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I will put it simply for you, as I used to own a PS3 but have switched to 360.

360 has somewhat limited compatability but if I remember reading right , you didn't have an original xbox to begin with so that shouldn't really be a concern.
PS3's launch models have awesome backwards compatability but they are even more pricey than brand new PS3's.

I'm going to start right away by saying PS3's support is GOD AWFUL. All of their online features are free and you get what you pay for, if you know what I mean (Terrible online play, months before serious updates are released, and even then they'll release stupid features nobody will ever use instead of releasing something that actually fixes bugs). Oh and if you have any issues setting up your billing account for buying things on the playstation store, forget about ever having them resolved. Hardware-wise, if your PS3 bricks (yellow light of death), hope you bought your limited warranty and have the cash to have it repaired or buy a new one.

I've only had a 360 for just over a month now and I can say all support/network features have been top notch. You can have a silver account for free (pretty much a basic account that won't let you play anything online, but you can do anything else with the online features such as downloads/voice chat and such), or you can pay $10 a month for Gold membership that lets you also play games online. What I like about 360 is that if theres an issue, it usually gets resolved within hours. I've had nothing but good experiences from XBL so far. If the xbox ever redrings (rarely happens on new models) you can just send it to microsoft and they will send you a new one to replace it within 2 weeks.

Graphically, the PS3 is slightly more advanced than the 360 due to having the 8-core processor and higher texture memory. The blu-ray drive allows for 25ish gigs on a single disc while a 360 uses regular dvds, which means PS3 games *can* have more content, but they usually dont because they are just ports of 360 games anyways.

PS3 has a very limited list of exclusive titles, and only a few of those are actually decent games. 90% of games available for PS3 are also available for 360, and because of the PS3's difficult programming architecture, most game developers refuse to make add-on content because it would cost them too much time and money - meaning ALOT of DLC available for games on 360 is not available on PS3 (ie. Fallout 3 , GTA4). 360 has a huge (and growing) library of games that you can purchase on its XBL store as well as a huge library of disc games.

Bottom Line:
If you're looking to get a Blu-ray player and don't plan on playing many ps2/ps1 titles (unless you're willing to dish out the extra couple hundred dollars for a launch model) AND don't plan on playing much online - go for the PS3.

If you're looking to have a diverse selection of titles, great overall support, and don't mind paying $10 a month if you want to play online, then go for the 360.

My opinion:
I traded my PS3 launch model (60gb) for a 360 and a ton of games because I found the PS3 had NOTHING good going for it other than the blu-ray player. The negatives just outweigh the positives by a longshot.
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Playstation 3 vs XBox360
Posted: 5/29/2009 4:30:42 PM
ps3 wait for the e3 its starts next week and so far microsoft has been very quiet with there softaware for the last few mnths and if microsoft dont show what they have at the e3 the xbox 360 is finished and then you have to look what sony has heavy rain grantursimo 5 white night chronicles tekken 6 uncharted drakes fortune 2 hopefully eye identify will be shown eye pet mag up to 256 players online and xbox 360 cant match that at all metal gear solid 4 motor storm 1, 2 resistece 1, 2 killzone 2 street fighter 4 mkvs dc soulcaliber4 these are some multiplatforms whats next halo odst for get that and 720 will be out lot earlier than you would think rrod disk scratching e74 problems metal gear solid 5 been announced for ps3 i currently own about 60 ps3 games and you tell me that ps3 dosent have games theres more games coming for ps3 than xbox 360
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Playstation 3 vs XBox360
Posted: 5/30/2009 11:07:12 PM
Multiplatforming is the thing now these days because game developers make more money. Granted there are a few exclusives that stand out for both systems, its all a matter of preference.

you tell me that ps3 dosent have games theres more games coming for ps3 than xbox 360

Yes there is more games coming out for PS3 but are they all exclusives or just ports?

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