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Joined: 11/19/2009
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
Thank you, GhostRyder.

I appreciate your kind wishes.

May happiness be a constant companion in your life!
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/6/2010 10:07:44 AM
How's this for irony. No sooner have I finished complaining that I begin a correspondence on PoF with a nice young lady in my area, who seems to have a very pretty smile and a sunny and warm disposition. I hope it works out. Maybe the gods heard me complaining :)
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/6/2010 11:35:10 AM
Wonderful news!!!!!

Good luck to you Ghostryder.
Joined: 6/8/2009
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/10/2010 11:05:52 AM
joshblueyes, ha ha i like that, maybe i should do the same :)
I love the profiles when they say no players and yet they are the ones playing, posting "looks don't matter" and yet they delete your e-mail without reading it but not before looking at your profile ha ha ha thinking that others will not see that :).
Joined: 4/22/2009
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/10/2010 11:42:12 AM
Yeah, I agree that it's not the fault of POF that there are phony people on here. That just goes with the territory of internet dating. You can find phony people on any site.

Anyway, I think it's funny when I read a profile, and they claim to not care about looks. We all know that's BS because even if you share interests, and are compatible in other things, and then you send them a message, you will not receive a reply back because they are not physically attracted to you. If they were honest, they should say that they don't care about looks, as long as you're good looking.

And even though in the long run it's the personality that matters most, physical attraction 'gets your foot in the door'.

Now, there's nothing wrong about wanting someone you're physically attracted to. But to say otherwise, is one of the things that makes someone a phony.
Joined: 12/28/2009
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/12/2010 11:37:00 AM
I can attest to this...
The first decent person I was to meet off of here, up and poofed on me...
Is it the age, where people now all the sudden ask for a meeting, agree to it, then disappear....
A lot of men and women on dating sites are just not ready for the commitment of actually meeting/ talking its more alluring for some to just email chat....

It is irritating!!
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/12/2010 11:42:50 AM

You're crazy then. I mean seriously to even stoop that low. I am nasty looking and I don't enjoy or appreciate having people like you lie to me.

Hun, you aren't nasty. And to have such low self esteem, I want to just grab you and hug you. Someone didn't treat you right growing up, and I apologize, but whatever you consider good looking must be so far from it.
You are a nice looking woman. So what if you think you have something in you, on you, or about you that makes you nasty.. Others don't see it, but I feel you should try and see the good in yourself, it is definately not good on your mental or physical self to think this way. I can not imagine what you must go through daily to think like this.

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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/19/2010 1:03:30 PM
I wanted to reply to your post because I feel that honest is still the best policy....If you are an average joe, then there is nothing wrong with posting that....if you work out and are muscular then post that....if you have a few extra pounds then post that....I beleive that a person should post the obvious.....there are always things you dont post until you atleast talk to the person....
I have been on here for almost almost 2 months....and let me tell you....I have been lied to, stood up, played, etc....I know it is not me, so I get very frustrated....I skim through the profiles, and yes looking at the photos first. If I see one I like, then I read the profile, and if I think that it might be a match then I send them a message.....if someone has lied on their profile, then they will not have a chance with me, even if they are drop dead gorgeous.....
I can't speak for other ladies, but honesty is the most important thing, then there has to be an attraction, lets face it, would you want to kiss a woman who had facial hair or was in your opinion, not attractive to are just as dishonest and shallow as those women who are.
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/19/2010 1:22:06 PM
To continue from the other post I just posted.....
I know I am not tall, and I know I am not big breasted, not to mention a few flaws on my body that are not perfect....however I worked very hard to lose the weight I gained after having 4 kids and worked out so as not to fall apart by the time I am my age now....I take pride in the way I look but an not shallow or superficial....I take pride in not being a high maintenance gal - I dont get my hair done, dont go to the salon and get my nails done - I dont buy designer jeans or clothes....I am happy with who I am and the way I look, but know their is room for improvement....
However, I dont think it is fair that guys let themselves go and dont seem to care about what goes in their bodies, or how they look, whether their belly hangs over their jeans and they can't see their feet....What I think and what I am looking for is nothing more then an equal to myself....and maybe there are guys who feel the same....but I have not met any of them yet....What I have gotten so far is as follows:
1. A convicted sex offender. 2. A guy who has done drugs all of his life but has been clean for 8 months, and by the way he kisses like a fish. 3. Two guys stood me up, one because he says he fell asleep, and the other because he lent his car out and did not have any mode of transportion. 4. A guy sho had a physical handicap with his legs, which makes it had for him to walk, or stand for long periods of time....and on my profile it specifically states that I am looking for some one to ride horses with, go for walks with and just plain do things together. This guy did not tell me prior to meeting that he had this handicap and on top of that, he smoked pot at night for the pain. 5. I had one guy who did not call when he said he would or show up when he would and had a female room mate and could not seem to answer his phone when he was at home....hmmm room mate, my foot.
I have gotten hit up on by guys looking for a physical relationship and guys who could pass as the hunch back of notre dame. And yes guys who could stand to put down the burger and fries....not to mention the guys who live with their parents because they are between jobs.....One guy wanted me to marry him and move to Roseburg because he is looking for a wife.....
I have yet to find a normal guy who matches me yet.....So maybe you could tell me were to find one of know, some one that matches my self.....
Joined: 12/22/2009
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/20/2010 7:39:53 AM
You know what at one time I'd say look at the success stories but now I think they are all a crock. I sent in my success story like a year ago and I went through all 200 pages a week or so ago and my story was not put up. Perhaps all those success stories really are fakes, I mean if they weren't why after a year would mine not be put up?
Joined: 12/22/2009
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/20/2010 11:35:14 AM
I guess I was just hoping that at least some of the stories under the success story link were real...

As cybury mentioned my story is real even if Markus doesn't post it. This site does work but don't expect to ever see your success story on the success story link. I've been with my husband since 2006 and my story still wasn't posted.
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/22/2010 1:42:04 PM
I'm putting a challenge out to all the women out there:


I get the feeling that what you all do want is some supermodel hunk with no flaws. My profile isn't perfect and I don't look like Brad Pitt, but it's honest and straight to the point. I'm the best I can be. No more, no less. The women who don't bother with me seem to want the perfect guy, and the women that do contact me tell me they have psychic powers. I'm not trying to assess blame for not finding anyone, because I'm happy with or without someone, but it just seems like there's not even a chance for the normal guys like me. Maybe, just maybe, if some of the women on here actually talked to the guys who message them rather than judging them on their looks, they'd find something worthwhile.
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/23/2010 2:54:26 PM
When I posted an ad saying how I was good looking, well-to-do, professional...I got responses.
When I posted the truth of being an "average joe"--I got squat.

? Doesn't that make you one of those "Phonies".....I know I know you did it as an experiment...IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE right?
Joined: 12/2/2009
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/24/2010 2:04:24 AM
I see your challenge and I am not affraid to tell you what it is that I want.....

First of all I have been married twice....and put up with alot from them....

Ok here it is, I am looking for some one who is more my equal.....which means.....he should be honest, caring, loving and passionate......He should be pleasing to the eye, because I have been told that I am not bad looking for some one my age.....I have been able to keep my body looking pretty good and care about how I look.....I dont just sit on the couch and veg out, as a couch potato.....and had to work very hard to get the weight off after having 4 kids....I would like to see a man carry a baby, let alone 4 and gain all that weight, then work as hard as i did, working out, cutting out the fat in their food and some of that stuff is bland. Not to mention cutting down the portions....Hell some men have a belly bigger then I ever did when i was pregnant with my 9 lb baby......It is only fair that I ask for a guy who can actually see his feet when he stands up and does not groes me out when he is naked, because after all, I like to get turned on in the sack just as much as a guy does when they see a woman who gives them a hard on because they look that good.....If that is shallow, then oh well.....maybe guys should take a good look in the mirror and ask themselves if they would sleep with them if they were a woman.....

I want a man who has a job, because I am not going to support a man.....he must have a car, because I am not a chaufeur.....I dont want a man who is a convict, has duii's, does drugs, or smokes.....I also want a man who likes horses and maybe owns one himself, because I have a few and like to ride.....I have children so he must be respectfull of that and maybe even participate in family outings, eventually.

I also do not take kindly if a man is married, living with his parents, or living in a trailer in a trailer park....I dont want a man who is on disability because that means he is disabled and I dont want that.....I dont want some one who has mental illness issues.....Because I work in the phsyc field and dont want to come home to that.....

So i guess it is better to say what I dont want some times rather then what I do want.

Oh and one more thing.....if a man has told me he wants to date, then that means call when you say you are going to call, not two hours later and show up when you say, not 4 hours later and dont stand me up and make up some lame excuse, i dont have time for that.....

Sincerily a Cowgirl
Joined: 1/7/2009
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 1/25/2010 2:33:51 AM
thats why alot of guys wont date single mums period thought to let you know cow girl
Joined: 1/3/2010
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 2/7/2010 5:36:46 PM
I'm pretty sure they are "phonies" in the name POF but they exist everywhere in this entire planet. You can meet phonies as well when you go to your favorite spot, bar, club, cafe, anywhere and this site is just one of many. Why do people do it, I have no clue but I'm pretty sure there are numerous reasons. Now for you to go and being a phony yourself to see what the fuss is about and go back to your actually profile, I would say that was an act of karma on that part. However why alot of girls don't message the "average joes"? Well women can ask why a lot of guys don't message girls with kids or they have a touch of baby fat. People have preferences here and you didn't meet their expectations. You can go different routes like the badboy and smart mouth but if you can't back it up on the first date, a woman can smell BS a mile away.
Joined: 1/29/2010
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 2/26/2010 4:58:06 AM
It is hard to sort out who is really genuine. I think friendship should be considered first and then see what happens, but unfortunately there are guys out there that won't give friendship a chance (0bviously you excluded). You can never have enough friends whether it be male or female. There are guys out there that just want to lead you down the garden path and to prove what. Lets get real. I am a professional with a career and very independent (that is genuine). As for the women who are posing with their cleavage showing, they obvious are teasers, but we don't all fall into that category. I don't have a picture posted, but my profile says it all. I know most guys won't even look at your profile without a picture. Lets get real. We are on this site because obviously our previous relationship/relationships failed for whatever reason. We are not in our twenties and I would hope that men or women in our age category would have the self esteem and self confidence to move forward and be true to themselves. Isn't honesty the best policy. I think I have rambled enough. I hope everyone who reads this takes a good look at themselves and reconsider why they are really on this site.
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 2/26/2010 5:10:01 AM
I couldn't agree more with your last statement, but from my point of view I find that guys are exactly the same as what you are describing about women. It is very disappointmenting as this is my first experience using one of these sites. By the way, why are you on this site, you are young and I am sure there is a nice girl out there for you. I think you are looking in the wrong place. From the few success stories that you do hear about on sites like this, they must be few and far between. They should rename the site plenty of players .... (LOL). Get off this site and get involved at some activities at UBC.... sorry I must sound like your mother. These are the best years of your life.
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 2/26/2010 11:00:11 AM
pic in bath room a simple profile not intent geek pretend fantasy then you will find your match
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It's not POF--it's the phonies!
Posted: 3/4/2010 4:34:33 AM
This is kinda getting old now.

downforit though, hit the nail on the head brilliantly.
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