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Of course if I was a hungry nigerian with a family to feed I might just start scamming people in the 1st world. After all, survival above all else.

Don't kid yourself. They aren't "hungry Nigerians" who can't feed their family. I used to be a federal prosecutor in an Economic Crimes Unit. We had a steady diet of Nigerian fraudsters and their tail ends here in America in our unit. I've seen dozens of these people up close and personal. They're neither poor or hungry. Fraud is simply a quasi-legitimate industry in Nigeria. Fraud is Nigeria's second largest source of revenue after oil. The government even subsidizes it. The country actually has some of the strictest anti-fraud laws on earth... that rarely go enforced, since they only act as a bargaining chip for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over there to solicit bribes from fraud rings, in exchange for immunity from prosecutions. Nigerians do it because it's safe and profitable, not because they're poor. In fact, the poor Nigerians can't get the resources together to engage in a very successful international fraud start-up.
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SCAMS - for the guys
Posted: 7/6/2009 6:36:21 PM
Ok pretty sure I was almost scammed on here. Even met the woman briefly before she had to run for errands, and she wouldn't even look at me, which she later said was because she liked me so much. She was very insistent on getting married. Maybe if I wasn't a business owner I might not have been as cautious as I am, but I would stand a terrible amount of money to lose in a divorce or if I got cleaned out first. She kept asking for over a thousand dollars to pay her car off, which was only past due a week. Eventually I agreed to pay the monthly payment over the course of 5 months but that wasn't enough, she needed $1500 now. I guess I foolishly agreed to a lot, even bought another cell phone off my own account, which is now gonna cost me for the 2 year service contract i had to agree too, luckily I still have the phone. She didn't get any money but if she were willing to stick around for 5 months she would have racked up thousands if i didn't come to my senses by then.

This is the LAST time I've ever going to use an online dating site to find relationships, I've had my account since 2005 here, granted I didn't take the required initiative of contacting women as much as I guess I should have. But in all that time, the first female to contact me, ended up being a scammer. When she told me she loved me and wanted to spend the rest of her life with me I should have known right then it was a scam, but she just kept talking about everything I wanted so much that it was like I didn't have much time to really think about it, til well she quit talking to me and I found a website for victims of romance scams which I see I'm definitely not the only one.

All I can say is be very careful. Especially if you put business owner as occupation.
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SCAMS - for the guys
Posted: 7/7/2009 8:14:35 AM
Those West Africans are not innocent. Even if their economy is bad and their family is starving and even there is some truth about the western countries destroying their countries, it doesn't give them the right to play with some one's life like that.

If you ever get this kind of email of message, instead of ignoring them I suggest you guys play a game with them. Encourage to keep writing you back, by promising them that you will send them money. Tell them you are a big shot and keep sendig them fake bank account numbers, fake wire transfers, and even fake western union transfers.

And specially if it is a girl, tell her that you would come to her country with a huge bag of cash and you would marry her and then you take her with you to america. Why do all of this? The fact is these losers can't be caught. It is very hard to track them. However, if you get them invovle in typing to you that will waste a lot of their time and probably they will get discouaged if they dont get any thing out of it.

These people are not innocent. Some times they invite people over to their respective countries and they kidnap them and they kill them if they dont get the ransom. They not only do this to the rich citizens of the developed countries, they are every where now. They are even targetting the citizens of the poor nations also.

They are not innocent. They are criminals!!!!!
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SCAMS - for the guys
Posted: 7/7/2009 8:18:57 AM
And these people are really morons. And you can easily fool them because after having so much success, they know that they can never be fooled or conned. Few days a go, I received such type of email from a west african girl. She claimed to be living in Sierrea leone and she said that she has a big hidden family fortune and she would need my help in getting that money to america. And in return she was offereing me 10% of it.

I wrote her back and I told her that I own a few chain of jewelry stores and I would be coming to her country to visit diamond mines. I told her that i would also marry her and I would get her the american citizenship. And I think she thought she hit the jackpot and she kept writing me back and forth. And I just didn't wanted to play along further, so I just cursed her out and I ended it.

If i wanted, I could have made a complete fool ouf of that person's self.
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SCAMS - for the guys
Posted: 7/7/2009 9:24:06 AM
I get them alot whats mess up i can tell when there coming a mile away but i wonder if the females get them to just by guys.
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SCAMS - for the guys
Posted: 7/7/2009 9:54:38 AM
Wait a minute....Are you trying to tell me my Nigerian negleget model isn't coming? Again? I thought this one was the really loved me. Damn you Zumba!!!!!
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SCAMS - for the guys
Posted: 7/7/2009 8:36:41 PM

The type of scam that you mentioned is called a romance scam, these types of scams have been going on for many years.

I had a few people try to scam me. Most of these scams come from the country of Nigeria in Africa.
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