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Jealous Of A Dog?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
This is NOT a new concept.... People can be jealous for all types of reasons. But this isn't new. Like I always say. "If a man or woman does not like a dog in the house or as your best friend. Then let the dog in and get rid of the twinkie. "

BTW.. The only reason dogs stink is because the owners don't take care of it. Then that is a sign also. Like I ALSO always say. "If a person can't take care of a dog, (pet), they shouldn't be allowed to have kids!"

May I suggest you look for someone that loves dogs. WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jealous Of A Dog?
Posted: 6/20/2009 1:35:40 AM
If he's so possessive he can't even share you with a dog, what kind of father would he make?

"Damn, you're always taking care of that baby when it cries! What about me, me ME??"

He's a manipulative jerk and a selfish, immature one at that.
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Jealous Of A Dog?
Posted: 6/20/2009 4:08:26 AM
I had an ex who didn't like my dogs. When she came over to visit, she demanded I lock them in the basement - this got them barking, which she didn't like either, and demanded that for future dates, I leave them at a kennel or a friend's place. "It's me or the dogs" she said.

Her ultimatum worked. I threw her out of my house.

I'm sorry but given the choice between my puppies and some bint who thinks herself important, I'll always choose my puppies. Don't get between a dog lover and his dogs. Ever.
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Jealous Of A Dog?
Posted: 6/20/2009 9:16:30 PM
A lot of people have differing attitudes towards pets.

Some people treat them as family members. Close to, if not, on the same level as humans.

Some people see them as little better than objects. Something that should always be used as a tool (working animlas) or simply kept outside.

Pets can be messy and stinky.

These differing attitudes can cause a lot of friction.

My dogs are on the 'family' member level. But, not up to the status of 'human'.
My current dogs are outside but, I have tended to have 'in-doors' dogs.
I'm currently thinking on bringing my Irish Wolfhound inside again. The Dane stays outside...too hyper.

Something else to consider is Alpha-male status.
Many owners totally foget about this. Some women with male dogs think it's 'cute' that their pooch is protective and loves only them. This is a BAD thing to have.
If your dog was friendly and accpeting of him, and he had no problems with in-door pets, there shouldn't have been much of a problem if you put the man 1st before the dog.
If the dog yapped and snapped at him or was jealous in it's own right (something you may have not paid attention to) have a problem...a serious one. You have an Alpha most likely and have placed the dog in a position he shouldn't be in...boss.
But, that's you're choice. But, if your alpha male dog ever bit could be in legal trouble. I hope it's not that bad.
Chance are the only man who'd last would be a b!tch man...or someone who has the patience to out live the old is it anyway ;)
You are your dogs mate. At least your dog may see things that way.
Congratulations, you're your dogs b!tch.

I am the Alpha male in my life.
And, with dogs that weigh up to 150+ pounds...I have to be.
And any woman in my life would have to have a 'master' role over them...or they'd rip her throat out. It'd be my role to ensure that the dogs were cowed to accept her as their master too.

I think my own issues are that I don't respect any dog smaller than lab size.
And I see 'toy' dogs as food. (no, I don't eat them =P and I'm sure they have their uses's plate size...and microwave size...fits in a bread box or frying pan...would probably look and taste good with some BBQ sauce...)
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Jealous Of A Dog?
Posted: 6/21/2009 8:17:59 AM
Curious on how this guy became a LTR if he always had issue with your dog.
I grew up around dogs all my life, but as I became an adult, my lifestyle wasn't fit for me to be a dog owner. Howeer, I can't understand how anyone can be jealous of a pet.
In fact, whenever I visit someone with a dog, I'm the first one to play and pet it.

I own cats by default. My ex-wife had cats and when she split up with me, I got the cats. The only reason I can think your BF would get jealous would be you denied him affection in favor of the dog. But, to get mad just because you gave your dog attention just doesn't make sense.
Joined: 4/20/2009
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Jealous Of A Dog?
Posted: 6/21/2009 9:12:12 AM
This smacks of INSECURITY.
or on the other hand he could be jealous because your dog can lick his own balls!
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Jealous Of A Dog?
Posted: 6/25/2009 10:45:38 AM
LOL -- If I was that guy I would have swooned your dog ROFL. The dog would have its head in my lap and you would have had to fight for the space.

On a more serious note. I guess it depends on how the situation was. If we were watching a movie and the dog came between me cuddling with my woman.. the dog would go off the couch and i would be cuddling with my woman. I dont know you or how this played out but it sounds like the guy just wanted the attention that you no doubt gave the dog instead.
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