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Is Mr. Single Father Compatible With Ms. No Child? Page 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
I started dating a guy that had a son when I was 17(young and very stupid). Now if someone where to ask me what I thought, Honestly I regret everything. If I new then, what I know now, Honestly I would have run away without looking back. But I can't because now I have a beautiful little boy with that man. But To clearify why, It wasn't the fact that he had a child with another woman. Yes it's hard never being the number 1 on his mind, but it is simply the Crazy Ex!!! and how he deals with everything. She was so involved in everything that it didn't feel that I followed his child, I fell in dead last after Everyone and Everything else. She said jump, and he would reply "how high." So Yes there are some situations where being a father isn't intimmidating or making woman run the other way. It's the situation and the relationship that is left remaining between you and the child's mother. If it was a break up that was mutual, it seems to be a healthier remaining relationship. But when one is left broken hearted, it seems that one turns "loopy" and makes it their mission in life to ruin the others. (If I'm not happy then you're not allowed to be either). But that's just from my experience.

Hope that helps.
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Is Mr. Single Father Compatible With Ms. No Child?
Posted: 2/11/2010 12:22:15 PM
Amore. I am digging you! You are smart!
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