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Hmmn...been a while since I've posted on here...but, what the hell...

Illegal immigration is more than people simply taking advantage of the charity of a many cases there are some important factors to remember.

1. They are essential to many small and medium size employers. There's a reason why they're coming, they're being hired. They're being hired to do work that, most likely, employers are unable to find 'legals' to do.

2. If they could find 'legals' to do it and choose to employ illegals...then they're doing it for you. As a consumer, the price which you pay for goods (including construction and trades services, restaurant meals, fresh fruit/veg at the grocery) depends on the labour available. It's all very well and good to say "Buy USA" and then bugger off to Walmart's Made in China stuff... Illegals are hired to provide the lowest cost to you.

So, like it or not, illegals are essential to the economy. Immigration generally is essential to the economy (no matter what their primary language is) and labour force growth will be nearly completely due to immigration in a few years. That's reality, and if you want to recover from the economic disaster, you will need to attract a whole lot of immigration. Illegal immigration will be a portion of that.

As to children of illegals going to school? Thank your lucky stars. Let's forget about the fact to suggest otherwise is barbaric treatment of a child who's only sin is to have parents looking for a better life...there is a good business case to do so. As said above...labour force growth is why you need immigration...these kids are more likely than not to be contributing someday.

But the fact is that the claim of freeloading isn't accurate. It's estimated that about 75% pay taxes (state and federal)...and about 7 Billion a year into social security (which they will never access)...never mind sales tax or the fact that they contribute to the economy through housing/costs of living etc.

Some folks seem to show that on the cost of government services versus tax/contributions...illegals put in more than they take out, and if they don't, the difference is negligible.'s US business that encourages illegal aliens...because they need to lower costs so that the consumers (you guys) purchase from them rather than elsewhere, and the illegals do work that often no one else wants to do, for wages that they pay taxes for and contribute in a number of ways that, overall, makes a huge difference... sometimes have to deal with a 'dial 1 for english' issue. Right. Sorry...forget about what I just said...slam the door shut...I totally hate having to hit a number on the phone...
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/6/2009 9:04:47 PM

Just being do they do that? If they aren't on record legally anywhere...I'm just asking.....

Not being nosy at all...many illegals have jobs with small to medium size firms that have them on file and deduct federal/state/soc.sec. deductions right at the source. The majority do this, not because they choose to, but they just have it done for them.

Many also voluntarily file their tax returns, often with their real information and a special status for those ineligible to do so...Massachusetts is one state where this is happening in record numbers...the illegals hope this is one way to build a case for them to become legal.

Keep in mind also that laws have been enacted that prevent illegals from getting any kind of government 'welfare' with the exception of emergency medical care and K-12 education.

The numbers can vary, but there are a number of ways to track who pays into Social Security, Medicare and fed/state taxes...66-75% of illegals do, without any hope of accessing the programs that this money goes into.

Also, don't forget state sales tax. For every purchase, that is contributing into a government system they often are barred from accessing...

The numbers, all in all, do not make for a great deal of illegals 'taking' out more than they put in. While everyone will have their anecdotes, taken over the whole picture, and taken with the mind that this workforce is a necessary part of the economic engine...illegals are a net gain, just as legal immigrants are a net gain.
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/6/2009 9:22:30 PM

Ref your remark on illegals not getting welfare or enrolled in school due to not having SSNs is WRONG.

Multiple/multiple illegal aliens are caught monthly using the same SSN and multiple SSNs that were stolen via identity theft. They purchased the SSN from a jackal knowing it was stolen.

In America, you commit a crime by receiving stolen property; wittingly or unwittingly...that means knowing or not knowing. This is on top of the crime of illegal entry to the US. Additionally, the illegal alien then uses the SSN to obtain credit cards, which they use until the account is cut off due to non-payment; this is fraud and theft, also a crime. This is just the start of the crime that dominoes off this. Their intial crime of entering the US illegal perpetuates other crime. It undercuts and ruins the very fabric of our society that makes it a great place for others to come to for freedom; a law abiding society. ..and saturates our resources.

By state law, in Calif, no one is allowed to be turned away from a hospital emergency room. Illegal aliens know this and flock to them in droves. It saturated the resources preventing actual emergencies from being addressed. Pregnant females wait until their 6-8th month to cross the border so they can deliver their baby in the US in an attempt to illegally circumvent the system and have their baby here in the emergency room so it will be recorded as a US citizen. This is why the mean 'ole Customs Dept deports moms from their kids at times...because mom made a choice to break the law.

This drains the hospital fiances. If state taxes don't pay the bill, then the hospital pays and passes the loss onto regular paying legal and natural American Citizens in two ways: 1) higher costs on bills paid directly and 2) higher costs to insurance companies.

The insurance companies charge higher premiums not just in Calif, but spread all across their accounts throughout the US...directly impacting legal/natural American Citizens...many of which now can not afford medical insurance premiums because of this (among other reasons).

Dumb wars bleeding the economy... Do you think it's dumb that 2,848 people lost their lives when 19 illegal aliens (1/2 had legal visas) crashed 4 jet liners into the World Trade Center on Sept 11, 2001 (9/11)? Do you think it's dumb our government took action to prevent this from happening again by pursuing those responsible and invading Afghanistan?

Do you think it's dumb we deposed a dictator (saddam) that liquidated (that means killed in mass qualities numerous time, several hundred thousand) citizens of his own country (iraq) for no other reason than they were of a different ethnicity (Kurds in Halabja / Kurmal...he wanted them out of there so he could control the oil fields in the north) or different sect of religion (shia muslims, Karbala, al-Basrah, and the Marshes) than his own (sunni muslim) that invaded 2 of our allies (Kuwait and Saudi Arabia), and violated terms of the cease fire agreement multiple times to include shooting at US planes enforcing United Nations Sanctions in accord with the cease fire...?

What have you done to contribute to society? Have you volunteered at the centers to process legal immigrants, hospitals to process illegal immigrants? How about down at the youth centers, nursing homes, VA hospitals, abused women shelter, children's shelter? Have you served your country and community by serving in the armed forces?

Grow up Looney (and the rest of you whining about people that should fix their own country instead of running to and ruining ours) your research, let the facts speak for themselves instead of boring us with your over emotional PMS buffoonery. Put your money where your mouth is, donate your discretionary income to pay an indigent (means poor) legal citizens medical bills. And, get off your welfare wanna-be @$$, work 3 jobs to ensure more taxes are paid to support your views of coddling illegal aliens.

By the way, your grammar blows. Did you study in school, is that your teacher's fault for dividing his/her attention to children of illegal aliens, or were you just lazy?
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/6/2009 9:41:45 PM

American Indian!

Is that native American or an American who's ancestors are from India?

PS...How do I get rid of Lice?

PPS...Is Luekemia Contagious?...
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/7/2009 3:12:26 AM
ok munch....

I never said open the flood gates...if you read msg 38, thats my stance.

Now your stance is deport everyone...please explain how this would work?

How do we ship 3,000,000 people back? Where do you start?

Who do you arrest? (do you just start picking up brown people?)

What is the arresting agency...The INS. that means hireing Lots more agents, buses and vans to capture and transport detainies

Where do you house them before deportation?( do you put them in City or County jails-that means the people of that city or county pick up that tab)

what do you feed them?(by law a person is intitled to a deportation hearing-deportaton is not a automatic they are going to have to be feed...who pays that tab)

What agency would start the (INS cant even hadle keeping the going rate out)

Get ready to hire a ton of Judges and Lawyers to hadel all the new cases of deportation.
that also means more courtrooms, clerks, bailiffs, support staff and equipment(computers and office supplies) another hit on your taxes...

And remeber, you just cant just go dump them at the southren border...
So people from Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Columbia, Venezuela, and other parts further south, you would have to send them home by Airplane...Oh you thought you were just going to dump them in Mexico...You wouldnt expect Mexico to accept would be the same as if Mexico deported Canadians by dumping the in you think we would say O.K. to that

Agian we love to Talk a good game, but few have a Logical solution...If it were easy, it would have already been done...

I still cant get ONE person to explain how total deportation would take place...not ONE
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/7/2009 8:21:45 AM

When they are caught driving without license, insurance or whatever, deport them, their whole family. When caught working at factories, deport them

This is an example to my point...Driving without a license is not an arrestable offense niether is driving without how is the police offercer to know if the person is illegally in this country? splain me that one...


An to it would great or stimulus...My governor rejected stimulus money cuz he said the money would be good start, but then the States residents would have to pick up pay taxes where the stimulus it would come down to local and state governments to pay till the job is done...
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/7/2009 12:27:43 PM

Some people are so blind and so bleeding heart Liberal that they are willing to let our country be taken away

Where are THEY taking it...your country is here safe and sound...Your
country is changing...that is natural progression...This country has been changing since its founding.

Why are you so worried that the Country gonna somehow fall apart?

Why do you Fear change...

Did you think the country was gonna stay "Leave it to Beaver" America forever...

so Chill out Eat a Burrito and drink a Corona...Senor...
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/7/2009 4:15:25 PM

The beauty of America lies in that it is a melting pot. Do you understand that concept? People came to America and the societies were melted together to make a homogeneous mix. Immigrants brought some of the flavor of their culture and put it into the mix. To use a cooking analogy........ America is the soup and the immigrants are the spices we blend in to make it better. It is very important to keep the spices balanced in order to maintain the taste of the soup. Too much of one spice and the soup is no longer recognizable as what it was.

Im sorry to be the bearer of bad new for you...Thats ok, your children will adapt more easily than you have...They will grow to love spice...they will be unable to live without the spice...And they maybe even mix spices and have little spicy ones of their own...and one day, in the future, a little spicey one will call you Abuelito Cynico...
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/7/2009 4:29:18 PM
Sigh...well, now I'm starting to remember why this forum thing was a bit of a time suck...ah well...

Let me point out the fallacies in the above quotes. They are so glaring that I should not have to point them out but I will.

The first fallacy is that Illegals are being hired that employers cannot find legal citizens to do. This is patently false. Many industries that used to provide good workable wages are being demolished by the influx of Illegals.

It is a little bit amusing to be told how wrong I am, and then in the same breath, have the person agree with me. Let me be clear here...when I said that businesses hire cheaper labour to keep costs down and therefore remain competitive in the market...that's why they hire cheaper illegal work. Which, if you will notice, is pretty much what you said AFTER saying my point was patently false.

Manufacturing's total crash is not even remotely the fault of illegal aliens. It's the fault of a global economy that can get manufacturing work done more cheaply in other countries. Period. Your lamenting its exit is perfectly legit. Your blaming its exodus from American soil on illegal labour is ridiculous.

Suggesting the nation's young men and women can't find summer or part-time jobs is also ridiculous. The ease in which it happens depends on the economy...which, by the way, is the same economy that in a large part depends on immigration (both legal and otherwise).

The biggest fallacy of all in your post is that "Illegals are hired to provide the lowest cost to you". That is completely false and laughable.

Yes, yes, business looks to profits for its bottom line...of course. But labour costs are a variable as are every other thing in a business costs have gone up, in a big way, costs of raw materials (like timber, or ingredients, or any other supplier industry that also uses illegals for the sh!tty manual labour work) has gone up...and our inflation (over the last ten years) has remained fairly constant/low for many of the services/products we purchase. Why? I'm sure you can guess.

Really? Are we not capable of handling the additional labor needs with our own indigenous population growth?

Yes. Really. And no, America's birth rate is not sufficient to meet the needs of labour force growth.

There is no proof that we need this additional resource. Quite frankly we have too many citizens out of work to be able to justify this statement in any way.

Sigh. Yes there is. Plenty of proof, this has been a demographic statistical reality predicted for years. Quite frankly, I'm doubtful that the citizens laid off from the meat packing plant or auto assembly line are going to be retraining as pediatricians, nurses, mechanical engineers, or any of the other highly skilled jobs that are and will be required.

So...with this insistence of 'proof' in mind (which I know, you will barely bother to read and simply refute as being a liberal BS propaganda exercise...)

Population estimates indicate that immigrants will generate all net labor force growth in the next twenty years because the size of the native-born population between the prime working ages of 25-54 will not grow. The baby boomer generation and presence of women in the workforce expanded the size of the workforce in past decades; low fertility rates mean that expansion of the native-born workforce is unlikely within the next 20-30 years...

NY Times - Outlines overall economic benefits for immigrants (even on construction sites)
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/7/2009 5:28:32 PM

Wow now that is really intensive & thought provoking. Sheat, I hope you didn't injure yourself coming up with that. You must be one of those that are not affected by illegals so you have the NIMBY solution. NIMBY-not in my back yard, so it doesn't concern me. How very sad to be so shallow & impassive with absolutely no concern for your fellow Americans. To think the big problems with illegals all centers around Spanish billboards is absolutely ludacris. You should be embarrassed to have made such a remark for all the world to see. You & people like you with the "who cares" attitude is why the world is in the shape it is in today.

Two things...first is that being on a border town in Texas, your experiences are not a fair representation of the net worth of immigration. But, let's not blame illegals from mexico for what is apparently a lack of infrastructure put in place by your federal or state governments. On that point, Texas appears to be one of the better positioned states weathering the economic storm ( from one year ago ) . Why? Well, agriculture, energy and...population growth.

Secondly...are you seriously making fun of someone's intellect and thoughts and then in the same sentence entirely misunderstand what NIMBY means? You're not...surely...

NIMBY the acronym stands for "Not In My Back Yard" but it does not mean "it's not in my backyard so it doesn't concern me".

It means - objection to the establishment in one's neighborhood of projects, such as incinerators, prisons, or homeless shelters, that are believed to be dangerous, unsightly, or otherwise undesirable.

Your take on it is about opposite, which holds some irony considering in the same sentence you're making fun of someone's intellect.

There's also a secondary irony, being that I'm sure you're happy to have the economy improve, but don't want to deal with immigration issues in your backyard (as immigration is necessary for economic growth)... which is NIMBY reaction.

Oh, and on this rampant influx of contagious, disease-ridden illegal're spreading the Lou Dobbs version of life, I'm guessing? It's not true.

Believe me, after spelling "contagious" correctly, and then googling PAST the right wing hate turns out that in the entire country there are about 200-250 cases of leprosy per year. The US Center for Disease control has reported that the number peaked in 1985 (360) and has declined ever since...

Of course, some diseases are more prevalent with immigrant populations but your cross the board assertions about their medical histories and so forth are ridiculous. If you can reference any reputable source on those assertions, please do; otherwise...
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/7/2009 5:39:27 PM

Woodrow, you seem to be obsessed with the immigrant labor force here in America.

No, but I have some knowledge of labour force issues, and enjoy setting the record straight, especially thinly veiled bigotry (from the the 'why don't they speak english' camp).

Labor is a very minor part of the reasons why we should no longer allow illegals free reign of our country.

Your economy is a major part of why you should not make such overblown, inaccurate and frankly, silly overstatements about what an impact illegal immigration has in your country.

You can sit thousands of miles away

I'm in Canada...about 50 miles from your country...

& arrogantly quote statistics & articles from newspapers

I prefer the term 'facts' and 'trustworthy sources' but, okay, I'll give you slightly arrogant...

but until you are in the middle of the situation you can not truly understand what the reality is.

Toronto, Canada is considered the world's most diverse's got a fair share of illegal immigration.

I recently read an article written by one of your governments officials, he basically told foreigners to go home they were not welcome & Canada was not going to bend & change rules to accommodate them.

Really? This has not made any of the Canadian newspapers...we're hearing much about keeping our immigration numbers at the same levels, and that immigration is a necessity for economic least that's what the federal minister in charge of immigration was saying...I'm not saying I don't believe you...oh, sorry...unless you can be specific of this 'official'...I am saying that.

They were not going to give up their jobs, nor allow them to invade their health care, nor their schools nor take advantage of any resourses that rightfully belonged to the citizens of Canada. I wish I would have kept the article I would love to quote it here.

Me too. Google maybe? How extensive is your Canadian government media scan? It must be extensive to have forgotten which source we're talking about here...

He stood up & applied the NIMBY rule in a very positive/ forceful way.

No he didn't. See above - NIMBY is a concept you need to do a bit of review of...
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/7/2009 5:44:57 PM
America your country is Backwards...

How could deny American citizens rights and give the same right to Illegal immigrants...

My stance has always been allow them to work here, and send them back...
for profeesionals, fast track them for Citizenship...

Yet for all you "ship them back" folk...Answer me this-

How can you deny American citizens the right to marry, yet ok it for immigrants to marry without any identification?

In 2002, as part of the “Child Support Enforcement Program” aimed at making parents assume the costs of child support, a series of measures were taken in and accross states with the goal of cutting down on evasion of the law by irresponsible parents. Among these measures was the use of official information resources, such as driver’s licenses, to locate these individuals. For this reason it was made obligatory to present a Social Security number in order to obtain a license. Unfortunately, this requirement, which was meant to protect children and keep the State from having to pay for what parents should pay, was used by some clerks as an instrument to harass undocumented immigrants.

Marriage is one of the means by which an undocumented immigrant can be admitted as a legal resident in the United States. Furthermore, keeping these people from getting married, or keeping a U.S. citizen from marrying because their fiancée has no Social Security Number, is a violation of the rights of that citizen.

On a recent local radio show, the topic was of a local woman, in the Hospital, in a coma. Her family denied her long-time S/O(female) the right to visit her ...It was the family's contention, that thier daughter was not married, so the S/O had no right to be there...The Hospital had to honor the family's request.

Is that how you want it America?...Deny Americans The rights you hand over to Foreingers...
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/7/2009 5:47:58 PM
I wonder if it would be a big deal to liberals if massive waves of illegal aliens from Iran and Afghanistan were crossing our borders? To work and make better lives for themselves of course!
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/8/2009 11:25:27 AM
report the men keep the women ..well only the good looing ones
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/8/2009 11:43:51 AM
Go ahead and turn them in.

But you'd have an easier time convincing a brick wall to deport them.
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/8/2009 11:49:03 AM
I say we bring the troops home from Germany, Italy, Japan and Korea. By putting those troops on the border(s) to keep the drugs and illegals out of American, those very same troops will have a great stimulating effect on the local economies and business.
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/8/2009 11:18:00 PM
Myself (being a Native American) I find the whole thing of Illegal Aliens kinda silly. Most of you (as in your ancestors some as recently as 1 - 5 generations ago) either crossed over from Europe or were brought against your will from Africa. At what point did Caucasians/African Slaves not have to prove they were not Illegal Aliens?

This is also why Nationalism is really silly when you think about it.

For all you who are either serious (or joking) just think about what your saying and then apply it to yourself.
 Got Trance
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/8/2009 11:31:32 PM
Geez, I'm sick and tired of hearing some of you Native Americans pointing your fingers at non Native Americans and calling them/us Illegal Aliens.
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/8/2009 11:54:09 PM
Splendere if a pregnant “Illegal” immigrant crosses the border and gives birth. If the criteria for being “an American” is being born in the United States then guess what that child is just as much an American as you.

Instead of turning people away why not use yours and all the people with big brains to solve the problems? I noticed that instead of answering my questions you threw out Non Sequiturs and then expected me to answer yours. Now who’s the inane one?

Iamtechnogod merely pointing out the irony. That is all. Sometimes looking from outside the circle gives one a different perspective.

I noticed that you too didn’t answer my questions but simply made a statement.
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/9/2009 1:38:29 AM
Your line of thinking in “absolutes” is a flaw in logic and rational thought. Everyone of Bushs or Obamas actions, words and polices is up for criticism. If you want to think that way, fine but the rest of us have every right not to think only in “extremes.”
 Got Trance
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/9/2009 7:33:27 AM
I was born on an American military base in Germany. Unlike Nobama, I have and can show a Birth Certificate and other documents PROVING my citizenship.
My mother went through the process and became an American citizen.
Now, Mr-Amazing, let's get to your absolutely ridiculous question.

At what point did Caucasians/African Slaves not have to prove they were not Illegal Aliens?

Simple answer is, They did not have to. Because they were not Illegal Aliens.
You see, The indians populated what is now the U.S.A. but they did not control it.
Look back at history and you will notice that the strong conquer the weak, they take over the land. It was and still is a fact of life. The Indians did this amongst themselves for ever.
I must add here that I have nothing against Indians. Just stating facts.
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/9/2009 8:33:04 AM

Look back at history and you will notice that the strong conquer the weak, they take over the land. It was and still is a fact of life. The Indians did this amongst themselves for ever.

Part of the reason that the Native Americans did this was two fold. First many moved around a bit. They didn't have the large permanent cities that we now have. Yeah, they had territories that they stayed in, but they did not necessarily stay in the same place.

The other reason being that Native Americans don't believe that anyone can own the land. The entire concept of property rights was a foreign concept to the people on this land that was forced upon them by those who populated the areas from Europe. Most Native Americans believe that the land is there for us to use, and that we should use all parts of the land and it's resources.

But that is a completely different topic.
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/9/2009 9:43:47 AM

When you find the number...pass it on, I got about a 1,000,000 to rat out.
from message #4

1-800-DHS-2ICE (1-800-347-2423)

Msg 101

I called refered me to the website...

There was not a section where I could lodge a complaint on a illegal...It refered me to The Offices of Detention and Removal Oppertion Offices, I looked up my closes field office...
I called the Director's Field Office...and was informed by a person, that I would call the Local ICE Offices of Investigations at 210-967-7035 ...Where I was informed that I would have to call...USCIS at 1-800-375-5283...where I was informed that to report a violation of immagration law, I would have to contact ICE at ...1800-dhs-2ice

If you think im B-S ing call. call the Director's Field Office closest to you and see where they send you...
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Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/9/2009 10:16:59 AM

I am not an “Indian,” “Indians” come from the subcontinent south of the Himalayan Mts.

You say my question is “ridicules” yet you call me a “ridiculous” outdated misnomeric word such as “Indian.”

Ezzee is right. Also a communication misunderstanding had Native Leaders and Elders giving up land they didn’t comprehend the consequences off.

Not only do I laugh at this crazy concept of “Illegal Aliens” but it is quite ironic that most Americans are clueless when currently areas such as the Middle East hate us when the US uses Imperialism to influence their culture.


From the "Possum" thread nearby:

If they are not indigenous to your area, you need to get rid of it. They breed prolifically.

Sorry I couldn’t resist.
 Got Trance
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Msg: 50
Is it wrong to report / turn in illegal Aliens
Posted: 4/9/2009 11:52:49 AM

You say my question is “ridicules” yet you call me a “ridiculous” outdated misnomeric word such as “Indian.”

First of all, please point to the post where I called you an Indian.
I do say the word Indian and I use Native American. They mean the same damn thing when talking about the indigenous people of North America. And Native Americans use the word also. We all know how they became to be called Indians. Pardon me for not being PC all the time.
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