crime....well, you would stiffle corporate crimes....

A lot of countries don't like the U.S. one reason is the wealthy go in by up real estate driving up the cost for their people...then munipulating their markets making things hard on them too...limit the wealth and they can't afford to buy homes there...

I would hate to see it in a way...I don't want to spin a wheel that could cause other freedoms to be lost possible....but I see no other real solutions.

Greed and wealth was obtained as we became progressed after WWll...and the amouint of wealthy increased all lead to where we are now....and in the course of all of this. no real regulations were ever inacted.
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Economy effecting your dreams?
Posted: 2/5/2010 3:43:00 PM
Not in the least!

Although I'm having more dreams about expensive cars as of late. I'm not sure what that means...
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Economy effecting your dreams?
Posted: 2/5/2010 3:59:24 PM
I never had extravagant goals and so the economy really isn't having any effect on me one way or the other. I never went to movies before and possibly not having the money to go right now is not a problem. I never went out a lot before, so possibly not having the money to go out now ... not a problem.

My hobbies are singing and dancing and sewing.
I sing with the local German club that has a membership fee of $50.00 per year and that gets me into every single function for free ... not to mention it gets me out every week for rehearsal and to all the performances.
I dance with the local singles square dance club that has a membership fee of $72.00 per year and that gets me into every dance they have for a year (ends up being less than $1.00 per hour of dancing).
My sewing (at this point) runs me $0.00 ... I already have all the material and thread and yarn I need to keep me busy on several projects ranging from making a German dirndl to any cross stitch I want to do or any crochet pattern I want to create.

If I want a drink ... the booze at the store is a fraction of the price a person would spend in a bar ... and since I don't drink alone, anyone who wants to keep me company already knows to bring their own bottle.
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Economy effecting your dreams?
Posted: 2/5/2010 8:29:12 PM
Economy is really not affecting me much at all other than a lot of free time to go shooting or quad riding. I saw this coming and slowed spending. My house is paid for as are all my toys. Over half of my clients are bankrupt and out of business and some of my competitors have went out of business so I am picking off their clients.
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