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Wal-Mart, global warming cases will get hearings before Supreme Court
The Supreme Court agrees to take up two cases of interest to corporate America: whether a sex-discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart can proceed as a class action, and whether courts can put limits on carbon emissions from power plants.

The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear two major appeals from corporate America seeking to block mass lawsuits, one involving a huge sex-discrimination suit against Wal-Mart and the other a massive global warming suit brought against several of the nation's top power producers.

In both instances, the justices said they will consider blocking the mass lawsuit from proceeding toward a trial.

In the Wal-Mart case, the justices will decide whether the retail giant can be sued for sex bias in the largest workplace class action in the nation's history. A federal judge and the U.S. court of appeals in San Francisco cleared the lawsuit to proceed as a class action on behalf of 1.5 million women who were employed at Wal-Mart in the past decade.

The lawsuit contends women were regularly paid less than men and denied promotions. In its appeal, the company argues that the lawsuit should not proceed as a class action because hiring and promotion decisions are made in its 3,400 stores.

The issue of when a suit can proceed as a class action is of great interest to corporate lawyers and the trial bar. If a single suit can speak for thousands of employees, companies feel pressure to offer a settlement rather than risk a potentially crippling jury verdict.

The global warming case will decide whether judges and courts can put limits on carbon emissions on the theory that this pollution is a public nuisance. Eight states, including New York, California and Connecticut, joined with environmentalists and launched a lawsuit against the power producers in the Midwest, arguing that their coal-fired plants were contributing to climate change.

Environmentalists said they took the issue to court because Congress was not likely to take up the climate change issue and set limits on greenhouse gasses. They won a significant preliminary victory when the U.S. appeals court in New York cleared the suit to proceed.

But the power industry, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Obama administration joined in urging the high court to stop the lawsuit. They argue that the global warming issue and limits on carbon emissions should be decided by Congress and the White House, not by judges acting on lawsuits.

The two cases, Wal-Mart vs. Dukes and American Electric Power vs. Connecticut, will be heard in the early spring and decided by July.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 12/6/2010 1:24:24 PM

But the power industry, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Obama administration joined in urging the high court to stop the lawsuit.

Now *there's* a unique coalition! From what I know about nuisance law (which BTW is a very complex, difficult subject that sometimes comes up in land-use conflicts) I can't see the Court extending it that far. Granted, using common law public nuisance theory to limit industry in a whole national region is very creative lawyering. But it's also just the kind of thing courts are famous for rejecting.

Plus, nuisance cases almost always have involved some kind of *tangible* interference with people's enjoyment of their property--smoke, dust, spray, loud noise, vibrations, foul smells, rowdy behavior, widespread littering, etc. Public nuisance law is what cities often use to shut down drug houses, for example, when they're damaging the quality of people's lives in a whole neighborhood. It's been tried for airport noise, too, but not with too much success.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 12/6/2010 5:03:59 PM
Al Gore bought a house on the beach in Montecito, perhaps 5 feet above sea level. I think that would pretty much convince anyone but a kool-aid addict.

On the other hand Al personally made $100M off various scammer, green related industries like ethanol.

This should put the nail in the coffin of the long list of scientifically fraudulent, junk science scams their deep-thinking, true believers fall for with stunning frequency.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 12/9/2010 6:24:00 AM

Now Climate Alarmists Claim Melting Glaciers Cause Cancer

David Derbyshire
UK Daily Mail
Dec 9, 2010

Melting glaciers and ice sheets are releasing cancer-causing pollutants into the air and oceans, scientists say.

The long-lasting chemicals get into the food chain and build up in people’s bodies – triggering tumours, heart disease and infertility.

The warning comes in new international study into the links between climate change and a class of man-made toxins called persistent organic pollutants.

The study – due to be published next month – says rising temperatures and more extreme weather are increasing human exposure to pollutants around the world, including in Britain.

Scientists are concerned about Persistent Organic Pollutants, or POPs, because they last decades in the environment and accumulate in body tissue.

Read story here:
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 12/9/2010 8:25:47 AM
^^^^Doesn't one of those chi-chi bottled water companies say its water comes from a glacier someplace?
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 12/12/2010 9:30:40 AM
Obama’s new tax on…Rainwater!?

Americans for Prosperity
December 11, 2010

Would President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency really force Americans to pay a tax on “rainwater runoff” from homes and small businesses?

You bet they would. In fact, the EPA, under radical environmentalist Lisa Jackson, is proposing regulations to do just that.

Take a look at the EPA’s own Federal Register filing, where the EPA generally describes the initiative it’s proposing:

…requirements, including design or performance standards, for storm-water discharges from, at minimum, newly developed and redeveloped sites. EPA intends to propose regulatory options that would revise the NPDES regulations and establish a comprehensive program to address storm-water discharges from newly developed and redeveloped sites and to take final action no later than November 2012. (Source)

This is bureaucratic-speak for having the EPA force cities and counties to limit storm-water runoff to levels the EPA deems acceptable. Limiting “rainwater runoff” will mean forcing homeowners and businesses to pay new taxes in order to rein in rainwater, and that’s no pun intended.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 12/12/2010 11:37:25 AM
^^^^Ask me about all that sometime. It's the kind of stuff I used to do in the office I once worked in, which had a lot of small cities as clients. Those non-point discharge rules for storm water runoff affect every building site, gas station, hamburger stand, grocery store, motel, parking lot, apartment building, etc.--and to some extent, even private houses--in every town and city in the U.S. They're also the reason for those painted signs on the sidewalk next to every catch basin for the storm sewers. What makes it a federal matter in L.A. is the fact the discharge ends up in the ocean offshore, which is a "water of the United States."

EPA has more than 6,000 employees just at its HQ building in D.C. It has many thousands more all over the country. Its district offices have their own staffs of administrative law judges. One of them hounded my Dad and cost him a lot of money, all because of a trivial violation at his business. He had a minor problem with a heart valve, which he had under control. But not after that--and I'll always believe they made it a lot worse. He used to call them "dirty godd----d b------s," and I couldn't agree more.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 12/13/2010 9:43:05 AM
Jack never underestimate the power of freebies. A large group of modern Americans consider government the source of goodies, like a child thinks of mom and dad. Very little principle involved in the hearts and minds of people educated in modern American school systems, malignant self-absorption from overstuffed fools.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 12/15/2010 12:31:05 PM
Can you name any other politicians seeking power because of the weather? The left has this phenomenal need to rule other's lives. And of course the same kind of people in the USA and venezuela love to be hugged by guys promising to make the railroads run on time, plus removing all those annoying decisions that cut into their pot smoking time.

Chavez seeks power to rule by decree for 1 year
Buzz up!45 votes ShareretweetEmailPrint AP – Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez carries a baby as he waits for the arrival of Ecuador's President Rafael …
Play Video Terrorism Video:Terror in Stockholm FOX News Play Video Terrorism Video:Amateur video shows twin Swedish blasts AP Play Video Terrorism Video:Police say Sweden blasts are terror crimes Reuters By FABIOLA SANCHEZ, Associated Press Fabiola Sanchez, Associated Press – Tue Dec 14, 5:10 pm ET
CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday asked congress to grant him special powers to enact laws by decree for one year, just before a new legislature takes office with a larger contingent of opposition lawmakers.

The measure would give the president the ability to bypass the National Assembly for the fourth time since he was first elected almost 12 years ago.

Vice President Elias Jaua made the request on Chavez's behalf, saying the president will use the authorization to ensure fast-track approval of laws aimed at helping the nation recover from severe flooding and mudslides that left thousands homeless and in government shelters.

"The measures we have to take are deep. Almost 40 percent of the country was affected" by the heavy rains, Jaua said.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 1/6/2011 9:23:56 AM
Eco-Fascists Call For Prison Cities

Watch this short video, Orwell is turning over

Obey enviro-tyranny or be banished to the ghetto, threatens new government-funded propaganda piece

Eco Fascists Call For Prison Cities GreenNazi1

Thursday, January 6, 2010

People who resist the state controlling every aspect of their existence will be forced to live in squalid ghettos while the rest of the population will be tightly controlled in high-tech prison cities – that’s the future envisaged by eco-fascists who are exploiting the contrived global warming fraud to openly flaunt their plan for the total enslavement of mankind.

The threat posed by the kind of scenario being promoted by Forum for the Future, the group responsible for the chilling video below, cannot be emphasized enough. The dictatorial hellhole of 2040, where cars will be banned, meat rationed, farming completely abolished and overtaken by the state, behavior catalogued on “calorie cards,” and careers ordained by the government, is the ultimate goal of the control freaks who have seized the reigns of the environmental movement.

Nearly every aspect of the policies undertaken by the global dictatorship that runs the “planned-opolis” depicted in the video are lifted wholesale from historical tyrannies.

- The state completely taking over the means of food production and farming. This is a throwback to the Soviet system of collectivized farming, where Stalin organized land and labor into large-scale collective farms. Farmers who resisted the state taking over their farms were arrested and sent to Siberian gulags. As a result of the mass seizure of property and the disruption that collective farming brought to food production, upwards of 3 million people died from starvation from 1932-33 alone. A similar system imposed in Maoist China under the “Great Leap Forward” led to the Great Chinese Famine and the starvation of at least 36 million people.

- The incarceration of resistors to green fascism inside squalid ghettos and their subsequent separation from family members is a frightening throwback to the Nazi-run Warsaw Ghetto and other concentration camps and prisons within cities that housed Jews and political dissidents during World War Two.

- The restriction or even outlawing of meat, something already being vehemently pushed by eco-fascists, to the point where a hamburger becomes a rare delicacy to be enjoyed on special occasions – and only then if you can afford it. As my wife who is Chinese will attest, up until the late 80′s before China started to lift itself out of poverty, meat was a rare treat that was sparsely available and highly restricted. Again, the “planned-opolis” is nothing less than a fusion of Communist and fascist control measures inflicted upon the population to keep them poor, starving and weak.

The people who produced this video, funded by monolithic elitist banks and corporations like Royal Dutch Shell and Bank of America as well as the British government, know very well that every aspect of their “planned-opolis” is lifted directly from the most abhorrent and brutal dictatorships in history. They are openly flaunting the neo-fascist ideology behind the green movement.

Of course, as is made clear in the video, none of these regulations or controls will apply to any of the elitists imposing them on the rest of us. Think Al Gore and his multiple oceanside mansions with heated swimming pools. They will still be able to roll around in SUV’s and fly private jets while quaffing the finest fillet steak and belching tons of CO2 as they lecture the rest of humanity about their carbon footprint. Think Prince Charles and his insistence that the proles not be allowed to take baths as he lounges in the luxuriant splendor of royal palaces.

They are also engaged in a ploy to shift the parameters of the Overton Window - which is defined as “A range of policies considered to be politically acceptable in the current climate of public opinion.” By constantly bombarding us with extreme and repugnant proposals, they gradually wear down the human psyche until people begin to accept draconian controls over their personal life as normal, necessary and reasonable.

This is part of the reason behind last year’s “splattergate” controversy, where global warming alarmists – again funded by government and big business – produced an infomercial in which children who refused to lower their carbon emissions were slaughtered in an orgy of blood and guts.

This is a psychological attack and a realization of the stepping stone method to tyranny. Whereas we might not accept cars being banned and meat being rationed now, we will accept incandescent light bulbs being outlawed and paying carbon taxes on fuel. As each hurdle is cleared, the globalists propose something more extreme so that we will always come to a compromise and accept a slighter lesser tyranny, but in the long term, the elitists achieve all of their goals with aplomb.

And to top it all off, the debate between the “liberals” over at the Guardian website in response to this story did not revolve around a castigation of this authoritarian future hell, but a question of whether old people should merely be advised by government workers how to kill themselves when they reach 65, or whether the state should just kill them directly.

This kind of despotic destiny is not only being pushed by the elite, it has an army of greenwashed zombies behind it who have been recruited to make the democide of the elderly (the useless eaters) an intellectually acceptable and reasonable idea. Presumably, the disabled and the mentally ill will also be exterminated in the pursuit of a highly efficient “planned-opolis,” another idea of which Hitler would have vehemently approved.

Once government is given the power to kill anyone they deem to be unproductive in this collectivist Orwellian nightmare, the gates of hell are thrown wide open. In comparison, meat rationing, carbon taxes, eco-surveillance, calorie credits and transport restriction will seem like a walk in the park.

Endgame, released in 2006, warned precisely of the kind of hi-tech slave grids being implemented that are now routinely proposed by top eco-fascist organizations. We urge you to warn everyone you know about this agenda and to stand up in unison to resist the first great assault on human liberty of the 21st century, which is now certain to be inflicted on us under the guise of saving mother earth. We either stop this now, or we end up in the eco-ghettos that our masters have readied for us in their “planned-opolis” of 2040.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 1/6/2011 10:55:16 AM
^^^^^I get the idea, but I think they're missing something. In this country, I believe people at some point would just refuse to obey--sort of like they did with Prohibition. When millions of people tell the government to go to hell, it can't throw them all in jail. And we still can vote--remember that even though the states voted Prohibition into the Constitution, they also voted it out again.

What we really have to be careful about is letting Barack Hussein Obama, or some other power-hungry president, *dilute* our votes in roundabout ways. Using executive orders improperly is one way. So is tampering with the election process. So is using federal funds to buy votes, as we saw with the health care bill. And worst of all is using administrative agencies to circumvent Congress, when you don't have the votes to get a bill passed.

Can't get Cap and Trade through? No problem--just use the good old Clean Air Act, instead, as your weapon against global warming. All you need is an EPA rule that defines CO2 a "pollutant," and you can control America's whole industrial base. The decision three years ago authorizing that definition is one of the most illegitimate ones the Supreme Court has ever made, IMO. Before that, I'd just disagreed with Justice Stevens, but that decision made me doubt his integrity.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 1/12/2011 7:50:12 AM
The Washington Post

The Arctic ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in
some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a
report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulafft, at
Bergen, Norway. Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all
point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto
unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions
report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees
29 minutes. Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf
stream still very warm. Great masses of ice have been replaced by
moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many
points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared.
Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic ,
while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before
ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing
grounds. Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt
the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.
Oops. Never mind. This report was from November 2, 1922, as reported
by the AP and published in The Washington Post - 88 years ago!
Meanwhile there is a blizzard and extreme cold in New York.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 1/12/2011 8:20:41 AM
Fzr for a moment you had me scared, you were reminding me of the guy in front of me in a Prius this morning motoring along at about 17 MPH tears running down his face because the mile of ice covering Chicago 10,000 years ago had melted.

I've come to be of the mind the best part of the progressive left is the life force has largely left them, they'll not be reproducing much and expiring on Obama demand like so many conditioned rats in a Skinner box.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 1/12/2011 8:44:01 AM
GC it just goes to show the lack of historical context that many people on these forums have when they try to discuss subjects. They fail to see the unintended consequences of policy, taxes, and many of the things we discuss. When you present them with the historical context they respond emotionally or call it a conspiracy theory.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 1/12/2011 9:29:24 AM
Fzr I'm not gonna pretend to be some kinda savant here but I'm guessing they ain't holding up any Mensa meetings because these progressives are running late.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 1/12/2011 10:51:29 AM
^^^^^I can't think of even one of them, at least in the public eye, who seems all that bright. Read part of our First Lady's senior thesis at Princeton some time, or some of the notes Ms. Sotomayor inserted in her written speeches. I read both these things, and they are pretty sorry pieces of tripe.

When most liberals think of intelligence, they're thinking of the likes of Hilary Clinton, or some professor they saw interviewed on MSNBC. Bill Maher, maybe. Or of our president himself. Can't leave him out.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 2/9/2011 7:50:08 AM
The EPA waivers begin
By: DrJohn

And you’ll never guess who got one.

The Obama adminstration has issued over 700 waivers granting employers exemptions from participating in Obamacare. Among them is the SEIU, which lobbied hard to have Obamacare implemented so health care costs would be lowered. Now SEIU is exempt because complying with the new cost-lowering law would be too expensive. The SEIU contributed $28 million to the Obama campaign but has no money for Obamacare compliance.

In January the new EPA regulations became effective and almost immediately the Obama administration granted an exemption to the new regulations.

The Obama administration will spare a stalled power plant project in California from the newest federal limits on greenhouse gases and conventional air pollution, U.S. EPA says in a new court filing that marks a policy shift in the face of industry groups and Republicans accusing the agency of holding up construction of large industrial facilities.

The exemption went to the Avenal Power Center, which now is not subject to the current air quality standards. As Tim Carney points out, there’s something curious about this Avenal Power Center:

The proposed Avenal Energy project will be a combined-cycle generating plant consisting of two natural gas-fired General Electric 7FA Gas Turbines with Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and one General Electric Steam Turbine.

General Electric.

During his campaign Barack Obama received a great deal of money from GE:

By far, the top recipient of GE money last election was Barack Obama. Obama received far more from GE last cycle — $458,730 — than any candidate in history. The company was in the top 15 of Obama’s fundraising sources. He raised nearly five times as much as McCain from GE, and more than the top 25 Republicans, combined.

Coincidentally, Obama’s plans have evolved such that they are largely congruent with GE CEO Jeff Immelt’s plans. So much so that Carney labeled GE “Government Electric.”

• Obama pushes a cap-and-trade scheme for curbing greenhouse gasses — GE invests in greenhouse gas credits.

• Obama advocates federal support for expanding high-speed rail across the country — GE ramps up its investment in high-speed rail.

• Obama dedicates federal funding to embryonic stem-cell research that destroys human embryos — GE partners with stem-cell giant Geron.

• Obama announces a federal push to curb health care expenses — GE launches “healthymagination,” an initiative pitched as creating more affordable high-tech medical products.

And that was way back in 2009. It’s gotten a lot worse.

The obviousness of political favor in granting waivers should be painfully embarrassing were it not for the useful idiocy of the legacy media.

And now Immelt is Obama's Job CZAR. Makes you go mmmmmmmmm!
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 2/9/2011 9:39:39 AM
I just read a good article by a law professor at Columbia, arguing that the health care waivers are unconstitutional. I think he's dead right, and the same applies to these clean air waivers. History explains why.

These waivers are the modern version of dispensing grants, which kings in England had copied from the Church and used starting about 1200. They exempted particular people or corporations from a law, and there were also suspensions, which exempted everyone from it. In 1688, Parliament declared both these illegal, except as it authorized by statute.

Here, the state constitutions went even further. By then, it was generally recognized that temporarily suspending a law was part of a legislature's power. So, the state constitutions kept this power, but they said it could only be exercised by the legislature, or as it delegated by statute. The U.S. Constitution went further yet, by leaving out authority for Congress even to delegate the power to suspend a law.

And neither the constitutions of any state or of the United States ever authorized dispensation, let alone delegating the power to grant it. The U.S. Constitution places all legislative power in Congress. But neither it nor the Executive Branch has any power to dispense with a law--to place anyone *above* it.

Sure, a president can tell the Attorney General, within limits, not to prosecute violations of a law, and he can pardon people who have already violated laws. But until Congress changes a law, neither it nor the President can just tell some favored person that he's not bound by it.

And yet the Executive Branch, in the form of an administrative agency like HHS or EPA, is doing exactly that when it says a federal law doesn't apply to certain companies or projects. Nothing in the text or even the history of the Constitution even implies that either the Legislative or Executive branch has any power to waive the law for particular persons.

When some are above the law, we're not really living under the rule of law any more. "Where the law ends, tyranny begins." It's no surprise that doesn't bother leftists. For all their talk about individual liberties, they are totalitarians at heart. And that is why they scorn and constantly try to ignore the Constitution--it limits the power of our government.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 3/14/2011 12:05:13 AM
Okay, here's the bombshell. The volcanic eruption in Iceland, since its first spewing of volcanic ash has, in just FOUR DAYS, NEGATED EVERY SINGLE EFFORT you have made in the past five years to control CO2 emissions on our planet - all of you.

Of course you know about this evil carbon dioxide that we are trying to suppress - it's that vital chemical compound that every plant requires to live and grow, and to synthesize into oxygen for us humans, and all animal life.

I know, it's very disheartening to realize that all of the carbon emission savings you have accomplished while suffering the inconvenience and expense of: driving Prius hybrids, buying fabric grocery bags, sitting up till midnight to finish your kid's "The Green Revolution" science project, throwing out all of your non-green cleaning supplies, using only two squares of toilet paper, putting a brick in your toilet tank reservoir, selling your SUV and speedboat, vacationing at home instead of abroad, nearly getting hit every day on your bicycle, replacing all of your 50 cents light bulbs with $10.00 light bulbs made in China...well, all of those things you have done have all gone down the tubes in just four days.

The volcanic ash emitted into the Earth's atmosphere in just four days - yes - FOUR DAYS ONLY by that volcano in Iceland, has totally erased every single effort you have made to reduce the evil beast, carbon. And there are around 200 active volcanoes on the planet spewing out this crud any one time - EVERY DAY.

I don't really want to rain on your parade too much, but I should mention that when the volcano Mt Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, it spewed out more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race had emitted in its entire YEARS on earth. Yes folks, Mt Pinatubo was active for over one year - think about it.

Of course I shouldn't spoil this touchy-feely tree-hugging moment and mention the effect of solar and cosmic activity and the well-recognized 800-year global heating and cooling cycle, which keep happening, despite our completely insignificant efforts to affect climate change.

And I do wish I had a silver lining to this volcanic ash cloud but the fact of the matter is that the bush fire season across the western USA and Australia this year alone will negate your efforts to reduce carbon in our world for the next two to three years. And it happens every year.

Just remember that your government just tried to impose a whopping carbon tax on you on the basis of the bogus "human-caused" climate change scenario.

Hey, isn't it interesting how they don't mention "Global Warming" any more, but just "Climate Change" - you know why? It's because the planet has COOLED by 0.7 degrees in the past century and these global warming bull artists got caught with their pants down.

And just keep in mind that you might yet have an Emissions Trading Scheme - that whopping new tax - imposed on you, that will achieve absolutely nothing except make you poorer. It won't stop any volcanoes from erupting, that's for sure.

But hey, relax, give the world a hug and have a nice day!
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 3/14/2011 8:01:47 AM
^^^^^If you want a good laugh, read the decision where the Supreme Court said CO2 fits the Clean Air Act's definition of a "pollutant." You can just see the majority torturing common sense, stretching the definition's wording to make it fit the result it wanted. Justice Stevens' parting middle finger to the Constitution.

And Obama is using an EPA rule based on that phony definition to do what he couldn't get Congress to do with Cap and Trade (another basically unconstitutional way to dilute your vote.) It will give unelected EPA officials control over most of the industry in this country--a leftist's dream. That's why we need a constitutional amendment to let Congress overrule any decision of the Court--maybe by a 60% majority of both Houses. Congress already has the final say over all the lower federal courts.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 3/29/2011 7:40:03 AM
So here is one of the ideas that comes from this carbon crap scam.

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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 3/30/2011 9:45:52 PM
Just imagine how low we would score if we included all 57 states
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 4/12/2011 8:38:33 AM

Thermal cameras look inside homes to monitor energy efficiency

April 12, 2011

The city of Boston has been taken to task by the ACLU over concerns about a roll-out of thermal imaging cameras being used to monitor energy efficiency inside homes. A pilot program to take aerial and street-level photos of heat loss in Boston was part of a scheme to encourage participation in home energy improvement programs, as well as to drive consumers towards green companies.

According to CBS, the project had been halted following public outcry about invasions of privacy, namely that “infrared cameras would reveal information about what’s going on inside the homes.” Further objections have been raised about potential violations of the Fourth Amendment (but what’s that anyway?). Officials reportedly “planned on sharing the photos and analysis with homeowners, and were hoping the findings would increase enrollment in efficiency programs and also create business opportunities.”

MIT, who helped develop the technology’s use for energy tracking, has already thermally-mapped the entire city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their press writers brag that automated cameras attached to vehicles would collect data “similar to the way Google Street View vehicles obtain visual imagery.” This 55 second video provides a glimpse at their system:

Their project aims at “streamlining” the home audit process by giving consumers and regulators specific numbers to work with when targeting energy efficiency improvements. The plan would reportedly “make it possible to ‘identify where the energy gushers are,’:

Forthcoming is software that will translate the thermal images into data about energy efficiency specifics, such as cost-estimates for improvements and the returns on making them. Home energy audits, which can be lengthy and expensive, typically pinpoint sites that need improvement but do not offer suggestions about the potential costs and benefits of addressing them.

Further overlapping this energy audit agenda is the “Infrared Training Center,” part of FLIR Systems, Inc. (the makers of infrared cameras). Located 38 miles from Boston in North Billerica, Massachusetts, the Infrared Training Center is currently offering a course on Level 1 Thermography, and appears to be training for the purpose of home auditing. Applicants, paying $1850 per head for the course, learn ‘practical’ techniques over four days to “collect quality data, accurate temperature readings… using infrared cameras,” as well as to analyze thermal images and integrate “inspection reports” into a database. In other words, the same process set up by MIT for Boston’s thermal image scanning plan.
Thermal cameras look inside homes to monitor energy efficiency 20110315125130 1
Thermal photo of Boston’s skyline taken by MIT researchers. Image: Long Phan, MIT

Similar thermal imaging technology has long been used by police to bust drug dealers or other offenders, by fire departments in rescue operations, by industry and in other applications.

No doubt the technology could be used for good, but only if voluntarily employed by individual home or business owners. Combining Google-style omnipresence and intrusion into the lives of ordinary people with cap & trade-like policies is certainly a recipe for tyranny. Look how badly TSA & Homeland Security have done with ‘safety’– recall their proposals to use mobile x-ray vans and covertly scan pedestrians and train passengers (among many other issues). Utilizing thermal imaging inspections of homes with mandatory improvement policies (when & where they are implemented) could prove to be yet another step-forward for the bureaucratic nanny-state trying to clamp down on society’s behavior while de-industrializing the Western world.

Writers warned years ago that bureaucrats would carry out home and energy inspections and that cap & trade policies were being enforced at the state level. What Congress failed to pass via legislation has been implemented in the United States by executive fiat (i.e. the EPA enforcing carbon emissions cuts). Agenda 21 and other accords have mandated global environmental policies that have been introduced at every level. Failing to comply with such policies not only means costly fines, but potentially being barred from selling a home, or being forced to make improvements.

As Tony Pacheco wrote in 2009:

Home Audit: A Look into the Future
The bill states every home owner will receive an energy audit. What is a home energy audit? It is an intrusive visit made by the bureaucrats at the Home Energy Team or a similar group. They will examine and report the way you live your life directly to RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) . Light fixtures, socket types, spas, hot tubs, windows, appliances, walls and roofs will all be under review. Energy tests will be conducted throughout your house. At the end of the visit you will receive a report and a rating. The report will focus on the changes you need to make and the rating is called a HERS rating (Home Energy Rating System). RESNET will perform the audits through authorized contractors. RESNET has adopted the Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards. The standards set the national procedures for home energy ratings.

States like Texas have already experienced rolling blackouts due to EPA-imposed energy thresholds. Additionally, major electricity providers like Austin Energy have (in Austin, TX) implemented a Carbon Reduction Plan with carbon cuts nearly twice those recommended under the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. The artificially imposed pressure placed on energy costs at the systematic and individual level will become burdensome to bear. Combine those policies with the potential of thermal photo-based energy audits to meet required improvements, and it appears like a short road to serfdom or perhaps World War II-style rationing of resources. In the short term, it will surely mean higher energy prices (thus, profits for the companies) and greater pressure to adopt and meet “green” energy standards.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 4/18/2011 7:35:27 AM
Just a reminder, April 22 is Earth Day. And to generate enthusuiasm we should remind everyone of the kind of brilliant forecasting acumen possessed by our leftist comrades.

1. on the first Earth Day.... a new Ice Age (Newsweek); a world "eleven degrees colder by the year 2000" (Kenneth Watt);
2. by 1985 air pollution to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half (Life magazine);
3. by 1995 between 75 and 85 percent of all species to be extinct (Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson);
4. mass starvation (Earth Day organizer Denis Hayes).

So take a moment and watch these foul little hippie gomers when they prattle gibberish to weak minded media and politicians on this special day and remember these dopes are shaping science and subsequently policy based upon their mental illness.
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Crap and Trade and Global Warming
Posted: 5/9/2011 9:35:25 AM
The environmentalists have crippled this country, making it dependent on foreign oil and killing our economy. It's time to write our legislators and tell them no more.
ONLY 74 Miles of Pipeline Needed (YOU GOTTA SEE THIS ONE!!!)

Wouldn’t it be great if we had more politicians like this!!!!

The only thing standing in the way of America receiving an additional 1,000,000 barrels of oil every day and lower gas prices is one idiot Marxist and a handful of impotent socialists.
Get with it America .... Take out the TRASH in 2012.

Only 74 Miles of pipeline and one election needed.

This video from CONGRESS is an eye opener, FOLKS! IT'S GONNA KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!!

The MEDIA did NOT tell us about this speech in Congress! Click below, watch, listen and pass it on. It needs to be heard by the American people.


If you would enjoy paying $5.00 for a gallon of gas, do nothing. If you think that it is a lie that we have more oil than Saudi Arabia and more coal than anywhere else, then don't forward this.

If you want a strong America, however, forward this.

The public will never hear the truth watching PBS, CNN, and MSNBC. They believe the outright lies in the NY Times and the other liberal publications. If you don't tell them, who will?
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