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when having oral sex I use to want to keep going but she couldnt she said it hurt so I would tongue fvck her for 10 or 15 minutes and id slowly get back into it again till she had another and another ....we would also do the face sitting postion and she seem to really like that cause she had the control and truthfully I did to..... so when it about oral ....Im you
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When eating pu$$y
Posted: 8/21/2011 10:37:59 AM
On second thought...
I could allow her some recovery-time ... and do her nails while she got her breath back...
To get the roof shingles (..or my scalp..) out from under them..!!
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When eating Pu$$y
Posted: 8/21/2011 11:02:17 AM
Some time ago...I considered changing my screenname to :
...but thought that some may misinterpret it as being Muslim/Islamic....
...and I already have enough people that have a prejudice against '...goat's...!
I'm *NotAllTheGoodOnesAreTaken*
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When eating pu$$y
Posted: 8/21/2011 11:34:30 AM
I was FWB with a guy who LOVED going down on me and once he had me to orgasm he would have literally a death grip on my legs and would not let me move no matter how much I fought, though I get very ticklish down there after I cum he knows this and still was so hot.
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When eating pu$$y
Posted: 8/21/2011 11:26:37 PM
I do what she would like me to do. Each person is a little different, so if I 'm not sure and don't get direction I ask.
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When eating pu$$y
Posted: 8/22/2011 12:12:05 AM

when a guy is eating you out, and you orgasm, does your guy stop right away or does he keep going?
And guys, which do you do?

I keep going. That's the best part!
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When eating pu$$y
Posted: 8/26/2011 12:57:18 PM
I really like to keep going, and my natural tendency is to dive in and get really aggressive. My recent ex would get really sensitive and hate that. After she nearly pulled my ears off a few times we reached a great compromise. I would lift her legs over my shoulders and work low, avoiding the region of her clit for a few minutes. When she was peaking again I would slide up and enter her. I did know one lady in the past that loved for me to hang on and keep licking. And licking.
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When eating pu$$y
Posted: 12/29/2011 10:25:20 PM
Keep going make her giggle and squirm.............
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When eating pu$$y
Posted: 12/29/2011 10:34:41 PM
the beginning is just as or more important, can't just go down on it I softly run my finger along the panty line and softly between her leggs just tease her for awhile they like it..............
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When receiving oral ...
Posted: 12/29/2011 10:41:26 PM
Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm I like to keep going but very slow, licking the inner thigh, then back to the sweet spot, then licking the belly, then back to the sweet spot until she just has to have me !
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When eating pu$$y
Posted: 1/1/2012 12:16:13 PM
Posted By: newblue1970 on 5/25/2009 827 PM
Subject: When eating pu$$y
Message: I really love giving oral... so much so that I just hate to stop. After one O I usually try to gauge how ready she is for another. Most women need a little down time because their clit becomes too sensitive to touch, but after a minute or two (during which I'm gently attending to everything BUT her clit) she might be ready for me to start again.

Good Boy, lol. U pay attention.
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When eating pu$$y
Posted: 1/2/2012 9:27:20 PM
nice posting- that is how it should be!
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