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Well op the question that is posed on the profile questionaire is do you do drugs. It says nothing about whether or not they are referring to illegal substances therefore it is your assumption that it is about weed. And we all know what they say about assuming things but we've pretty much summed up what you are.
You are the one who has started three different threads about this particular subject, my favorite is the one where the first girl that had ever shown enough interest to actually meet you (my guess was she lost a bet) decided to smoke one in your car.
Only an idiot would be so desparate to rush meeting someone without at least covering the bases and seeing if you were somewhat compatible. Didn't score that night and my further feelings are you are getting anything these days other than spam or hate mail.

To sahara if we are to go with the topic I do straight out call you a hipocrate for not clicking yes on your prolfile, for it asking a fairly simple question of do you do drugs.
If you wish to deny what drugs are because I'm not all edumicated like yourself then you madam are indeed a fool. Such a waste of a phd to show your intellectual prowess here among the heathens, your mother must be proud.
Clicked on an ad for the university of pheonix, there having a two for one sale on degrees I'm planning on majoring in cutting and pasting and getting my doctorate in being a sheep dog. woof woof
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 8/18/2009 4:00:28 PM
Thou shalt always offer thine spliff to thine neighbour. Thou shalt make sure that all thine neighbors are offered it in turn and pass it back,

I've dated a few men from this site, and they finally admitted to be 420 friendly !!

anything in moderation if fine !!

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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 8/19/2009 8:52:38 AM
I just want to advise everyone on here that their messages can be seen on google with their pictures. Their IP addresses can be requested by a judge. And yes, I know police officers who use facebook and other sites to look for "criminals" to bust. Much easier than going after dangerous ones in the field.

And most important:
Dispite "Innocent until proven guilty", in most courts, simply confessing is enough evidence to convict you. I watched a court totally regulate some marijuana smokers just the other day. One had $1000 in fines to pay.
 spider43 2.0
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 8/19/2009 9:28:07 AM
I smoke pot,I smoke pot,I smoke pot,I smoke pot,I smoke pot,I smoke pot,I smoke pot,I smoke pot,I smoke pot,I smoke pot,I smoke pot,

To the above poster, would be willing to state something that you do that is illegal? Are you that brave?
It is astounding that you would think someone would go as far as that to bust someone. Must be an American mindset.
Mister Phelps comes to mind, all American hero but so amazingly torn apart for a photograph? All people should be thankful we don't live in a 1984 scenario.
There are very, very few of us that could boast that we have not bent or broken some law, be it speeding or fibbing on our taxes or sneaking that extra item through customs.
If we allow that type of thing to continue we will be sliding down a very slippery slope.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 8/19/2009 5:44:09 PM
most addicts knew this was true to begin with. I never understood the methadone theory


Let them take heroin, study says

August 19, 2009 | 2:00 pm

To improve the chances that hard-core heroin addicts will stick with their treatment for opioid dependence and forgo the use of illicit drugs, they should take … heroin.

That’s the controversial conclusion of a study being published in Thursday’s edition of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Heroin The study focused on addicts who took heroin for at least five years and had already failed two attempts at treatment. One of those attempts had to involve methadone, which helps manage heroin cravings and blocks the drug’s euphoric effects.

The goal wasn’t necessarily to get study participants to stop using heroin altogether, but to turn their addiction into a manageable fact of life instead of a source of high-risk, illegal and/or anti-social behavior.

Canadian researchers randomly assigned 115 addicts in Vancouver and Montreal to receive diacetylmorphine – the active ingredient in heroin – and 111 others to a control group that got standard methadone treatment. Those who took diacetylmorphine injected themselves up to three times a day in treatment clinics with medical supervision. Then they had to remain in the clinic for 30 minutes so they could be monitored for overdoses, seizures and other serious problems.

Overall, the addicts who took diacetylmorphine did better than the ones who took methadone.

After one year, 88% of those in the diacetylmorphine group were still in treatment, compared with 54% in the methadone group. They were also more likely to curb their illegal behavior – including use of illicit drugs – by a margin of 67% to 48%.

Patients treated with diacetylmorphine also saw bigger reductions in their illicit heroin use. They had taken the drug for an average of 26.6 days in the month before the study started, and that number fell to 5.3 days by the end of the study. In the methadone group, illicit heroin use fell from an average of 27.4 days per month to 12.0 days per month during the course of the study.

The researchers also reported that addicts who were treated with diacetylmorphine “had greater improvements with respect to medical and psychiatric status, economic status, employment situation, and family and social relations,” according to the study.

One patient from the methadone group died of an opioid overdose during the 12-month trial. But overall, serious adverse events were more than 2½ times more common among the diacetylemorphine group. Sixteen of those participants experienced a life-threatening seizure or overdose; all received prompt treatment at their clinic and recovered.

The researchers emphasized that most heroin addicts should continue to be treated with methadone. But when methadone doesn’t cut it, they concluded, “prescribed, supervised use of diacetylmorphine appears to be a safe and effective adjuctive treatment for this severely affected population of patients who would otherwise remain outside the health care system.”

That advice may sound radical, but it has already been followed in several European countries. Switzerland, the Netherlands and Great Britain currently treat some heroin addicts with diacetylmorphine, according to an editorial accompanying the study.

In the United States, only methadone has the imprimatur of a “medical” drug, writes Virginia Berridge of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at the University of London. That bias may help explain why the Canadian researchers were unable to collaborate with their colleagues south of the border. Perhaps, Berridge speculates, the Canadian results will have more influence on American policymakers since the study was practically “homegrown.”

-- Karen Kaplan
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 9/12/2009 12:52:36 AM
Man, I remember first time I did drugs...Weed. Wasn't peer pressured at all. Actually wanted to do it since I was probably 12 (and my family is completely clean)...Tried them, moved on.

Still puff a bit. Not to de-stress. I DO ski, skateboard, run, climb (gyms are for girlymen like hazzare) to de-stress. It's the same as drinking, minus the peer pressure. I can easily be hanging out with friends, a bowl gets sent around and I pass and nobody questions it. Go over to where people are drinking beer, you say no and you hear some guff about it.

To me, smell is only the surface. Personally, I find the appearance/smell of vomit or urine on ones clothes or in near proximity even more offensive. Ever go to a party or bar sober? It sucks. Not because you want to get drunk, but because everybody is so ridiculous. Split personalities. Puking. Random sex. Fights.

Everyone has their own opinion of who they'd rather be around. I prefer to have the best out of all worlds. I have a good deal of friends who chief, as well as friends who are straight as nails. And I know that I've held happy relationships with women more straight forward than the author, or many haters of green on the thread.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 10/21/2009 9:15:12 PM
clean pure MDMA.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..yummy...
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 10/22/2009 2:07:02 AM
I used to skydive a lot and did it on occasion in Marana Arizona. Funny thing is at night USAF planes would land and unload drugs and we would watch them. Not talking pot but Cocaine and Heroin. Several skydivers would help unload the planes and put them on various military trucks. My step dad was military intelligence for 24 years. He has photos of himself in Viet Nam supervising the loading of cargo planes with Heroin. He also has photos of body bags stuffed with the stuff too. The CIA and the US Government are the biggest drug dealers in this country.

Why is pot illegal? Because the real drug runners find that a brick that makes them 20K is far better than the same brick that brings them 2K, thats why it's illegal.

As for why employers drug test, it is because the government is forcing it upon them as are insurance companies. I see people getting busted for weed but it is still cheap and the people stealing to buy drugs are going for the harder stuff.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 10/22/2009 6:19:14 AM
Here is something NEW to get high off of. WHEATGRASS JUICE. It is green and Medicinal and LEGAL> Look it up on the Internet. It gives tons of ENERGY and is healing to your cells. You can grow your own with HARD WHEAT BERRIES" you could get at Wegman's, Lexington Co-Op and Feel Rite. Sprout first and grow in ORGANIC soil. Water and cut and put into a Wheat Grass Juicer. It is very potent but gives tons of energy quickly and heals your cells. It is a deep cleanser. Also U-Tube has a video on how to grow it.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 10/22/2009 6:22:20 AM
WHEATGRASS SHOTS are also sold at Merge and O3 (the restaurant in Everything Elmwood store) on Main St. near Harlem Avenue in Snyder. Medicinal/legal/high energy/healing.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 10/29/2009 9:30:45 AM
I used to smoke pot but quit about 12 years ago. I think the smell of cigarette smoke is much more revolting than pot smoke. And to me, cigarettes are a drug as well. I used to smoke maybe a pack a week in high school for a few months but soon quit because I was playing varsity sports and didn't want to mess up my endurance. I was never a pothead, did it about twice a week on average and I did enjoy it, but these days, you don't know what you're getting and it's stronger now. I tried cocaine only once in my life many years ago when my friend offered me a few lines. All it did was give me a nasal drip and I felt nausea but I couldn't throw up. I said to myself, "How can people throw money out on this stuff?" So the pot never wound up being a gateway drug for me. The drug wars have been a failure. Billions of dollars wasted. I say decriminalize drugs. Sell them in liquor stores. This would eliminate the gang bangers, dealers, and it would be much harder for kids to get their hands on it. The tax money can go to rehab centers and cancer research.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 11/16/2009 12:35:10 PM

What is with people saying NO to this profile question when they clearly toke up regularly or occassionally. Marijuana is a drug you idiots...and a disgusting one on that note.

Before all you self loathing blazers jump in with the alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, etc argument I will fully admit that all of those substances can have serious reprecussions, but the difference is they CAN be used responsibly, while no drug can. It is possible to have one drink, or one coffee, or one cigarette and the mind won't be altered.

Also, marijuana is illegal in basically every country in the world. I know I'll be pushing a few buttons with the green leaf brigade who preach that it has endless benefits and no consequnences and I've heard every single argument...and they are all weak at best.

On that note, I do support it's medicinal use in certain circumstances, but using it to "de-stress" does not count...people use alchol for the same purpose and to me if you need to use any "drug" to relieve stress then you have a serious weakness of character. Ever tried going for a long walk/run, lifting some weights, reading a book, etc...the list goes on. Stop being so lazy.

If marijuana is so great and harmless why:
-do we teach our children to avoid drugs like the plague?
-do employers avoid weed users?
-is almost all street crime related to drug use (weed included)?
-do people still feel the need to conceal their habit?

It really is a black and white situation. Drugs are bad in any form, however some can be used responsibly without being mind altering. Marijuana is not in that category and don't even attempt to argue. I see all the pot heads every day and they just embarrass themselves with their slower speech, poor motor skills, absence of mind, and they stink. That smell is incredibly offensive. GROW UP.

somebody wound this top up a little too tight i think ^

i wouldn't call myself a "drug user" per se, i have "socially" checked in my profile because on occasion, when the mood strikes me i'll 420 it and saying "no" doesn't seem accurate or honest

but let me explain that a bit:

i quit drugs, all of them when i was 18, up till then, i pretty much did everything i could get my hands on, you name it, i did it, then one day i woke up, decided i was wasting my life and stopped

didn't touch anything for 20 years, then one day a friend was going out to blaze and i said "**** it, i'm coming too"

now i doubt i would do anything other than smoke pot into the future, if and when the mood strike me, but if smoking a j and laughing my ass off to russell peters while eating too many gummy bears makes me a "drug user" i'm okay with that
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 8/31/2011 10:43:28 PM
The whole question should be eliminated.

It just promotes lying.

If not eliminated; it should give options such as:

-Only if you are
-Time n place
-More than you know
-Dont we all

or something similar.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 8/31/2011 11:37:01 PM
no; I dont do drugs. I take aspirin or tylenol a few times a year for a headache but that's it. Dont' smoke pot. It makes you lazy and hungry and I dont want that.

To each their own.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 9/1/2011 8:44:12 AM
Pretty sure my drugs do ME, but they're all needed, all prescription, and I'm damn sure my quality of life would suck without them.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 9/3/2011 6:01:31 PM
hazzare- No I don't.
Why such a rant?
You were lied to, that's on her. Move on and hope for better next time.
I think pot should be legal.
I have several reasons, but the main reason is that is has medical uses.
If smoking pot means someone suffering from cancer can hold down their next meal, then they should be able to smoke it.
Please educate yourself and open your mind some.
It seems you could grow up some yourself.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 9/4/2011 7:27:40 AM

no; I dont do drugs. I take aspirin or tylenol a few times a year for a headache but that's it. Dont' smoke pot. It makes you lazy and hungry and I dont want that.

Apparently Aspirin and Tylenol make you delusional about what is or what is not a drug along with making you believe stereotypes.

You should really lay off the pills.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 9/4/2011 8:26:35 AM

the main reason is that is has medical uses.

I'm skeptical about that. Where are the reputable, controlled scientific studies which support it? NORML has argued that point in federal courts for a long time now, but the Controlled Substances Act treats marijuana as a substance with no legitimate medical use.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 9/4/2011 12:07:26 PM
This thread seems like a pretty easy "yes" or "no". I'm a "no".

As for the medicinal uses, I'm open minded to the use of pot. If it appears to help those with cancer or pain or HIV/Aids, etc., I'm not going to argue the benefits or drawbacks with the users. I have arthritis and I've been at the point where I thought it would be easier to cut my hands off - less pain. IF my doctor suggested pot or ground bear shyt I'd probably give it a try. For me all the tylenol, motrin, celebrex, etc. has eaten my stomach out and now I can't take anything other than a medication to repair the ulcer, so I hurt.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 9/4/2011 12:25:10 PM
I smoke marijuana a few times a week because I like to, not because I have a reason to.

If I didn't have a good dealer I probably wouldn't bother. Don't like having to involve myself with criminals just to get some weed.

First I said so in my profile. But choosing "Does drugs 3 times a week" looks really negative so I removed it. That could mean I do cocaine 3 times a week. I would never go out with someone who did stronger drugs. There's a huge difference between soft and stronger drugs. Soft drugs I'm more okay with. There should be a "Soft drugs only" option.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 9/4/2011 12:36:40 PM
Annecdotally, I know a number of PTSD sufferers that found that THC was the only effective treatment they have found after all the phamaceuticals and talk therapy of conventional therapy failed. Likewise three friends recently undergoing chemo, found that pot was their only real relief from the nausea, and helped them keep weight on and strength up. It has also been effective for pain management from arthritis and immune system attacks in yet more people I know.

The science supports the medical uses of pot. The prohibition remains only because of the lobbying efforts of big Pharma and the intransigence of politicians who cannot possibly admit they are wrong. With another 3/4 million Veterans returning suffering the life long effects of PTSD and TBIs, we owe it to them at least, to allow them the best available and affordable treatment options. The NM VA has finally been the first to relent on this point.

Plenty of studies showing the medicinal benefits of THC.

New Mexico is the only state in the nation that explicitly qualifies post traumatic stress disorder for medical marijuana, according to the Associated Press, although California pretty much allows marijuana for “any other illness for which marijuana provides relief.” And because PTSD patients comprise the largest subset of New Mexico’s medical marijuana patients, the Veterans Affairs has a “conundrum” on its hands since the drug is still illegal under federal rules.

While New Mexico’s VA hospital doesn’t allow its doctors to prescribe the drug, it does allow them to tell patients they may seek a recommendation from outside the VA system. And, as The Independent reported previously, it does not consider patients in drug treatment programs who test “hot” for marijuana to be in relapse if they have a state license to use the drug.

One New Mexico physician who has filled out a number of recommendation forms for PTSD is Dr. Eve Elting, in Truth or Consequences. Elting sees people who aren’t regular patients, and about a quarter of those want medical marijuana for PTSD, she told the AP:

Given their inability to get medical marijuana from the VA, New Mexico veterans are finding their own go-to physicians, including Dr. Eve Elting in the central part of the state.

“I have guys coming to see me from all over the state, five or six hours’ drive, just to be legal,” said Elting, of Truth or Consequences. “It’s bad enough they have something that makes life so challenging. On top of that they’re discriminated against, made to feel like they’re doing something wrong.”

Elting said veterans hear about her by word of mouth since she will see people who aren’t regular patients. About a quarter of those who come to her want medical marijuana for PTSD. One day she saw eight veterans — five for PTSD.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 9/4/2011 2:19:16 PM
Wow both of my post were removed, funny how all these people are saying the sme thing i am but only my posts are being removed. Ridiculous, and makes no sense.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 9/4/2011 3:52:59 PM
^ I don't know what your posts were, but sometimes, it not what you say, but how you say it.
Just sayin'...

And, I also think the question should be removed. Too much room for ambiguity and misinterpretation.
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Do you do drugs???
Posted: 9/4/2011 4:00:09 PM
I smoke about one or two hits at night and only a couple days a week. I have many friends who smoke 5-6 times daily. All of us enjoy Marijuana. My friends that smoke 5-6 times daily fall under a lot of stereotypes as they don't have much motivation or ambition. I'm extremely motivated and I make it to the gym 5 days out of the week. Marijuana helps with my bulking diet because it increases my appetite. Marijuana also helps put me to sleep and is extremely enjoyable if you're with the right company. I've also never enjoyed my sex life as much as I have while I have been high. Marijuana's effects are different depending on your intake. I think it all comes down to how responsible you are and where your priorities in life are.
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