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which is what i think governments are for: to organize on behalf of the citizens and accomplish things people on their own or in small groups cannot. like building roads and hospitals and whatnot.

Yes, organizing on behalf of THEIR citizens, for the benefit of THEIR citizens, not citizens of other countries. Until such time as we have no problems here that need fixing, I'm opposed to using our resources to help those in other countries.

I'm sure the first nations people living on the reserves with inadequate housing, schooling, water, medical care etc etc would rather the $$$ be used to help them before we use it to help people in Sri Lanka... especially when the people doing the protesting came to Canada ( one assumes they came here to become Canadian citizens) and after getting here they now want our Govt. to intercede..... the best place to bring about change is at the place that needs the change, I guess they want the change but don't want to use their $$$ or risk themselves to get it.

am a taxpayer. i pay lots of taxes. as a citizen, i would like part of those taxes to go to peacekeeping in Sri Lanka and other parts of the world as well as rebuilding. by your logic, isn't part of that "government money" my money too, and the money of other people who believe the same way?

Sure, as long as the money stays in Canada until we have no problems here that need fixing, it's stupid to give your neighbor $$ to fix his roof when your foundation is crumbling. If we did have some say in how the tax $$ is spent, I'd love to see to it that all arts grants are scrapped.

Of course, if the feds want to have a nation-wide referendum, setting aside a sum of money and letting us vote whether to a) keep the money here to fix our infrastucture or b) send the money to some foreign land ( in the hope that it gets used for what we wanted it used for & not taken by a corrupt government for their purposes) I'd be perfectly willing to abide by the majority vote.

And I'm not being racist, we have corruption in the government here too.
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Tamil Protesters To Paralyze Toronto Traffic
Posted: 5/17/2009 3:29:53 PM

hope whoever wrote this might want to reconsider and take this back. these folks are 1. Canadian citizens and 2. our neighbours:

"rounding them up and putting them on a plane ..."

I meant for the purpose of helping them out & letting them hold their protest against the people they're opposed to, rather than in this country. Then after they've had their demonstration, welcome them back here. The protest & ensuing traffic snarl undoubtedly did nothing to further their cause, it just frustrated a lot of motorists.
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Tamil Protesters To Paralyze Toronto Traffic
Posted: 5/17/2009 3:34:16 PM

when england went to war with germany because of the mess they all made in europe, we were there, heart and soul.

i don't see the difference.

Well, for starters, as far as I know, Canada isn't an ally of Sri Lanka; while we were an ally of England.

Also, the fighting going on in Sri Lanka is either a civil war or a guerilla war or a war against domestic terrorists, depending on your views; hardly the same thing as the war against Germany.

I'm pretty confident if Sri Lanka invaded or attacked England, we'd join that fight just as we did in WW1 and WW2.
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Tamil Protesters To Paralyze Toronto Traffic
Posted: 5/17/2009 10:46:15 PM
well Canada sticks its nose where it does not belong most of the time anyway. Sending our peacekeepers to Irag and Afghanistan to support Bush's War on Terrorism is something that comes to mind.

What are you talking about? Canada is NOT in Iraq. Also, Canada didn't stick its nose into Afghanistan, they are there under U.N. sanction. They also didn't send "peacekeepers" by your definition. They sent soldiers there to protect the Afghan people, but are armed to fight the bad guys too. That's what "peacekeeping" is supposed to do, PROTECT. That's what police do. They carry arms. Canada is also there to train the Afghan military. If you want to bash the U.S. that's fine, I don't care what people say about them. I don't like their military tactics, just bomb everything from hundreds of miles away and don't give a darn where it hits, etc... but that's for another thread.
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Tamil Protesters To Paralyze Toronto Traffic
Posted: 5/17/2009 10:56:44 PM
My apologies. It says Quote, but anyone can interpret that as YOU QUOTE. That's how I read it.
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Tamil Protesters To Paralyze Toronto Traffic
Posted: 5/18/2009 4:16:37 PM
DantesInferno...absoutly right. Protest is freedom in action. I to do not agree with there tactics but I feel we have missed something here. The protest is not just about losing a war, but about the genocide that follows. These people have family still over there and what our Governments should be doing is ensuring that there would be no genocide of the Tamils. This is like one tribe fighting another and Rowanda is a fine example of that. And it took Canadian Peace Keepers to sort it out. Unfortunately as always we tend to intervene late. If you have noticed that Canada is a country that is well respected world wide for our nonpartisan approach to a is well known that middle eastern states insisted that Canadian representatives were on the negotiation teams...thats is a fact that is little known. The reason is that Canadians believe that we can live the life we choose and with that be the people we want to be. These people do not disrespect Canada they know we got something to offer. We should insist that the refugees of the Tamil people are taken care of. Children do not start wars.

--you can bet your azz that if a group of caucasians tried to erect a roadblock to protest something ( like the GST ?) they'd be arrested & hauled off before the media could even have a good photo op.--

When white people mass you got 500k people at an anti war demonstration on the white house lawn. Are we that young that we forget the demonstrations of the 60s and 70s to end a useless war. Its happened and in this time and economy your going to see it happen again. Soon!!!

----^^^^^This goes along with the other premise that only white people can commit crimes of hate.---

A good observation because it can be used by non whites. But the reality is that white people are comfortable. Which means don't mess with us. We are a majority. And we can moblize faster than any other race. Were like squirrels we hoard for the winter. Don't take that away. Trust me, white people can moblize faster than any race on this planet and we have proven it. Thats why we seem to be more prejudiced. We act together better than most races.

--Today I sent a letter to my municipal, provincial and federal elected representatives telling them that this type of protest has to stop now! If you want to have more of an impact then send your elected reps letters as well. What we say here should be sent to the various levels of government so they know exactly what we think and feel.---

I'm with Fred on this. Ever notice something. When the Americans vote in a president they almost worship the guy. When Canada votes in a Prime Minister we hold him in contempt. You better do what we want you to do or your gone. We tend to vote in the lesser evil better than the Americans. And with no slander to our friends south of the border but I think they should adapt this Ideaology.

---They are you and me. They are every man/woman with a conscience. They are hurting and they need to be heard. And Canada as a member of the United Nations needs to make our voices heard, needs to lobby hard and strong for UN intervention. Like Martin Luther King Jr said "an injustice against one man is an injustice against all men". ---

Father3 put it plain and simple. Kennedy did the same. We share this planet. Human rights must supercede any other form of authority. Its the way we should all be. Now that the Americans are in the war in Afganistan Canadian military is now concerned with restructuring there country. Law and the rule of law must be the priority. Canada is now involved with the intricate ideals of a society. Law and order must prevail. Why was this now given to us. Because we have not interest in there country as far as commerce is concerned on a national level. We are not in it for the money. Were in it because we are Canadians. And a man and woman have the right to there freedoms. And they are undesputed.

--I have bigger issues--

What paying the hydro bill.
Funny thing about terrorism. A people come and take your land away. Your families cannot fight this invader. It could be economics and commerce or military. But it seems your a terrorist because as the last straw you walk out into a market place and blow yourself to pieces. They do this because there is no other way. Something is tragic. Would you do this. Are you that comfortable. Look at Gaza a prison camp of more than a million people and that is exactly what it is. A Prison camp. In this country people have a voice if they wish to use it. Do we know this to be true in Sri Lanka. I doubt it. Thats what we should learn. If the people have a voice.... You got one. I read it on here. And on here it means nothing. In Government it means everything or you vote the****out. A demonstration is the fact that some people have become desperate. I am sure that every one of those protesters would want there family in this country. And Why.

That web site has the Universal declaration of Human Rights under the UN. Read it. Trust me. It only works if we make it work. There are some things out of the UN that is good...not many...but this one is. Guess who wrote most of it...Elenore Roosevelt...quite the woman. I hope I spelled it right. But what I find funny is how come the world respected this American Woman to create such a document. You got to honor that woman. That ones for all the woman libers.

Look at the world we live in.

Its not about us intervening in Sri Lanka its about us acting on the world stage to ensure the innocents are not genocided out of existence. Thats what its about. The Tamils demonstrating will not stop the war. Its not our business and they know it. But we have a world society and with this a responsibility even as citizens in our own countries that we cannot condone the slaughter of innocent people. If the soldiers want to die thats there business. But as a human being I cannot stand buy to see innocent children killed. In Sri Lanka or Iraq. I do not support these actions. And if we all do not support these actions they will not exist. Thats on a world stage. You take the power away from them.

Msg: what do you think about the Partiot you need an Act to be a patriot. And as far as coruption is concerned just think about the Bush Administration. Even in a sophisticated society as the US there is a tremendous amount of corruption same in Canada and every where in the world.

Msg: I am sure you do not watch certain religious channels on the tube. I am certain of that because of what you posted. America is fighting a religious war right now. A crusade. Again. This is about the unholy muslims and the Onward Christian soldier. Just watch some of those religious shows. And America is very religious. Bush went to war with Iraq because G-d told him to.....go figure.

Article 1.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

UN Human Rights....your a human aren't you.
Joined: 5/16/2007
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Tamil Protesters To Paralyze Toronto Traffic
Posted: 5/18/2009 8:14:26 PM

Article 1.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

UN Human Rights....your a human aren't you.

It says "should" act towards.....etc etc. It isn't required by law or enforced by the UN so in this case it's just "feel good" rhetoric. In any event, the portion of my disposable income I have available to help those in need is being spent on those in need here in Canada. The same should go for any government funds, help our people here before trying to help everyone else.
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Tamil Protesters To Paralyze Toronto Traffic
Posted: 5/19/2009 5:15:18 PM
WOW.... susan-cd you rock! maybe you should be a politician? You debate like a word ninja! I pity the fool who engages you in any verbal battle!!!! If we sent you to the UN you would clean house!!!
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Tamil Protesters To Paralyze Toronto Traffic
Posted: 5/19/2009 6:58:43 PM
well , wars over ...
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Tamil Protesters To Paralyze Toronto Traffic
Posted: 5/20/2009 8:28:14 AM
one thing people should understand is that the people that are making some of these 'racist' remarks are the minority in canada.

If any group does an illegal public protest/demonstration and disrupts traffic ( as 1 example) to protest events at their country of origin and other people tell them they should go do their protesting at said country and not here that of itself is not a racist remark.

They're being told to go do their ILLEGAL protest at their home country, they're not being told to get out of Canada because we don't want their kind here. Go do such protests there, then return when you're done. Yes, what was going on in Sri Lanka was terrible, but when you immigrate to Canada one would think that it's to become Canadian citizen; don't bring your political turmoil baggage with you. For those that are going to accuse me of racism because of that comment, please note that I said political, not cultural. And sure, preserve your culture, but as you're coming here to become a citizen of Canada don't expect us to change our political, judicial system or culture to fit yours. If you aren't coming here to become a citizen of Canada then why are you coming here?

One of the problems in this country is how we perceive ourselves. Ask people about their background & they usually say French- Canadian, Ukranian- Canadian, Japanese- Canadian. The emphasis is on the wrong word, we should look at ourselves as Canadian-French, Canadian-Ukranian, Canadian-Japanese etc etc.
Joined: 5/31/2008
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Tamil Protesters To Paralyze Toronto Traffic
Posted: 5/20/2009 6:07:12 PM
suz , they are only using the term Racist cause what you have typed in here has left them little arguement ... how much respect do you want when you line our Highway with women and children ? Now , the war is over let this thread die , ty
Joined: 5/16/2007
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Tamil Protesters To Paralyze Toronto Traffic
Posted: 5/21/2009 4:48:21 PM

susan: never said your posts were racist and if that seemed implied, it wasn't meant.

Wasn't accusing you, just making a general comment. If a debate/discussion devolves to someone tossing out the race card ( when there's no actual racism invoked) that just means the person trying to paint you with the "you're racist" brush doesn't have a valid argument to either support their view on the debate or to dismiss your view with a good argument.
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Tamil Protesters To Paralyze Toronto Traffic
Posted: 8/18/2010 6:31:20 PM

Canada has just welcomed almost 500 more Tamils into BC, on a boat. Police officers had to hold up umbrellas to shade the poor dears from the sun. Have you as a taxpayer ever had this kind of service?

It gets better, this is a column from the Winnipeg Sun:

Great news for health care!

The Victoria General Hospital is reopening a whole ward that had been shut down. They’re even contemplating dusting off an extra emergency department. No more waiting lists in that B.C. city!
Just joking.

The VGH is indeed doing all of that, but it’s not for mere Canadians.

It’s for a ship of 490 Tamils from Sri Lanka who decided they’d like to move to Canada, but don’t want to bother asking us first, or waiting in line like everyone else.

Reports from the ship say there was an outbreak of tuberculosis.

It’s a safe bet the B.C. department of health didn’t set aside millions of dollars in their budget for that Third World disease.

No problem — just take it away from MRIs or cataract surgeries. No one will notice, and if they do, let’s just call them racist.

Question: If a Canadian waiting for surgery were to get on that boat, could he jump to the front of the health-care line, too? Or is that privilege only for non-citizens, non-taxpayers?

The ship, the MV Sun Sea, was not originally destined for Canada. We’re an awfully long journey from Sri Lanka, an island country just off the tip of India.

No, they were en route to Australia, but changed course when their captain decided Australia’s navy would intercept the ship and turn it away. Canada, internationally known as a soft touch with generous welfare and free health care, was the obvious alternative.

Question: If Australia’s left-wing Labour government is willing to defend its shores, why is our right-wing Conservative government unwilling to do so?

Our navy didn’t stop the Tamils. We escorted them in, like ushers at the theatre.

Sri Lanka is not a nice place to live, in part because of the 30-year civil war waged against it by the Tamil Tigers, a terrorist organization.

More than 80,000 people have been killed in that war, but in May 2009 the Sri Lankan army finally crushed the Tamil stronghold on the island and killed its leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Still, terrorists continue to organize and fundraise, especially in Toronto where 200,000 Tamils live.

But with the war over, life in Sri Lanka has improved — so much so that the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees says the security situation there is “greatly improved,” and countries of the world should no longer presume someone fleeing Sri Lanka is a genuine refugee.

Question: Why are we pretending these Tamils are refugees, when even the bleeding hearts at the UN don’t?

Let’s ask Gurbax Singh Malhi, a Liberal MP who spoke at a Tamil Tiger rally on Parliament Hill last March, surrounded by the terrorist group’s flags and portraits of Prabhakaran.

“You’re here today for a great cause,” he said. “I am helping you guys, I’m behind you because you’re fighting for the right cause.”

Question: What cause was Malhi referring to? The terrorist war in Sri Lanka? Or the cause of 200,000 Toronto Tamils voting for Malhi’s party?

Let’s do what Australia does. They have a small island 2,600 km off the coast of Perth. It’s actually closer to other countries, like Indonesia.

Australia built an 800-bed holding centre on the island. It’s not a prison, but it’s not a resort either.

When ships full of gatecrashers are caught, they’re steered to Christmas Island, which is not considered Australian soil from an immigration point of view.

They wait there until their refugee claims are processed — and are kicked out if they’re bogus. No living it up in the big city, no disappearing into a 200,000 person diaspora.

Let’s build a Christmas Island. We can do it on one of our remote islands off the West Coast, maybe in the Queen Charlottes.

Food and medicine, immigration officials and CSIS — and no legal rights to anything more, not even to vote for Mr. Malhi.
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