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no,actualy it says thy shalt not kill which is bull shit.and you have every right to kill someone who is trying to murder far as this topic,i dont take advice from a man who wears a dress and rapes kids.and if i want to talk to GOD,I dont need a man wearing a dress telling me that god only talks to a idiot wearing a dress and a dunce hat.GOD has talk to me plenty of times when he feels the need.GOD talks to us all,the only problem is most of us dont listen to him.there is a big difference between murder and killing
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 1/10/2010 10:42:28 PM
belief systems, simply put, are deadly! javascript:smilie('')
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 1/21/2010 3:12:44 PM
< Proud southern Scotch/irish/english american if such a thing exists. Well anyway what i was going to say is that i do not feel it is the denomination that matters . The thing that really matters is faith in god and accepting jesus as your savior. Let me point out that i have not always thought this way and i used to be a non-believer but the more i thought about it the more i realized anyone who just thinks all of this came from nothing is only fooling themselves.

While i am non-catholic i admire them for the stances they take on abortion issues and while i do not follow catholicism i see them as allies as both us protestants and them belief in god. Catholics and protestants need to help each other instead of fighting amongst themselves.
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 1/22/2010 12:58:16 PM
So where did it come from a leprechaun's a**?? Chief i did not come in here to argue religion with you. I am protestant not catholic and i was just pointing out a good thing about the catholic church and i do not agree with some priests fondling boys wankers. I know some decent catholics here and i don't want to group all catholics in the same group much as i would not put all protestants on the same level.

" The Roman Catholic policy on abortion is based on hatred of women and ancient ignorance" So i guess it is the woman who gets her brains scrapped out eh? In my book abortion is murder plain and simple after all that fetus is life and if it is'nt tell me what it is. Irrational you sound like the typical ignorant american liberal we have here.
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 2/9/2010 9:37:23 PM
Oh boy...just what we need...a militant religious fanatic who thinks that they are known by the FBI. SURLEY YOU JEST!!!!
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 2/27/2010 7:23:04 PM

Diablera Bruja said: Firstly the conflict is in Northern Ireland ;not the whole Island.Northern Ireland is part of the UK and the republic is a separate state.Many have aspirations of joining the two, but at the moment the situation, is they are separate states.Although being joined, the situation has affected us,especially making guns and crime more prevalent.Violence serves only one master, death.
The situation up North is about power and control and who has it, not religion.The protestants were in power and abused that power to subjugate their Catholic neighbors.The Catholic minority struck back , by terrorist tactics.Like all original good causes, it goes belly up when violence is introduced.These people had no rights and had reason to protest.

Christianity abhors violence yet All Christian countries go to war.Women are repressed in all religions and were in Christianity.History is not kind to any faith, as men forget Gods rules and implement their own for power or gain.Humans are a selfish species, mostly out for personal gain and will use religion or anything else to gain power.

America s one of the most violent/rapacious countries in the world, look closer to home my friend.

Good post...

Yes, there IS violence in the USA, but, there is violence *everywhere*...and just because all you hear in the news i snegative, please remember that there ARE good things over here (there i svery little crime & violence in the mountains where I live)...

You know, I don't know of a single Irish-American that does not want the divisions & troubles in Ireland (on many different levels) to end...It breaks our hearts because many of us come from BOTH the green & oragnge zones, and every civil war on earth has been decidedly UNcivil...and we over here, the sons & daughters of Ireland really DO wish it would all end...

I'll repeat this...

Over here, the sons & daughters of Ireland really DO wish it would all end...

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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 3/4/2010 9:20:44 PM
To upstairs: Most Americans are ignorant in the subject of IRA...
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 6/24/2010 4:10:25 PM
how about the Middle East where most profess a love of at least one religion that teaches of "peace"?

whether Islam, Christian, or Judaism

yet the killing , fighting, bloodshed, continues..

as it does in India between 'peace-loving' Muslims & Hindus, etc. ,etc
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 9/2/2010 11:11:04 PM
Britain, England...whatever...has caused much harm. Her powers are now diminished.
Ireland is a gem...a country of poets, realists, and a country that has sent her best and most artistic, most splendid, most musical...and in the long run...a country that has never lost what has defined her beauty and magic..a mystical nation interrupted by life and history.. I have benefitted here in Canada from my longest Irishwoman...who never lost the tartness and prose of a living narrative. I only wish that the battle would end and that Ireland would again dance free as I do when I hear Irish music. At feet cannot be still and my spirit lifts. Cheers to Ireland. And may Peace be her next visitor.
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 11/19/2010 4:19:05 PM
One of these is Catholic, one is Protestant. You guess which is which...

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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 12/24/2010 10:52:07 PM
You are an idiot!
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 12/24/2010 10:53:12 PM
No, not rely. You are just ignorant assuming so!
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 12/24/2010 10:54:51 PM
Good Post, and so true.
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 1/9/2011 8:37:38 AM
Frankly doesn't Ireland have larger issues to worry about outside of Sectarianism? I mean the Republic of Ireland has had its economy bailed out by Germany. You have the rise of University costs, and the cost of living has increased. So my current response who cares, the Irish need to pull together and face the challenges ahead of them with re-guard to religious affiliation.
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 3/3/2011 3:24:29 PM
i almost couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this title in a forum here.

I came here to the Ireland Forum jones-ing for some Irish news, humor, attitude because this past year I moved away from the big Irish family to a spot in America where you can't even find Guiness in a bottle.
I read the first page and was just cringing. the utter gall of another ignorant american putting his worthless two cents in on a subject he OBVIOUSLY knows nothing about makes me sick.

we got alot of those over here in the states. we aren't very well educated at all, 79% of Americans can't name a chief justice of our supreme court, can't name their representatives in congress and have no clue how we have mucked up and interfered in other countries since 1801 -yeah OP you tell me why the marine "hymn" says " from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli... WHY???? heck, we sent Marines over to Africa a scant 12 years after we became a nation.... - our arrogance and aggression has not missed one continent for over 200 years... (we as a nation are what? 16th or 17th down on the list of countries that sends it's youths to college???? Says alot about the priority of education in America, yeah it does.) Is it any wonder some dolt shows up here and expounds on foreign issues of which we are even more in the dark about. I personally have to watch BBC news on our public broadcasting station in order to find out what the heck is going on outside our shores, we never hear much at all about what is going on over seas. Our three major national news networks (no, I will not dignify Fox with dispensing news) are more interested in broadcasting Lindsey Lohan's latest escapade and who got the highest score on Dancing with the Stars, I kid you not, there are whole days and days that go by without one mention of international news. I also used to be able to watch RTV when I lived in Chicago ( no longer so, i am living in a very rural area now and it is only in large metro areas that Americans can get RTV on a weekly basis) let me personally apologize for his ignorant post about Protestant vs Catholic in Ireland.

I have relatives all over Ireland, both north and south and to dredge up this Catholic vs Protestant issue shows a lack of respect for the entire island. It has always been based on economic oppression, the haves vs the have nots. My relatives in the north had to deal with severe economic hardship, couldn't get hired, couldn't have the same rights as those in power. In the south it was pretty much the same thing, all exacerbated by Britain and troops brutally trying to eradicate the heritage, customs and language. Here in the states, I was being monitored by the FBI because I sent a few punt over now and then and a box of clothes a couple times of year to the relatives, they actually thought I was monitarily supporting the IRA!!!!!!!!

So please forgive us ugly ignorant americans for horning in here, having the gall to post about issues they obviously don't have a clue about. It makes me so furious. I abhor America's record on foreign relations from yeah Tripoli to Mexico to Guam to Chile to Korea to Vietnam to Panama, to Nicaragua to Puerto Rico to the Dominian Republic to Laos to Indonesia to Phillipines to Guatamala to Oman to Lebanon to Angola to Iran, Iraq and even Wounded Knee where we still couldn't let the real Americans live with have any American show up here and spout opinions on another country's board after our dismal history of brutality and interference is just wrong wrong wrong. just my humble opinionated opinion.
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 4/26/2011 1:31:07 PM
Please stop this. I was born and raised in the US (still live here) but I have been hearing about this conflict practically all my life. Please just stop. We are all Christians and that should be enough to know better than to act like this!
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 7/12/2011 10:53:35 AM
If people can be bothered to do some research of their own on the internet on sites like google and youtube then they will find out that Christianity is merely a rehash of earlier pagan religions. Over the past few thousand years of history there have been many saviour messiahs - all mythical. Zeus, Horus, Orisis to name but a few.

There are also certain mistakes in Christianity that prove it is false. For example the Nazereth never existed, it is purely an invention of Christianity, it cannot be found on any map and no ruins of it have ever been found. There was also no census in 1AD and when the Romans did have censuses no one was ever required to return to the town of their birth. Following a star would also send you around in circles.

I used to be a Christian until I started to look at evidence which debunks christianity. I thought I would be able to debunk it and it would strengthen my faith but it proved to me that christianity is merely a man made religion along with all the other religions. I still believe in God and hope there is more to this world that what we see around us.
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 7/30/2011 11:36:15 PM
Don't blame this American girl for yur problems. Human are human. Wake up and smell the roses. MAN and all men have been fighting wars since the cave mans days. You and yur fancy words, education, but not wise in the least bit. Do yur homework. GROW UP.
Joined: 8/16/2011
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 8/20/2011 2:25:58 PM
I'm from Co - Antrim, N Ireland. Got outta there 8 years ago and crossed the pond to philadelphia. I love it here were I don't have to watch what I wear in different parts of town etc. Most of my mates who I met over here who are from north or south ireland are catholics and there are 3 prods I am one and the first in our circle hence my nickname is john the prod. Its great over here we can call each other names like that and slag each other off about our politics and never get into an argument or worse. I heard its gettin worse over there again that's a shame. I can't see myself going back there to live ever as over here is so laid back and relaxed nobody gives a damn were ur from or who u vote for its ur own buisness. If like me you fancy a fresh start think about the east coast I found my new home and I love it :)
 Blarny Stone
Joined: 5/7/2010
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 8/24/2011 2:47:35 PM
I guess an American like myself started this mess,It is true violence runs rampant here in the US, so we should never try to lecture anyone about anything, our Goverment is historically corrupt,and very little Americans know the truth,but i can tell you this i have lived abroad and would love to take my 6 year old daughter out of this hell hole. I dont care if your Catholic,Christian, Buddhist,or whatever faith you are,everyone has the right to believe in their own faith ,right or wrong, but killing over it, and slaughtering men woman and innocent children is wrong , i doubt we will learn to ever learn to live in Peace, but anyone who thinks there going to take myself or my daughter Shauna out because i dont believe in their faith ,has a great battle on their hands, and i may lose ,but i vow to take many with me, Hating my Goverment, Shaun
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 9/13/2011 4:58:20 AM
Now if you had all ignored that little Frenchman (although it wasn't France then) turned Roman who called himself Patrick (He wasn't a saint then either) ... you would all be following the old ways and only be arguing when someone stole someone else' bull ... wouldn't you!

By the way, There never were any snakes in Eire. The icecap had melted and the seas had risen long before it sufficiently for snakes to migrate into Eire. Patrick had no snakes to drive out.
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 9/13/2011 11:26:57 AM
Oh, but this post IS about dating!

It's about interesting concepts and ideas ... and believe it or not, showing the ability to form an interesting arguement and intelligence will get you interest fromwomen nearly as much as washboard abs will.

Obviously I can't provide washboard abs.
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 9/15/2011 4:55:59 AM
No argument there.
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 9/20/2011 2:37:46 AM
That was beautiful and so true.
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Catholic vs. Protestant
Posted: 9/30/2011 2:16:03 AM
I live in Australia and grandmother to a number of babes. Eight children produced them. Here is Australia there is no division. In my family the girls where baptised catholics and the boys Anglicans. We didnt know you werent supposed to do that
Our parents are gone now but we all love each other still
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