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but this guy had pictures of himself wearing wifebeaters covered in LA tatoos, dressed like guys in the rap videos posing next to cars and holding 40's. what im I supposed to think? if a girl took pics in tiny clothing and fishnet stockings posing suggestively, you would assume she was a slutty wouldnt you?

I would have to say at least - I have gotten some really nasty responses - it's fairly common - no matter where you are. I have a million things with me that just turn people off - but that is not the reason she or anyone sends nasty emails...

There are just a lot of people on her looking to get l@!d period - no matter what they say they want Friends, Dating, ect. There are also people who never made it past High School with their intellect - (it's funny making fun of people I don't like and being as rude as possible . ) This attitude works well in the Nightclubs or I call Meatmarkets - nobody is looking for serious they are looking for a Hottie or Super Stud to lay and put on their notching post - mean is king. The best turn down I ever got was in a Nightclub - the woman told me not to talk to her, because she might actually like me. So don't take it personally its an act for the most part - just work on your role a little better and learn.
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Just plain UGLY
Posted: 9/15/2009 10:53:27 PM

Maybe YOU should have send her a picture of your

Then she would have him removed permanently from the site - then she wins.....

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Just plain UGLY
Posted: 9/15/2009 11:48:08 PM
dcpub... no shit. and having that kind of mentality is natural. For some of them.
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Just plain UGLY
Posted: 9/18/2009 5:17:23 PM
Her comment/response was UGLY. There is NO NEED to send a response in that context!!!!

And for the record, you're NOT ugly.
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Just plain UGLY
Posted: 9/18/2009 7:19:04 PM
She was probably an attention whore who enjoys belittling men who are brave enough to take the time to send a well thought out e-mail.

I'm sure she got a headache when she came across an e-mail using proper grammar and spelling.

Don't beat yourself up. It happens with shallow, self absorbed, uneducated people.
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