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Hijabs, Burqas and Niqabs - is it right in the western worldPage 2 of 2    (1, 2)

We ban Motorcycle helmets from areas of payment in our shops and i am sure if i dressed in black entered my bank with a balaclava hiding my face i would meet some resistance and rightly so.]/quote]

Yes! because they think you are going to rob them while trying to hide your identity from the security cameras. The ban on motorcycle helmets is purely for security reasons and has nothing to do with this thread.

The way we are,our laws ,our way of life,what the majority find normal is not respected by wearers of head scarf's,balaclavas or hoodies .

During the 40's and 50's the majority of women in the UK wore head scarfs(including my mother) watch any movies depicting that era! Balaclavas are very useful items of clothing especially in winter in norther Scotland(I believe they were very popular with Scott's expedition in Antarctica!!!). I believe the anorak brigade(train spotters) of the 60's were the originators of the 'hoodie'.

They should be banned on the basis that they are not sociably acceptable in the western world and wearers give the impression of an unwillingness to communicate to the society they live in.
The majority decide the Goverment/Law so if the majority dont wear and you want to be part of there society then intergrate with your new neighbours and communicate in the way they do and we will all get on just fine.

Define 'sociably acceptable'? Here in Georgia(USA) you are only required to have a license plate displayed on the rear of the vehicle so may people display something else on the front. I have seen many Union Flags, Welsh Dragons, Scottish Saltires(white X-shaped cross on blue background) and Lion Rampant's where the front license plate would be. Why is that any different to an item of national costume(here Highland Games are very popular with many people wearing kilts who have never been to Scotland and who's ancestors left there several generations ago)
Cinco de Meyo(not sure of the spelling) is a very popular holiday/celebration here(Mexican origin) as is St. Patrick's day(Irish).
People can integrate into a society without completely giving up their cultural heritage.

Respect our culture and we will respect yours.

What is YOUR culture, is that of the Anglos, Saxons, Normans or Vikings not forgetting all the other citizens of the former empire who choose to make the UK home. Integration means adding your culture to what is already there and creating something a little different not throwing it away completely and adopting something new.
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