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Are Looks so important???Page 7 of 7    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Eye of the beholder. One does not view the same person as the most beautiful person in the world. Everyone is beautiful, to me at least, given that each human is uniquely different and awesome. A physical appearance can be beautiful in many different ways, depending on how you present yourself to others. Your smile and unique expression is a part of what makes a person beautiful. Without emotion, we cannot communicate the full extent of who we are.

Don't judge a book by its cover - Sometimes, we may feel uncomfortable, observing someone from our eye and we pass them by without an introduction. This happens all the time. I believe until the book has something written by what you have read and interpreted, live your life to the fullest greeting everyone with an expression that is you. I prefer to uplift others, and bring smiles with my expression in greeting new individuals. You never know who it could be--maybe even an angel.

Best, XOXO, God bless,
JCOptimisticXO - John

-I see emojis and I want to use them but I am new to the form for now. Lol.
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Are Looks so important???
Posted: 11/9/2017 12:52:22 AM

but i'll suspect some beautiful women are more used to getting approached, and thus may naturally be receptive to an approach that isn't trying to get her pants off, but may be a first step in courting.

Actually, whether she is or is not "out of your league" -- a hot gal is so used to it, one of the advantages is to be cordial but Not trying to court said type of gal... almost like she's the hot girl's cool friend. They're not used to that. They either get guys throwing themselves on them wildly or guys too shy to even say anything. It actually goes a long way. Executed the right way, in the environment that allows it to be so -- it's a great litmus test to tell whether you can nab that. Who knew that being a guy who's not picking up a gal can get you a gal? (Shhhh! That's how it's done)

Take Hawking, for example. Even though I believe he can succeed with women the way he is now, being 6 feet tall would make things much easier for him, so it would be accurate to say in *his* situation, it would be an advantage.

I would agree. It'd be to his advantage -- oh heck yes. Not even to be tall, but to be non-short would be an advantage. I think the concept was -- it's more that it's a Disadvantage being the shorter guy in the room, than any advantage to be "Tall". Which is so true. Hawking though -- he is very short -- but he Could get gals. He's willing to write messages Online in his way as a method, but nothing more. That said -- it is more of being short-changed, than being more-changed when it comes to the height thing.

However, being tall with nothing else appealing to back it up certainly isn't an "advantage"

Yep. Being tall isn't being Ripped. Being tall means you got that base covered well. Being non-short means you have the base covered. Neither are going to send a gal to ya on a silver platter -- it's just not going to rule ya out. Indirectly, if many are ruled out, you have less competition thus an indirect advantage -- but mainly, that's among gals who are taller + heels. IMO, it's just a two-step breakdown:

1) Is she not taller than You in her gear? No? Okay, proceed to Step 2, otherwise chances are Small.

2) Are you not the shorter guy in the room? No? Okay, you're all good. No problems.

That's all it really breaks down to. The "advantage" is not having a "disadvantage" when too many others do - lol.
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Are Looks so important???
Posted: 11/9/2017 7:57:04 AM

People are never 'that'; they are always 'who'.

Sorry. Grading papers tonight.

Seki, correcting their grammar is NOT going to get you laid. I learned that valuable lesson all the way back in high school. All of the pretty girls wanted help with their homework, and many wanted to cheat off of my test paper. But come Saturday night, they already had a date, thank you for asking.

Of course, no one ever got lucky from here in the forums anyway.

Well, on second thought, there was that famous case involving the ex-moderator and the beautiful woman, a thousand mile plane trip, etc, etc. Of course, that was all just rumors and speculations, so …

Perhaps they woke up that morning in a mood to be noticed, dressed appropriately for that goal, deleted the "ice queen" resting b!tch face, and so I responded, and then they were receptive more than they usually would have been.

I watched a program on Discovery or PBS or somewhere like that, quite a few years ago. Researchers went to a hot night club, and did cheek swabs and body scans of the women there. All young, all hot, my kind of place to be sure. If only.

But back to the program. They used the cheek swab to determine the woman’s point in her ovulation cycle, and the body scan to determine what percentage of her skin was exposed. There was a very high correlation.

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Are Looks so important???
Posted: 11/9/2017 4:30:17 PM
oh, I totally agree with that observation. it isn't true with all women, but in the years I've been here, I've watched women post about men who look for sex are pigs, and then when the period of ovulation arrives, they're talking about their attempts to score, and legitimizing why its perfectly normal, and then when the period has passed...gone back to criticizing men who give sex an importance in a relationship.
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Are Looks so important???
Posted: 11/10/2017 6:08:29 PM

Here it is, once again, in a nutshell. Tall is not an advantage. Short is a disadvantage. Got it now?

Height is often just 1 piece of the puzzle. A tall man may not match a woman's other requirements. Whether it's body type, race, income or education level, smoking and drinking habits, having or wanting kids etc.
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Are Looks so important???
Posted: 11/10/2017 7:41:54 PM
Height is also a factor for men. It's rare to see a 6 foot tall man being with a 3 foot tall woman.
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Are Looks so important???
Posted: 11/12/2017 6:51:29 PM

Height is also a factor for men. It's rare to see a 6 foot tall man being with a 3 foot tall woman.

It's rare to see a 3 foot tall woman, period. :) Also, it's a misleading statement as height-taste is a totally different animal with guys than it is with girls, and it's a much bigger issue with girls. Plenty of guys, guys on the tall side included, like "spinners" (gals not just shorter than them but short as a girl). Might not be the Most ideal, but still open for most and many times liked at least.

For even short gals, height is more important than it is for guys. Typical short gals who say height doesn't mean much to them just means hardly ever is a factor (big difference btw). You get a guy who's 5'2" along with a gal who's 5'3" -- yeah, sorry, that is statistically speaking a Big Deal when she's sizing him up (no pun intended). For short gals, going thru life meeting & greeting dudes, the height thing on their end just has it's bases covered most of the time, is all. But even still though -- a hot gal who's short and always dolled up -- if you're a guy who's notably short & a nice looking guy (but still solidly taller than she), you statistically have a thin chance at garnering her sexual interest when you don't know her from Adam.
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Are Looks so important???
Posted: 12/21/2017 6:44:22 PM
I don't care about personality I just want them to be good looking .If they have a personality that is deemed good then that is acceptable I guess in very small doses .If their personality is say very polite and nice then I would have to let them go though. I like outspoken ,opinionated guys but if they talk to me in that tone I'd just have to let them go. If they were mild mannered I'd let them go.If they were republicans I'd let them go too because this is a civilised society. If they were very vindictive I'd leave because that shows immaturity .
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