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Something He Can Feel

Her stage is her world,
She is the ruler, she is the queen,
No one may enter it,
No one may leave it without her.

Her song, her voice, her music,
They hypnotize all who hear or listen,
Her voice strikes a chord within your soul,
She has conquerored you, she is your master now.

The long red dress fits her perfectly,
The slit where you can see her long legs,
Like a hungry child, you mouth waters,
You hunger to taste her womanhood.

You look at her perfectly rounded breasts,
You squeeze your hands so tightly,
You wonder how they would fit into you hands,
Slowly your manhood awakens, she has conquerored your body.

Her perfect song has you in her trance,
Her deep brown eyes look into your soul,
With each movement of her dark arms and soft hands,
She has taken you from this world into hers.

Powerful is her song, her harmony, her beauty,
She would make any committed man go astray,
She would make any married man run away,
This is her power.

Her harmony, her song,
They are so intense,
You can not hold it anymore,
Soon thou shall die and go to her Heaven.

Like a lion ready to make his kill,
You lick your already moistened lips,
You notice her soft round bottom,
Oh how you wish you could touch them gently.

Her power is too strong,
You can not resist no more,
You have died, You have gone to her Heaven and back,
All you wish to do now is to go back.

Her song has ended, you do not even know her name,
You may never know but you are in love, but with who?
Her song? Her body? Her soul? The world she brought you to?

In your mind, her song has made love to you,
All you can do is wonder. . .

. . .How is it that she gave you something you can feel. . .?
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I want sex
Posted: 2/13/2009 9:44:58 PM
Beautiful, Eloquent! and just in time to share with a valentine. Thanks
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erotic poetry
Posted: 2/13/2009 9:49:09 PM
she sucked my****at such a rapid pace i came all over her bubble face.
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