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What tricks do you play on april fools day?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
A few years ago, a mate of mine had his mobile phone cloned, calls were made to Iran, phone company finally put a stop on when they realised that there was unusual useage patterns.

So, a week later - All Fools Day - we in the office sent him a doctored fax with Iranian headed paper, telling him his carpet ordered from the Tehran bazaar was ready. There are loads of holes in this , and we thought that he would say "Hahaha .. piss off"

But he didnt. He went bananas - he hadnt ordered a carpet , how was he going to pay all that just for a Persian Rug ?!

Manna from heaven .......

So we embelished it a bit more and a bit more, faxing him to advise that his carpet was en route to Heathrow etc etc , needed clearance information to get it through customs . All the time waiting for him to twig - hang on, how did this 'carpet maker' know where he worked and fax number etc ...... but no. He was really convinced he was going to have to pay about £700 for a rug.

Then we got one of the girls from our other office to call him - and she did a brilliant job of asking him for money ... she really WAS Iranian, and so had the accent and everything ... It was only when he heard a few of us in the corner of the office howling with laughter did he figure it out ...........

It was a classic .........
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What tricks do you play on april fools day?
Posted: 4/1/2010 2:53:58 PM
I thought about putting one up on the forum this morning
as I usually do every year but wasn't in the mood today so apologise to my fellow posters!

Can't believe anyone would be so silly as to lick a newspaper as even I read The Sun!!
Although if it was meant to smell like hob nobs I might have been tempted.
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