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Tech - "How casual can a blow job be? Passing someone in a store and giving a quick lick? or what?"
That's not too far off.
A friend of my ex used to take random guys into the bar bathroom for a quick bj.
I'm not sure what the appeal was for her, but she seemed to be happy about it.
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Casual blowjobs
Posted: 2/14/2019 4:58:47 PM
It will probably be all fine and dandy until she finds out about throat clap.

STDs are evolving and spreading in new ways. Be careful of who you let around your junk.
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Casual blowjobs
Posted: 2/15/2019 5:44:40 PM

No woman likes giving blow jobs why would they! They are conditioned to lie about liking it because they cave into the male ego thing. A woman gets no pleasure out of giving a man a blow job and I think men that want a women to do this are just completely selfish egotistical ballbags that think we have to serve them and if a man ever asked me to do this I'd bite so hard he'd never ask me again

But you'll let him go down on you in a second....right?
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