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Joined: 3/7/2017
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I have Tinnitus for over 10 years now and this technique is one that I have found to suppress it for a while.
Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 3/26/2017 9:43:02 AM
...well, still comes and goes. A lot. Any effectiveness of the stuff I posted was coincidental or just some distractive placebo effect. Don't bother me though, I just let it fade into the background. I have to stop and think about it to notice it, even when it's pretty 'loud'.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 5/27/2018 11:28:46 AM
Hi I had an iron deficiency and had horrible ringing. I recently added iron pills and eating red meat, the problem is gone.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 5/27/2018 6:36:51 PM
Pepperstrand...that's awesome that your issue has gone away!

At the moment, mine is buzzing away at a pretty good clip.
I haven't found anything that makes it better, but alcohol tends to make it worse.
I have heard from others that reducing caffeine consumption seems to help.
Never heard of an Iron link. Good for you though!
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 5/28/2018 9:52:31 AM
And we meet over pie...

I have had Tinnitus since I was about 18. It is worse during a cold or with a headache. Booze does make it worse, a glass of wine is fine while 3 glasses are not. The rest of the time, its just there. In January, it seemed to ramp up for some unknown reason. It just got way, way, way louder. Mine sounds like a violin playing one note at a high octave with no up/down or waiver, just one long noisy friggin note. I know some have a drumming sound, I think we all vary a bit in our "noise".

I just went through a series of chiropractic treatments where he cracked my head, the bones in the roof of my mouth, around my ears. OMFG. I'm also doing massage. This has helped my frustration level but has done nothing for the noise.

I have not found anything that helps or works and certainly not got rid of it.
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Tinnitus, MAKE IT STOP!!!!
Posted: 6/18/2018 3:20:03 PM
I've had tinnitus for around 25 years now. I had been using maskers to help me sleep but recently stopped when I realized I had inadvertently programmed myself to sleep when hearing white noise. It's become a big problem, in an air conditioned environment, I nod off unless I'm physically active.
At least the tinnitus isn't any worse....
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