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Joined: 4/14/2009
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The following statement is amusing. " I only have sex with men I am attracted to and with whom I want to share my body." In my day this woman would be called a SLUT.
Since women hold the future of our society in their clutch of eggs, I think they should be more selective and only have sex with a man she has a reasonable expectation of helping her raise the children. This age of state raised children has led us to the end of our civilisation. We are like the Romans at the end of their run. While I think Muslems are a bunch of backward idiots, they have a point, when they say we -the west- are becoming too decadent.
An old man's opinoin.
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Posted: 5/26/2009 8:33:22 AM

Since you know nothing about my life, who I might have talked to, or how I may have come by my opinion, I don't think you can make this assertion.

Yes, I can make the assertion now. If you had first-hand experience or some examples, you would be stating them now. I just told you I know several prostitutes and have talked extensively with them, and not in situations where they had to put on an act. I know people who have been part of that life for years. You don't. It has nothing to do with "judging" them or marginalizing them. That's pop psychology crap. The truth is that I when I was a teen, I used to think most pros were like Xaviera Hollander. It's the perception of people who don't know that life and don't know anyone who is in it. Sex workers themselves will be the first to tell you it's invariably a hard and ugly life.

People actually tend to have a higher opinion of that existence than the reality merits --------until they become informed.

Just as it's not the average construction worker's fault that construction sites are generally a hotbed of illegal drug activity.

It doesn't happen as frequently as you're implying. Being on a job site working a conventional job is not comparable to prostitution. Don't think you'll find anyone in either trade who will agree with you.
Joined: 5/14/2009
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Posted: 5/27/2009 9:34:18 AM
[There are common realities germane to the sex trade which we don't find in normal professions. You don't see 8-year-old girls forced to become cab drivers and construction workers by cig-smoking pimps. /quote]

Actually child labor is one of the major effects when a culture is industrialized. Soccer ball factories in india with six year olds working for fifty cents per day, and its EXACTLY the same thing. Do it or starve. Thats the reality of life under the money system. Your being totally superficial in your judgement, and self rightous. Its too obvious. Not in america? Dont look in the direction of agriculture where schoolkids work ten hour days on the farms. Or construction in the south..

This was the reality in american factories until mother jones and her anti-child labor activism, and in early america any slave was also the sexual property of their masters, until very rectnely. Dont ask what a fast food worker often has to do if there are layoffs and wants to keep their job. Its all about power and manipulation..

Continually those who condemn prostitutes based on morlaizing are the ones like these conservative pimps who trade drugs and prostitutes under the cover of law and order..Spitzer types paying for them with a congressional salary or else campaign contributions frm church groups! All the while denouncing as 'sinful.'

A buddy of mine worked for Tyson chicken. His office manager was lazy so she started scrweing the boss instead of working and he had to do both his job and hers. Finally he just killed himself. Couldnt do it any more. Its called corruption. Its business as usual.

If is boss were free to just go F*k somebody instead of being captive to his own shame and manipulated by this woman, my buddy would still be alive and the workers would be doing their work. But this boss wanted his respectable life and also to get his kicks and this is the result.

If you dont see that this is everywhere, youre not looking at the history or how our power structures work. Two workers do the same job, the one doing the real work makes a third with no benefits, likely illegal. Whats the difference?? Power and privelege. All prostitutes know how that works. No its not glamorous, its just the same as any economic reality..We make of it what we will.
Joined: 8/7/2008
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 5/27/2009 11:01:55 AM
The endless cycle of doing drugs to deal with having sex with a stranger . . .

I suspect you have your causes in the wrong order.

The one woman I heard talk about her job said that it is easy to get lost in only being a body. What a wonderful job, to only be a body and not a mind.

You've just described 90% of the jobs out there.

To have a man get as close to you as any human can and not feel a damn thing for him and he for you except to get his rocks off. Disgusting

I have to conclude that, if you held some office, the laws criminalizing prostitution would not just stay alive, but thrive. Lol.
K. It takes all kinds. Live as you like, but please let the other life forms have the same choices.
OP, I've given cash for sex. Never in the US, cuz you can get spanked for that, but overseas, where most countries have a more enlightened approach, a comprehension, I think, that sex is only one way to be intimate, but certainly not a guarantee to deliver it. I can be thousands of miles distant from a woman, and yet quite intimate with her.
It was a long time ago, when I needed to learn about sex, guarantees, intimacy, and the relative worth of those things. The best measure of value of anything is the amount of our lives we are willing to invest. In that light, cash is a paltry offering.
Disgusting? Nooo, I never thought the transaction, or the other party to it, was anywhere close to disgusting. (having visions of Jane Curtain in Witches of Eastwick struggling with the activities of Nicholson, Cher, Pfeifer and Sarandon, Lol) I thought each of those women beautiful, same as the moments I spent with them. And, young as they were, they all spoke ten languages to my one, and knew things that I didn't, but needed to. None were drug-users, except one hilarious woman in Mombasa who produced a cheroot of the most potent herb I've ever had, at no charge, and shared freely. Actually, with her, there was no charge for anything. When she first approached me, and suggested that we adjourn to a room, for a modest fee, I feigned shock, and explained that in all the other places I had been, the women paid me. Lol. Must have been one of those rare times I could keep a straight face, because she eventually believed me, at least enough to let her curiousity rule, and she proposed that we have a go at each other with no money changing hands. I graciously accepted. Neither of us, I daresay, felt regret, remorse, or disgust.
Much of happiness flows from one's approach, imho.
Joined: 1/12/2008
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Posted: 5/27/2009 1:23:35 PM
Prostitution garners zero respectability everywhere.

That statement is completely vacuous.

It is usually considered a dishonest "trade";

By you and some segment of the population that doesn't understand what the word ``dishonest'' means.

is often illegal;

Legality and morality is not the same thing. For that matter, legality and honesty are not the same thing.

is ALWAYS risky and uncertain; is dangerous for health reasons;

So is handling radioactive materials, hazardous chemicals and dangerous pathogens, yet people do it every day, sometimes without being given proper training by their employers and for little in wages.

and is not a profession worth defending in any respect.

In your opinion.

Leaving the moral arguments completely aside, prostitution is not a worthy trade in any sense of the word.

So far all you've done is use arguments based on your personal idea of morality.

(Again, I believe prostitution will always be around, and see no need to increase efforts to stamp it out. But defending it, or trying to make it seem more benign or respectable than it is, is disingenuous.)

What's disingenuous about it?

Some prostitutes who collect cash for their services are women and children who were forced into it. Even some seemingly "high-class" escorts were coerced into that vocation. There's no reason they shouldn't be part of the discussion.

Sure there is a reason they shouldn't be part of the discussion. The discussion was never about them. In fact, you are engaging a well known logical fallacy. You are deliberately trying to obfuscate the topic to because you cannot present a cogent argument for the topic at hand.
Joined: 1/12/2008
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 5/27/2009 2:35:31 PM

They paid for the woman's time period.

Your point is what?

There is no way of rationalizing what they did is right.

There is no need to rationalize anything.

Yes, these men had their excuses alright. And that is all they are, excuses.

Well, the one thing no one should do is rationalize or make excuses for anything that person chooses to do, but very few people are intrpspective enough to not do those things, so the fact that someone does that with respect to visiting an escort is no worse than someone who rationalizes having sex by saying he/she was drunk.

And women got paid...

Well, I would hope so, othewise the guys would have been dishonest in ripping her off.
Joined: 6/30/2007
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 5/28/2009 9:20:21 AM
Back to the OP's original question:

A girl I know was offered $60 for a bj and she did it, would you do it to just for the hell of it or do you think shes a whore?

It's pointless to label her anything or take a moral stance. The word whore is meaningless. It's not primarily a moral's a matter of understanding why she's making those kinds of choices, when most sex-workers know that the risks and liabilities outweigh the benefits. If someone goes down a potentially self-destructive or dangerous course, we want to know what the true motivations are. It's rarely because they love sex or think prostitution is a rewarding life. Is there a history of sexual abuse? Substance use? Is she being coerced? Are there internal compulsions or a bipolar disorder going on?

Those are the questions sex-workers themselves grapple with, as well as anyone who is thinking about prostitution objectively.
Joined: 8/7/2008
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/1/2009 10:05:50 AM

It's pointless to label her anything or take a moral stance. The word whore is meaningless. It's not primarily a moral issue....

Couldn't agree with you more here- juxtaposing some "moral" onto anything sexual is just wrong, imo, waaaayyy more wrong than any poor sex choices.

it's a matter of understanding why she's making those kinds of choices, when most sex-workers know that the risks and liabilities outweigh the benefits. If someone goes down a potentially self-destructive or dangerous course, we want to know what the true motivations are. It's rarely because they love sex or think prostitution is a rewarding life. Is there a history of sexual abuse? Substance use? Is she being coerced? Are there internal compulsions or a bipolar disorder going on?

We just parted ways. Lol. Soooo, she's not a sinner, but she is definitely sick!! Pffft.
How the hell do you know know that it's rarely because "they" love sex. Digging for "issues" when none are apparent (there is such a thing as freely, knowingly, consensually and lovingly giving head, even relishing it, whether or not a gratuity changes hands) is a questionable practice, rarely welcomed, and usually smacks of prejudice itself. Seems as if, by your post, you have concluded that some evil is at play, before you begin, and you will dig until you find something.
Sorry, just seems like the wrong approach. imho
Joined: 6/30/2007
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/2/2009 10:06:38 AM

How the hell do you know know that it's rarely because "they" love sex.

Because I've talked to active prostitutes who are still in the trade, and I didn't talk to them as a client. You sound like a client. Clients believe what they want to believe---namely that pros are loving every minute of what they're doing. No one blames a client for thinking that; but prostitutes usually (in my experience and in every secondhand account I've heard) convey a very different opinion of their lifestyle when not working. Obviously, prostitutes play the role when they are with a "john". Their opinions and recollections are very different when they are not in the middle of appointments.

Seems as if, by your post, you have concluded that some evil is at play.

I've said time and again that it's not a moral issue. If someone wants to misread the clear language of what I've posted, then that speaks for itself. Talking to prostitutes face-to-face is an empirical exercise, not a moral one.
Joined: 6/30/2007
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/5/2009 7:40:48 AM
^^If you've followed my posts, my argument is pretty clear. I've essentially said that paying for sex is unnecessary for guys (because of the favorable demographics which make obtaining free sex easy); and I've said that prostitution is a largely dishonest, sometimes illegal, self-destructive lifestyle in which the sex-workers themselves report little enjoyment or fulfillment. A lot of empirical evidence supports those conclusions.

LOL at male schmucks on here defending prostitution on a dating site. Yeah....that will make you appealing to the women on here for sure.

As I said before, any guy attempting to argue a favorable or nuanced view of prostitution should not mind his mother, or sister, or daughter being a full-time sex-worker, right? Unless you're a hypocrite, that's what you're implying by your benign view of the practice.
Joined: 8/7/2008
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/6/2009 5:34:55 AM

She only got $60.00?? That's entry-level pay!

Expectations, and entry level compensation, is far more modest in some more remote venues.
Old joke- Well-dressed business man, seated at bar, two drinks in, lovingly leers at attractive blonde slink in and slide onto a neighboring barstool. Thus inspired, he introduces himself, they chat, and then he asks whether she will sleep with him for $1,000,000US. She thinks for a minute, repressing that first urge to backhand him, the slightly crude flattery takes effect, and she says yes. He lays a $20 bill before her, winks and rises. "Hey, just who do you think I am?!!", she exclaims. And he says, "I think we've already established that; now we're just****ring over the price."
Joined: 6/30/2007
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/7/2009 10:51:36 AM

IF I was observing you as a potential suitor, I'd see someone who can't be wrong and certainly isn't open to differing POVs.

Then you haven't been paying attention to the thread. As I said earlier, I had a favorable opinion of prostitution when I was younger. I supported legalizing it, and thought that many prostitutes probably lived decent, productive lives. Then I talked to some women who do it for a living. I found out that my prior opinions were wrong. I listened to them and re-evaluated my opinions based on what they said. You can't get more open-minded than that.

Zain---Being a coal miner or handling dangerous radioactive matarials is a perfectly honest job, that doesn't mean i'd want any of my family members to get involved in such dangerous high risk professions for the fear they would get killed in an accident or seriously injured since it's one of the most dangerous jobs in the world it's no different then a parent not wanting their kid to be a sex worker for the fear they might catch an STD but at the same time seeing nothing dishonest about it as a job.

Try not to cram six sentences into one. You'll be more effective that way. If you'll remember the relevant points, it was argued that dishonesty was merely one of the detractions of being a prostitute. Illegality (in many places), health risks, abuse, and unpredictability are also common risks. There are many other risks, as well.

I'll say right now that I've worked construction in the past, and I wouldn't mind a female family member of mine doing construction. I wouldn't mind a family member doing what I do now or any job I've had in the past. However, I have an informed opinion of prostitution and wouldn't want a female relative of mine to be a prostitute.

It's consistent for me to ask you--since you're defending prostitution and comparing it (in terms of risk or danger) to conventional trades---whether you would mind your mother or sister being a prostitute? Yes or no. It's a fair question, since you (without the benefit of any honest discussions with sex-workers) are trying to argue for a favorable view of prostitution. Would you be comfortable with your mom or your sister having sex with hundreds of "johns"?

It's human nature which allows the prostitution trade to flourish. Guys are going to sow their wild oats. Everyone understands that. Most guys are savvy enough not to stand up and compare it to a conventional profession, though. Shut up and do what you're going to do if you can't get it for free. The issue is with disingenuous folks who want to loudly defend a trade even though they would never want to see a loved one involved in that same trade. It's phony BS. It's the thinking of college freshmen trying to look progressive. It's stupid.

Talk to a real prostitute sometime (person to person, not client to pro) and you might find that out.
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/7/2009 3:44:40 PM
Men pay for sex all the time...It's called dating.

Man pays for dinner. Man pays for movie (entertainment). If night ends in sex, then man paid for sex. Dating is typically the number one form of prostitution.

Love and companionship are not cheap for men.
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/8/2009 8:59:06 AM
Prostitution Statistics from Study of 850 American prostitutes.


Average age of entry: 14-16 yrs
Average mean age: 31
Average years in prostitution: 11
Percent younger than age 18 at entry: 42%


Threatened with a weapon: 78%
Physically assaulted: 82%
Raped: 82%
Raped more than five times: 73%
Current or past homelessness: 84%
As a child, was hit or beaten by a caregiver until injured or bruised: 49%
Sexually abused as a child: 65-95%


Upset by an attempt to make them do what had been seen in pornography: 32%
Pornography made of her in prostitution: 49%


Drugs: 75%
Alcohol: 26%


Would you leave prostitution: 87%
Need home or safe place: 78%
Need job training: 73%
Need health care: 58%
Need peer support: 50%
Need legal assistance: 42%
Need alcohol and drug treatment: 67%
Self defense training: 49%

ZAIN--I already said I would be fine with it if my loved one or a family member was involved in that trade.

Given the stats I just quoted, a person would have to be callous and foolish to be unconcerned about a family member being a full-time prostitute. A total idiot. To each his own, though. Most guys would disagree with you about being comfortable with family members in prostitution. By the way, the stats for sex-workers outside the U.S. are even worse than the figures quoted here. I have a couple of buddies who would love a crack at your female relatives, since you're cool with it.

<div class="quote">ZAIN--You talked to "some" who do it for a living, therefore does that makes you the authority on the entire sexworker population?

I didn't say that I was an authority on the subject. I said that I had an informed opinion on it and was open-minded about it based on many conversations with actual prostitutes concerning this subject.

<div class="quote">ZAIN---I actually have talked to real prostitutes whose clientele did not include me as a customer. You know nothing about my life or who I've talked to so enough with the assumptions.

I'm calling BS on this one. People who say "you know nothing about my life, etc. etc." usually don't have the first-hand evidence or experience to back up any claims. You would have already divulged this information long ago, like I did. Why are you only mentioning these supposed "talks" now? This would have been your evidence. Why not earlier when I gave my accounts? If these pros who supposedly talked to you had told you ANYTHING which supports your argument, you would have mentioned it long ago.

Therefore, it's apparent that you haven't talked to any prostitutes about anything relevant to this discussion.
Joined: 3/3/2008
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/9/2009 5:30:39 AM
I had a particularly good session with my girlfriend once, and as a joke she said "This is gonna cost you plenty!"

I replied "At our age, doesn't the woman pay the man?"
Joined: 6/30/2007
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/9/2009 7:48:28 AM

It amazes me that ignorant people think that these women are ok with what they are doing and the men are fine for picking up a hooker rather than getting medical/psychological attention.

Agreed. Listen, I'm a red-meat-eating, non-feminist who used to hold a progressive view of prostitution. Sometimes, someone even as stubborn as I am has to re-evaluate things. Anyone who is faced with the facts and first-hand accounts cannot reasonably support or defend the trade. Am I going to knock a guy who's horny and who pays for it because he doesn't have a FWB he can call? No. I know and understand guys like that. I also know why they can't get laid for free. Does prostitution's inevitability legitimize it as a conventional or respectable trade? No. Prostitutes and escorts themselves (almost to a person) will tell you it's a barbarically rough life.

I think we all understand that prostitution will always be there in some form, and that both men and women will be involved in it. There is a tiny percentage of sex-workers (and it is an exceptionally small percentage) who like what they do and have favorable working conditions. However, the overwhelming majority of sex-workers function under bad conditions at considerable risk both to themselves and their family members. It's an ugly, desultory business.
 Baby Blue 09
Joined: 5/30/2009
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/9/2009 9:20:50 AM
Well although there has been a few comments that went further than the scope of prostitution most seem to be focused on hookers, street walkers the whole "cash 4 sex" behavior goes way deeper and yes can even be practiced in some marraiges. Some woman agree and knowingly agree to accept cash, gifts, vacations and a little help on the rent. You also have women that are "kept" on the side and fully taken care of financially with the understanding that the one that is supporting her will be given sex when needed. And this behavior is not limitted to only women either.
Joined: 4/25/2009
Msg: 241
Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/9/2009 12:27:42 PM
Please, all you ugly women haven't been offered the RIGHT amount of money. I dont care what you say, if you were offered a good amount of cash, not $60 bucks, you would do it!

No different from a gold digger....
Joined: 5/14/2009
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/16/2009 8:11:31 AM
statistics from a social worker study of 850 STREET prostitutes from marginal culture of drug abuse and violence..more like it!

In any work the marginal dont get paid, get beat up trying to work, illegals of any kind take risks, not just hookers.

In a posh setting theyre protected by bouncers and have screening services and if their work is legal, even the protection of police and the right to collect legal debts. Health care and savings...

Again, the subject opens up issues about what is culture and civilization and its not about the 'bad' and the 'good' but about power. Its a grave and foolish mistake to equate being powerful with being clean and good, every rich neighborhood has more vandalizm and theft than the poor ones, they just have the insurance to get it repaired the next day!

Just do maintinance on a high end club sometime, you see every gross and foul mess and evidence of perversion in the basements of the respected as one imagines in the back rooms of the tennement..

If the New Testament stories are to be believed, Jesus knew the sex worker or woman at the well was no different than the strictly observant Pharisee who washed their hands after touching anything..that looking at outward appearances is ridiculously false and inside people are all the same. And so often these people see the true human nature because they dont live out of the pretense so common to the rest of us.

Like drug abuse, prostitution is the hallmark of money-economies. And its also as ancient and totally cuts across all classes and we fail to grasp how widespread and how much money is involved in these things..Just think on the order of the energy economy..And this give it enormous power and influence and explains why although it may be illegal it continues with the cooperation of enforcement people through corruption.

Prohibition has been tried in nearly every country and failed, its the same with sex work, you cant outlaw it and pretending to try just creates a corrupt system that denies this industry protections of law..and makes its workers vulnerable to abuses.

Its all about hypocrisy..and if someone wants to be a social worker and help sex workers find a new life, it should be those with that background who understand it..

Just as with drugs the real dangers arent the drugs but the exposure to disease and crime and violence that come from the outlaw environment where these things are procured.. Just like the old nightmare abortion procedures..not a dangerous procedure if done without the shameful taboos that make it so risky.
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Msg: 248
Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/16/2009 9:54:08 AM

at the time he was right but after many years of dealing with men who only use their "little brain" to think with I am no longer surprised at anything they will do for sex.

You have that backwards. Paying for it up front make a lot more sense if what you want is sex. A guy avoids all of the bullshit like that posted on these forums. A guy doesn't have to deal with women who have sex and the say they were ``used'' despite making a conscious decision to have sex.

Having sex for money. No easier way for you to spread disease.

Having sex with women you meet in bars is worse. A prostitute's income depends on her being healthy and they are much more likely to insist on condoms and get tested regularly.
Joined: 5/14/2009
Msg: 251
Cash For Sex
Posted: 6/18/2009 10:07:52 AM
Good for you Greg, And the woman at the well..

We all have manipulation and compromise in our lives. The sex deal clearly cuts through all the bullshit surrounding that..Then the experience is truly honest. Same as ironically when youre cheating all the stresse of the expectations are gone, and somehow its far more pure because its in the moment, not stress loaded.

About disease the truth is that VD was epidemic in the fifties, not sure the exact numbers but virtually everyone! Then with the advent of antibiotics which were vastly overused for colds and sore throats wiped out VD mostly out by accident. And Herpes is something about a quarter of the population has, and half of those dont even know. Or more.

One question is, is it women being "sluts" that makes this true, or too sexually restrictive which makes great numbers of men go to the one or two available women who dont turn them down...and then these women infect everyone because of the men exposed. The point is that repression backfires just as alcohol prohibition caused an increase in drinking and a vast increase in problem drinking..and associated crime.

Thats my point about paid sex, outlawing it creates the problems, violence, disease, abuses, not the fact of what it is..And these things actually are done less not more if theyre normalized instead of all so incredibly Taboo and sinsational..
Joined: 6/15/2009
Msg: 260
Posted: 7/22/2009 4:50:56 AM
Rule of paying ettiquete is as follows:

Whoever ask the person out PAYS.

If both parties agree before going on the date that they are separating the bill, then both parties PAY

Many times when a woman pays, the guy feels a letdown (unless it was at one of those high falutin places that charge $40 for a bowl of lobster bisque), or that the woman is too in control.

This is a no win situation, so why can't people talk ths out before going on the date, so that the next day they don't post how tragic their date was due to having to pay.

On the otherhand, man or woman who accepts sexual favors for money or GIFTS is a whore. Does not matter the reason, that is the profession now chose in one single choice.
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 7/22/2009 6:44:07 AM

LOL....marriage is legal prostitution! Any wife who is dependant on her spouse for money and has sex with him is in a way a 'whore'.

^^ People who think this way need to talk to actual prostitutes. NO, marriage is nothing like prostitution...neither is going on a date with someone who pays for the date.....neither is any conventional profession like prostitution.

Utterly ridiculous.

People who blur the distinctions between relationships governed by affection/professional concerns/common interests vs. financial transactions purely for sex, are not commenting based on the available information. The statistics about prostitution speak for themselves and speak loudly. Prostitution is usually based on dysfunctionality and thrives on dysfunctionality. As was stated earlier: no normal person would want their Mom or their sister to prostitute for a living, so that fact alone eliminates prostitution as a conventional or respectable profession.

People should get informed before taking what they think is an "open-minded" position on this just to appear "open-minded". The true open-mindedness will come from talking to sex workers themselves and looking at the stats concerning prostitution.

And yeah, "johns" are marks and losers. They can't get it for free---that's the bottom line. No one on this thread has defended the male clients while slamming the female sex workers, so no one needs to keep saying: "What about the guys?" That's a red herring.
Joined: 12/29/2006
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Cash For Sex
Posted: 7/22/2009 12:31:00 PM
well I consider myself an ex prostitute ... I have dated /shagged several women in my younger days just for the money they gave me ... and that makes me a worse kind of whore ...they were giving me money trying to win my love ... but I knew I wasnt going to give it ..but I did keep going by and giving sex and letting them give me money..i never set a price but I knew that when i went by they would give me all they had...and thats low
but im not that guy anymore ...wish I could make amends
Joined: 12/29/2006
Msg: 267
Cash For Sex
Posted: 7/22/2009 2:26:05 PM

Come on man...give yourself a break..

closer not beating up on myself for this transgression or the many others in my life ..I have put it in its place and attributed it to the fallacy of youth ..and learning and growing up ....but as an old man who has made a habit of doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons all my life is my prerogative to ponder on the hearts I have broken and the hurt i have needlessly caused in my journey to maturity ... although karma may not seek direct revenge on your juvenile actions ...they will most surely visit you in your deepest thoughts when you ponder the humility you wish you had always had
old men put deep thought in what might have been of the memories of emotions where they took the shallow road..if you live long enough and accept the humility that comes to you with age will remember everyone you hurt or used in your life ...especially the ones that offered you their love

again if only there was a way to make amends ...or even just to know the extent of the effect of your actions
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