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Joined: 1/29/2012
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LYING ABOUT AGE ON DATING PROFILE! Page 10 of 18    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18)
There's a few women on here, that I almost swear they're making it up, they actually look a bit older than me, probably mid to late 40's, perhaps closer to my age (early 40's)

They have themselves as early 30's, LOL The reason I THINK they think they can get away with it , is because they got a pretty nice figure on them, and perhaps they feel they can pull it off, but if you can look at their faces, you can see their smile lines/wrinkles...even around the neck area you see signs. Don't get me wrong, they have pretty faces.....but I was thinking "no way they're 33" lol
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Posted: 4/26/2012 11:34:12 AM
I don't care. You can't fool me into finding you attractive. If you're hot and I like what you have to say in your profile, fudging a few numbers to put yourself where I'll see you doesn't bother me too much. I see plenty of "35 year old" great grandmothers on dating sites. As for myself, my age is correct, and I'm pretty sure I don't come up on too many searches of women under 50 years old. lol
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Posted: 4/26/2012 1:51:04 PM
This happens allllll the time. I find it tends to really start when a man hits 50. He hangs onto 47 or 48 for years. Sometimes in the profile he will admit he is actually 53, etc. If you start a chat with someone, as I have, and you find out their name, you can do a people search for them easily on the net and I've outted a couple people this way. When I ask them why they claim to be 5 years younger and are lying to me, it can go a few different ways. One guy continued to build an elaborate tale for me saying he had had his identity stolen and that's why his people search came up as older (doesnt make any sense) then I noticed he changed his age to his real age.
Another guy went into an angry fit when I confronted him and called me "repugnant". I can just imagine what a date with him would be like.

And, the last guy, one I actually really liked and became friends with, was suspect with me for some time because he just LOOKED older than his stated age. He claimed to be 43, a year younger than me. A quick people search revealed he was 10 years older, 53. When I asked him why he lied about it he claimed 50 and older women just didnt have the energy to be good dates, or something like this. He also had lied about being single, he was actually still married and his wife was on the way out of the house, but still living there. He just easily slipped thru all my questioning, like he felt totally comfortable and easy with the lies, no big deal.
Bottom line, many men lie. they just do. They lie to cover up stuff they know you don't like, they lie to get their way, they lie to make life easier for themselves. I don't think I've met a guy yet who didn't lie about *something* to me.

Consider yourself lucky the guy went into a toddler tirade, because he's off the list and you can move on. Let them thrash in their anger and bitterness. Not your problem.
Joined: 3/1/2012
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Posted: 4/26/2012 2:16:39 PM
I actually had a guy get into a message debate over the fact that he thought I was lying about my age on my profile.

He swore that I couldn't be anywhere near the age I claim to be. I called his bluff and told him no amount of flattery would change my mind about him being my type, but he kept insisting that I need to lower my age bracket and give the 30 somethings a try cause there was no way I was over 40.

Now why in the world would a female lie in the opposite direction? My kids and I joke all the time about how I have been "29" for 13 years now, but I would never try to pull off being 29, it is an inside family joke. :o)
 *november babee*
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Posted: 4/26/2012 2:27:10 PM
So she "qualified" herself and explains herself in the profile.

If they explain themselves IN their it justified.

no, its not.. its lying to get around the mail filters that are a choice of the person/persons they may be mailing...

its deception, its manipulative, its a time waster and its wrong whichever way you dress it up..

I thought I would throw it back to you since you seem judgemental because a man choose not to give his age which is his right

the conditions of joining this site are that they establish you are over 18, which requires you put your age.. so you have 2 choices, tell the truth or lie.... simple.... so if you dont put your true age you are by definition a LIAR...
Joined: 3/16/2011
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Posted: 4/26/2012 2:53:49 PM
My profile says I'm 5'9" tall, because I'm 5'9" tall.
It says I'm 41 years old, because I'm 41.
It says I'm carrying 'a few extra pounds' and I think that is a fair statement. I don't have six-pack abs, but no keg-belly either :)
I'm comfortable with who I am, and I fully expect anyone I date to be comfortable enough with who they are to be truthful. Lying on a profile is a pretty clear sign that someone isn't comfortable in their own skin. I don't want to share my life with someone who feels a need to hide who they are.
Joined: 11/12/2011
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Posted: 4/30/2012 10:05:47 AM
This is another peeve of mine on here! Its like 35 is the magic number. Dude, I'm 35, how are you going to look 50 and try to come off as being a few months younger than me? I never knew men to lie about their age, I thought it was a woman thing. I actually told one guy I have a feeling he is not 35 and that he was actually 47. He was shocked that I guessed his age right on. He then said that he looks younger in person. I don't care!! Stop lying!
Joined: 3/26/2012
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Posted: 4/30/2012 10:22:59 AM
My latest date was with a male whose picture involved him clutching his grandkids to his breast. to obscure his gigantic swinging penis hiding massive gut. When we met for a walk, his gut hung down to his knees and his legs were crisscrossed with bulging veins and swollen to 5 times their size.. he sent me the "report card" after he made it around the lake, which was a complete miracle, that there was "no chemistry". Ya think?
Joined: 4/20/2011
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Posted: 4/30/2012 2:46:42 PM

I hope you never feel the need to meet new friends when you get old.
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Posted: 4/30/2012 4:32:19 PM
Yeahhh...benn there before. I went out with 2 different and although they looked great for their age, I was off by 9 years(older). I ask each. at that time, why didn't you state your real age? BOTH replied, if they used their real age, they would'nt get as many emails. You're kiddin'. If they are going to lie about that...what else?
Joined: 2/19/2012
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Posted: 5/6/2012 6:33:27 PM
ok my profile states 49 lol and I'm sticking to it
women who post pics of them looking younger may shock a few ppl..on their first date..don't see the point in that..I know truthfully, it is a culture thing..(weight and age)
we are all beautiful ppl no matter how we look @ the big picture
and that's the truth!
Joined: 1/2/2010
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Posted: 5/7/2012 3:20:33 PM
I'm really twenty-one!
Joined: 4/4/2012
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Posted: 5/7/2012 3:25:32 PM
I have a very small a tape measure on my car keychain. I'm always willing to let a girl measure me if she calls my height into question, and I'll let them see my CDL on demand if they question my age. :)
Joined: 3/23/2012
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Posted: 5/7/2012 4:56:48 PM
I have no clue how a person could think they could actually get a relationship when lying about anything. So I think they are stupid to lie it ruins there chances of meeting anyone at all. After you find out they lie you really do not know if you can believe anything else they say. When i go to the meet me i see it constantly with men they look 60 and put they 50 and i think dont they know they look there real age i guess they dont
Joined: 7/19/2010
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Posted: 5/7/2012 4:59:35 PM
Lying about one's age on a dating profile is analagous to attempting to pass mutton off as lamb. It is a fraudulent inducement and simply wrong.
Joined: 5/4/2012
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Posted: 5/7/2012 10:22:29 PM

lol that would be a sound reason to worry about if that person is going to be honest with you if you were going to get into a relationship phase. But, being a guy myself, I have had this situation happen to me before, in fact, recently I was getting out of class (college) and I went to taco bell, this kid was hungry and I thought I'd get him some food to help a brother out. Well, what happened was this beautiful girl who was 16 started flirting with me and telling me her life story and we talked for awhile, then she told me her age and asked me how old I was lol I basically replied, "I don't want to tell you my age but I'm a old fart at the age of 26" so we called it and parted ways she looked about my age but I know when looking for a relationship being honest and straightforward is the best way to go about it and nothing can workout with such an age gap.


Joined: 1/29/2012
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Posted: 5/8/2012 12:27:34 AM
Guilty! I do list a younger age but on my page give my correct one and the reason why. POF has all these filters about age. I do not like how they censor it and only match you with people much older than the age you list. I don't think it is well known they do it and I don't date way older guys. I have had guys say thanks I didn't know that they do that and they thought it was strange they got all specific people.

It has nothing to do with making myself out to be better or to attract young guys. I just feel at my age I can date a wide range of people. There are people that seem 'old' because of their thinking and how they choose to be, and younger people that because of their life experiences are much more mature than some lots older.

Depending on your life situation I think age is a preference based on lots of issues. For ages men have dated much much younger women and it was accepted, women now have that choice to date whomever they want. But, sites like this put you into a catagory which has nothing to do with the person-- just the age.

I am great about my age and of course wish I had the knowledge of life I have now when much younger, but not hiding age, I do not want to hide anything but also do not wantt sites like this to 'define' me or who I might wish to date.

And yes, my pictures are current and it is how I look. I actually had people come up to me while out and about and say "I have seen your picture on pof' and that I even look younger in person, that is sweet of course and I dont' think I do, but I do know I am not being something I am not.
Joined: 1/29/2012
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Posted: 5/8/2012 4:18:40 AM
Happens in real life. I have a male friend that told me when he married his wife (now ex-wife), he had no idea what her REAL age was. He found out later ( already into the marriage) that she was 5 years older than her actual age.

How's THAT starting off in a marriage, eh?
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Posted: 5/8/2012 5:09:22 AM
I wouldn't lie about my age, but I was mistaken for 17 when I shaved off my goetee, and 21 when I have it. I have a baby face. I think people sometimes think I'm lying, but I'm not.
Joined: 4/8/2012
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Posted: 5/8/2012 8:02:00 AM
All too common. Just one of many fibs all too many tell & for various reasons. Not my thing but I don't hold a gun to peoples heads & demand to see their drivers licenses, scream ewwwwwwwwwwww if they admit to being outside my posted preference or make a scene as you did. Most politely get through it & move on without making efforts to be confrontational. That you felt the need to is an issue in itself.
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Posted: 5/10/2012 2:12:23 PM

POF has all these filters about age.

No, POF does not have filters. Individuals here on POF have filters in their email settings, but that is not up to POF, that is up to the individuals.

I do not like how they censor it and only match you with people much older than the age you list.

No one with good sense is paying any attention to the “matches” that POF suggests. People who have a clue do their own searches, based on their own criteria.

I think age is a preference based on lots of issues.

Now that is a truly strange thing to say. I am 61 years old, that is not a preference, that is a fact. I have a birth certificate which states my year of birth, and I have lived that many years. Prefering to be younger will not change my birth certificate, and it will not change how many years I have been on this earth.
Joined: 3/21/2012
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Posted: 5/10/2012 10:37:46 PM
I am constantly catching women in lies on here. They lie about their age all the time. I caught one just the other day. She said she was 45. She looked 55. She turned out to be 60. And sometimes I can't help but wonder about the mirror they are looking in or the scale they are using when they weigh themselves.

I'm a big guy. I'm 5/10. About 245 I think. I make no bones about it. I don't have it in my profile But at the same time I don't try to hide it. I see on women's profiles all the time where they say they are "average". When in reality they may not be "fat". But not "average" either. I can see on most, Even through the clothes that they have a belly on them.. Not fat, But nowhere close to "average" either.

Me personally, I never lie about nothing. You either like it, or you don't. To be honest, I'm proud to be 50. By all intent and purposes I should have been dead five years ago. I'm lucky to be 50 and still be top side. I'm comfortable by myself. I don't need a woman to complete me. I am complete and happy with or without a woman. Anyone who lies about their age or size or anything else is not comfortable in their own skin. They are desperate. Not me.
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Posted: 5/10/2012 10:57:01 PM
I noticed most posts are from members older than myself, but at 25 I've dealt with people lying about their age as well.

However, my mom recently brought to my attention another side for the need to hide an age.
She's single, near 60, and was recently asking me about joining a dating site. At one point she asked me "what age do you think I should put down"? I told her your real age, of course- why are you even asking?
She explained that she feels younger, looks younger (and very much so), and any time shes put herself out there at a local single social for her age group- none of the men were what she wanted. In fact, the majority of men she knows that are her age or older, don't "fit" into it.
It has nothing to do with being a stud, but more a "youthful" vibe. She wanted someone who wasn't looking to live out their days with a woman taking care of them, who wanted to take vacations, go out to dinner, do an activity. She really felt it was hard press to find someone like this unless she lied so she could target someone younger (mid to late 40s).
It took some convincing, but she now gets that lying is never a good idea and that not every guy is going to be like that.

As for my peers, its rarer but it happens. In these cases, I think the reasons are less about "energy" and more about underlying issues.

Example 1: I met a guy here who's profile stated he was 27. Upon a little research, he was actually 33. I couldn't see why someone who take off six years in that age range. Whats the big difference? I opted to go out with him anyway, even though it did tug at me a bit- maybe it was a scroll mistake while filling out a profile.
On our meet, he still kept the "27" going. It became apparent as to why he was lying. He was still living at home with his entire family. He was in school part-time (but I'm not even entirely sure of that for other reasons), didn't have a job at the moment (worked a range of entry jobs a few months here and there in the past), and couldn't figure out what he wanted to do with his life. His days seemed be spent working out and smoking pot with his friends. He talked about saving up money to get a new tattoo.
My guess, the reasons to lie were because he felt he was "behind" at his stage in life (subconsciously or not). At 27, his ways were more justifiable and acceptable than at 33. Especially if he was aiming to meet girls in their mid twenties and younger. A 22 year old will come into guys like him more often than a 35 year old woman would. Hence the younger woman would be more accepting.

Example 2: I have a female friend who is 28. She has a 6 year old son from a previous/current relationship thats never fully on or off. They live together but live completely separate lives.
She has disclosed to myself and a number of friends she chats with guys over the internet. She feels "trapped" at home taking care of her son with no job or job experience. Her "boyfriend" never paying any attention to her. Talking to them made her feel good and gave her an outlet.
Except, the guys she was talking to were in the ranges of 18-21. She would tell them she was 21 as well; single and still living at home with no kids. Tell them she was in love with them. The latest being she befriended (platonic) one's 15 year old female friend through facebook and skype.
I believe she also feels "behind" in life and stuck with her circumstances. Never having the chance to fully live out being wild, free and popular- she uses these boys (and girl) to fantasize and "live" it.
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Posted: 6/28/2012 4:46:06 PM
"Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!"
Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.

Age would be a difficult component to ascertain, unless your date is willing to hand over the driver's license. I think you should be honest about your age, even if you look younger.

However something blatant like height or weight, now why even attempt to lie about that? If you are going to meet someone, it would be glaringly obvious you lied.

I just had a date with a man who claimed to be 5'10". He was 5'7" at best. That was the least disturbing issue about our date. However, it was the main factor in my determination for a second date. It did not bother me he was short; it was that he lied about it. He is still lying about it, even after I bought this to his attention.

If you plan on meeting someone, don't you realize if you start out with a lie it does not bide well for a second date or for a deeper relationship?
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Posted: 6/28/2012 6:40:40 PM
i do hate it too when people lie.
my philosophy is honesty is the best policy.
i don't lie, not to my kids or anyone else.
if someone is going to defend their lies..well, that's just crazy!
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