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WG.....I AM a mother, and I would feel utterly disapointed if my own flesh and blood knew that I was being cheated on and remained quiet...We would ALL be disapointed if our friends didn't tell us, let alone our own child..... trying to be politically correct is one thing, let's not kid ourselves, we aren't made of stone you know...
AA.. you have children... The poster I was referring to does not. You can think on it and come up with what you would want to hear from a child, your child. Someone without children cannot. Myself, I would be devastated if my daughter was put in op's position.. but I would not want her to put even more guilt on herself by telling me that her father was cheating. I am certain she would realize that it is not her place..
I know for a fact that she would talk to her Dad, she would try to smarten him up to what he was doing to the family as a unit.. and she would try to get him to make things right... What she wouldn't do.. is tell him How he should make it right.

Op is a grown child (as is my daughter) My daughter is very intelligent Although our situation did not entail infidelity, she would not be put in the middle of anything that was going on when me and her father were separating.. She stopped it immediately and said take it up with dad or, take it up with mom.. it is not my place to take sides.. True story.. we are all extremely better off because of the strength she showed during the initial transition ..

You may say that "everyone has a right to know" that is your preference.. It is not everyone's though. And, no matter who is put in the Op's position of knowing... they are usually filled with angst and indicision of whether they should confess what they know or not. I think the only exception to that are people who relish the idea of causing strife, they have ulterior motives (such as not likeing the person cheating and look at it as a chance to get them out of the picture) or, people who have been cheated on and haven't forgiven or come to terms with their past. JMO.
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