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Taztiger72 now that I agree with and especially with #4. I think #4 is a nice test and it is a true test of character of your date. If he/she can't handle that he/she most certainly wont be able to handle it if at some point you get into a bad accident and can't work or contribute to the relationship like you were able to before.
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/10/2009 1:24:45 PM
I was unemployed for 3 months. I still dated at the weekend. We went for walks in the country. Got really cheap railfares and walked around interesting places. Sometimes he would buy food and we would cook a meal together. Sometimes I would make a picnic. Went to the movies on two for price of one ticket. Watched TV or listened to music together. I was the cheapest date in the world, but we had tremendous fun.
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/13/2009 8:36:51 PM
you need the company of a good woman now more than ever...your dates will be taco bell and tv but that can be so fun with the right guy...i like men who are not working because they have more time for you, are not tired and stressed from work and are grateful for an understanding dating while unemployed...which btw is not permanent... can be fun.
 Mr Bain
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/13/2009 8:43:54 PM
Maybe you could tell the ladies you just out of the pokey.

Then they will understand your employment problems.
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/13/2009 9:02:26 PM
I don't see a problem with dating while you're unemployed for all the reasons that have already been mentioned.

As for 'dragging her into it' and telling her about each attempt and/or rejection letter, play it by ear. Just remember that if you do get someone deeply involved in your own process there's alway the temptation on their part to micromanage things.
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/13/2009 11:38:06 PM
Unless you are lacking initiative - dating while Unemployed is Temporary - Unfortuatly as the Times as They are - if you get Laid Off - you just might be out of work for upto 2 years even with a College Degree.

Right Now employers even with a little growth in the Economy like the 10%+ Unemployeed pool out there right now - they are working on models that show the Highest Amount of Efficiency with the least amount of workers. They can push their workers to work overtime with out pay, have them do things they usually can't get away with - holding the spectre of Lay Off as the threat against your job.

Wall Street is prognosticating NO NEW JOBS, and NO JOBS RETURNED - they are gone and not coming back. Small businesses can't be created - new jobs can't be formed - the Banks are wanting their money - gouging everyone in the process - You got to just survive the Turmoil......

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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/13/2009 11:56:36 PM
I have been laid off since March with a temp position ending last Thursday. I have done a little bit of dating with women I already know.

I find it difficult for me to meet a new woman, as there is something known here as "The Seattle Freeze", where both genders seem to be just cold stuck up people which I find true sometimes. So with that said, I find myself hesitant to meet anybody new, which is part their fault and part mine to pre judge. That is tough to get past!!!
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/14/2009 12:11:05 AM

my thoughts on this is that you should continue to date even if you've lost your job.

there will be those that won't go out with you because they're closed minded, judgemental and look down on you for not having a job like it's your fault. These are generally people that have fortunately not been affected yet by the downturn of the economy. Some people are just ignorant and will always feel like they're better than you and if you don't have a job, you must have done something wrong therefore you're scum and not worthy. these are people that you really need to stay far far far away from because they're snobs that in time they will get their due.

anyone that has a brain should realize what has happend throughout our country, i mean it is quite obvious don't you think?

also there are those that fully understand even though they still have their jobs and don't have a problem with it at all especially if they know that you continue to seek employment.

to all those that think you should wake up and start looking 24/7 well, that's very unrealistic. yes, those that are unemployed should be diligently looking for new employment but please everyone is entitled to enjoy life and continue to socialize and try to live as close to normal as they once did. if people don't take extra special care of themselves at these times depression is sure to set in and then health issues etc... so, yes i believe that it is vitally important to continue to live life as normally as possible and that means maintaining relationships with family, maybe doing a little home repair around the house, catching up with old friends and definetly dating. the only issue is money and during times of being unemployed you might have to be a little more creative than usual like finding things to do that cost little to no money or go dutch with costs.

so yes, by all means don't have a contagious disease but rather are suffering a set back due to events that have occurred that were out of your control.
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/14/2009 12:13:03 AM
meh, go for it, everytime I meet a hot girl that I get to know and learn a few things about her and consider asking her out, I find out that she already has a boyfriend that is living at home with his/her parents, recently parolled, unemployed, has warrants, has custody issues with previous girl, may or may not have committed X crime, plays in a band, has the newest Xbox, and drives a 97 Chevy Caprice.
Its really about the only benefit to being unemployed; yep, go after the hot girl that thinks you just need her to turn your world around ;)

Your results may vary, the above is just my emperical evidence here in my red neck part of the woods.
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/14/2009 1:22:13 AM
So what's more difficult, finding a job or finding a date? -
Personally, I have never been aware that the is such a fine line between pleasure and survival. Anyhow, I marvel at the total lack of common sense displayed by the mass population.
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/14/2009 8:52:53 PM

So what's more difficult, finding a job or finding a date?

A date - at least you can walk away from a job interview on your own accord, if they act rediculous - as so many are these days:

... oh there is no pay - you sell 12 of our products this month then we pay comission only if you don't sell 12 then we don't keep you.....

....Or how about your interviewer is wearing a wifebeater , torn shorts and flip flops - in an office telling you you can't handle the job and are unprofessional - while you are wearing your best suit?????
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/21/2009 11:00:08 AM
It's harder for men to find a date, but easier for women, because women don't actually find a date, it just happens.
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/21/2009 11:30:26 AM
I'll go out on a limb and say that the OP has most likely found a job by now.
Who knows if he found a date.

God it is so bizarre when these old threads get resurrected by a reply 2 years later.
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/21/2009 1:17:27 PM
"God it is so bizarre when these old threads get resurrected by a reply 2 years later"

I would agree with you, but this is still a good question these days with the economy, which was nowhere near this bad 2 years ago.

Edited, and looking back it looks like this started 3/31/09. Hmmm that's not even 6 months ago on my calendar. Maybe my caledar is F'd up, LOL
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/21/2009 6:01:31 PM
how you handle all this will determine if you are respected.

This I totally agree with.

You can distinguish who has character and who hasn't by the way they carry on through tough times.

Although you may think it is a weakness to be un or under -employed right now, it is also a great opportunity to know for yourself and to show what you are really made of. Women look at that: At least, I do.

May you be well and find strength.

More that at a date, I would look at simple friendship right now, at finding people who truly understand you and your situation.

pS: who cares if this is not up to date, the topic is still valid!
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/24/2009 10:40:09 AM
When do you think the Recession will come to an end?
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/24/2009 7:59:20 PM
theres always value meals at mc donalds
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/24/2009 8:18:05 PM

interviewed even 6 times without landing a sensible offer (one firm offered a position whose compensation, according to their illustration using numbers from 2008, would NOT pay my rent!). After each of these unsuccessful interviews, it gets a little harder to maintain a positive attitude about the NEXT opportunity, despite knowing how bad the job market is in general, and the

If the job wouldn't pay your rent then you should have shared a house or apt. with as many people as necessary. A paycheck is a paycheck. I haven't cared how much or little someone earned as long as he tried. You sound spoiled and in for a big reality check.

It's also making it harder for me to "stay in my happy place" while dating. Will women/a woman think less of/reject me because I'm out of work? If so, is that "her problem?" Or is it a cost of being out of work that I have to endure, similar to being rejected for any other reason (e.g. weight, hobbies, etc) that can be said to be within my control?
No of course not, you deserve to be with a wealthy supermodel. If anyone less rejects you then it's "her problem" I guess you'll have more sympathy for ugly fat chicks. But no, that's right you don't. It's their problem...
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/24/2009 8:51:11 PM
One of your're quotes says that you're not in your happy place while unemployed....that's the sentence right there that should tell you dating right now should be the last thing on your mind....How can you date if you're not in your happy place?? It will just stress you out more because unless you have a stack of money saved up, I'm not too sure you'll be getting many dates that will agree to pay your way.
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/24/2009 8:57:37 PM
Well, lets get things straight - If you are a Righty then all people who are not working right now are worthless excuses for human beings. You don't deserve a hand out - "You need to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps!" You're a lousy bum and worthless to the bone. People who think this way are on POF and no matter what you do to make it or even if you are lucky to find a new job - you are still a bum.

Just like the Depression in the 1890's - people died of hunger because there was no safetynet set up, people striked for unfair labor laws were either shot or branded Anarchists (precurser to Commie.)

Wouldn't we all like to go back to the "Good Old Days" where the Grand Old Party ran everything, Evangelical Christianity told you to gather all your money for yourself, spit on the poor and your life was cheap.........

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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/24/2009 9:04:59 PM
I agree with Mohagany Rush totally. Trying to find a job and getting on your feet should be priority.

Everything Mohagany mentioned happened even with someone I me most recently. He was saying "let's go for breakfast." I noticed he was moving too fast. He cancelled breakfast saying he had a job interview, then says but "can I come over and visit"? I only met him the day before. He seemed quite the kling on.
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/24/2009 9:48:58 PM

Here are problems with just putting your life on hold like that -

Not dating isn't putting your life on hold, unless you make dating your life.

I agree with those who say get back into the job market first...but then for me I don't have any desire to date when I don't have work because I don't feel right when I'm not working, so I find it odd that people who aren't working and are worrying about paying bills have any interest whatsoever in doing anything but getting back to a point where they are working again.
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/25/2009 11:48:09 PM
I like the posting that said this guy probably has a job by now--he posted in March--he really should pop back in and update everyone. The thing I wondered about in reading the thread is that everyone assumes to find a job you stay in the same town. My take is that when you are looking for a job these days, you go where the job is--that may mean a place you didn't expect to be; however, isn't life an adventure where you don't know what's coming next? For some, it's a play, and when the second act doesn't work right, they recast it, but for those of us who see it as an adventure, it's easy. You get the job first because you don't know where you will be living; then, once you're there, why not date?
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/28/2009 3:40:19 PM
Update, lost the job due to economic down sizing at the beginning of the month....
and guess what, hot girl half my age wants to go out now that I have 'time' for her
Its a crazy stupid mixed up bizarre world. Maybe she sticks around after the next job starts, until then, enjoying the ride.
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Dating while unemployed
Posted: 9/28/2009 4:11:52 PM
I found being out of work was a psoitive when I was dating.
It meant I could give my girlfriend the attention she required.

It was only when I got a job that she cleared off !

Women want the attention and the money but they cant have both realistically.
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