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Our soldiers...Just what are they dying forPage 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)

Canada's top soldier unexpectedly revealed on Wednesday that some Canadian troops had known detainees handed over to Afghan authorities could be abused.

And why does the govt. have so much concern about what happens to the detainees that were fighting our troops? Shouldn't the govt. be more concerned with how safe our streets and homes are?

I guess the lesson here for our troops is "NO PRISONERS!"
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Our soldiers...Just what are they dying for
Posted: 12/10/2009 9:47:56 AM
Our soldiers are involved in the training of Afgan police and military based on democratic models. Unfortunately due to the abuse, terrorism and lack of concern for human life in that country, there are bound to be some Afgans that can't/don't/won't do things the way they are being taught. There is a lot being thrown at the people in Afghanistan, democracy takes time, because these people have to re-learn the ways their country operated for decades. There are bound to be problems as this is major rehabilitation in their ways of life, and not all will embrace and welcome it. An example that is easy to relate to this point is, think of how so many of the older generation refused to use a computer, to this day, there are many that want nothing to do with them.

I believe that Canada is being pointed out at being the bad guy here, when reports of thoughts/fears of abuse have been surfacing since the story broke. This is a very delicate situation, as the Afgans need to find their sense of authority while the Taliban is still out there and a threat, and they are being taught democratic police and military authority in a country that has not fully embraced democracy. Hard call about punishing anyone for war crimes in this environment. Many of the Afgan police have had to live by way of the gun, so this may take time. Its one thing to go after the heads of Al Quada and the Taliban, but its another to guide the country into democracy.

I would like to see the abusers held accountable and punished for their actions, but not as war criminals.

I believe this is one of the growing pains that comes with Democracy, its no different than the early days of the 13 Colonies in the US, or struggles between the English and French here in Canada. It all takes time.

Personally I like the "no prisoners" theory, but the line is so thin between that and the genocide that goes on in Rhwanda. I don't think any of us want that.
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Our soldiers...Just what are they dying for
Posted: 12/10/2009 8:59:42 PM

Personally I like the "no prisoners" theory, but the line is so thin between that and the genocide that goes on in Rhwanda.

But there's a difference between killing someone who's attacking you ( either directly or by using bombs) rather than taking them as prisoners and seeking out a specific race/culture & killing them because they are that race or culture.
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Our soldiers...Just what are they dying for
Posted: 10/14/2011 2:11:35 PM
My nephew fought in that war. He was one of the guys that survived the bombing that killed his 3 partners in the blast. He is now working for the Winnipeg Police. It hurts my heart and I have tears still thinking of waiting for the call, even though that was years ago. Countries have been killing each other for religion and freedoms for years. I don't think we should have gotten involved. We are supposed to be PeaceKeepers.

When I watched his 3 friends go down the Highway of Heros, I Prayed for them and Thanked God my nephew survived unharmed, not a scratch on him.

Bin Laden is dead now but there is always another crazy person to take his place. Leave them to kill themselves, they have been doing it for over 2000 years. We can't change them.
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Our soldiers...Just what are they dying for
Posted: 11/26/2011 7:07:54 PM
"FREEEEEEDOM!" - William Wallace, Brave Heart

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