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"No you're not delusional. But let me correct your question a bit: how does a man_know_ that they're undesirable to the type of woman he imagines himself with?... Lack of evidence of: Money, Power , or Fame. These are the three single most important things a woman FIRST notices about a man. Then from there; his personalilty, his scent, his movement."
I disagree. It's far more complicated than that. The first thing ANY human being notices is not the bank account, nor the fame of that person for that matter. What you DO notice however is personality, body language, eye contact, how someone talks, walks, behaves, etc. etc. While it's true that there are shallow women around - gold diggers - they'd rather be with a rich sleazebag who uses they body just like they'd use a prostitute. Those with commonsense won't choose to be "bought". Personally I see no difference between hookers in the streets and fortune hunters.

What you lack in life you simply compensate with something else. If you aren't 10 ft tall, a successful businessman, 50 degrees in this and that and with a trillion in the bank, you simply put emphasis on what you ARE good at, something that others may not have. We're all individuals and you won't find an exact copy of yourself out there. That's what makes us all unique. If we'd all bee that successful, "cream on top" type of guy, dressed in a fancy Armani suit; ask yourself: where's the uniqueness in that? I'd say nowhere. It is also my belief that in times like these other qualities should weigh more than a sleazebag attitude towards life and others.
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Am I delusional?
Posted: 4/30/2009 8:05:39 PM
Ive been single just as long or longer.It takes as long as it
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Am I delusional?
Posted: 5/7/2009 7:34:30 PM
All i can say is quit worrying about it and ask someone out..
I admit its been almost 6 years for me, but that was by choice..
I took some time to clear my head after the way my son's mom took off,
and i admit i had a serious trust issue..
I spent the years with my son and working..
Now im ready to find myself a wonderful woman to spend my time with..
One who will realize that kids come first no matter who's they are..
You can bet ya azz that im not gonna worry about if they think im skinny enough, or good looking enough, everyone has good qualities so stick them out there and let them be seen
who knows the right woman might just be watching..
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Am I delusional?
Posted: 5/7/2009 10:28:21 PM
Don't preoccupy your time with whether you think others MIGHT find YOU "undesirable". The better question to ask is: What do YOU want? Maybe YOU don't desire the ladies right now...and, if so, that's OK!!! What do YOU want? Do YOU desire the ladies?
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Am I delusional?
Posted: 5/10/2009 7:19:16 PM
In the world of online dating if you think you are undesireable then you are wrong! you may not have the looks that are being sought online, but you may have an incredible personality that overcomes this. Best advice is less online dating and more real world dating. You have to get involved in activities in the real world that can best showcase how good you are to women who care about the same things you do and then surprise surprise you have dates with great women are genuinely interested in you and not the attention of hundreds of e-mails that usually begin with " wow ur hot" " so wuts up?" " got nakes pics?" after all online, women have heard it all except sincerity, honesty and positivity. Be sure of yourself for who you are despite your perceived flaws so you can overcome their perceived flaws with confidence and achieve something poignant in your life and have someone special to share it with.
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Am I delusional?
Posted: 5/12/2009 9:26:33 PM
In a word, probably. That does not mean that you cannot change. Try a makeover first and then plastic surgery. However, the most important quality in winning a girl's heart is confidence. They secretly want to be swept off their feet and for you that may take drugs or alcohol to get your courage up... However you do it, do anything other than what you have been doing. Rule 1, stop digging.
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