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Under the heading of "knowledge is power"...

"What's left out of this conversation is the following information: A woman's erection takes twenty to thirty minutes of adequate clitoral stimulation for her entire vulva to become engorged. The operating word here is "adequate" and will vary from woman to woman.

The point being that few women are even turned on before they get ****ed. Most are getting a few minutes of clumsy clit stim, a few licks from a dry tongue or harsh finger banging. The moment there's a small amount of lubrication, many lovers dive into the vagina going for a home run. No wonder sex therapists emphasize foreplay and no wonder faked orgasms far out number real ones. When we discover how few women are having orgasms during intercourse it's obvious to me that ****ing is really foreplay for masturbation."

I have been the repeated victim of "*grunt*****hard, must put in wet hole now *grunt*"... fully realizing that if I don't speak up, he isn't to know I'm not ready. But really...a man that doesn't understand that it can take women a lot longer to get fully aroused, and therefore fully receptive/reactive, isn't doing his part.

Yes, I like aggressive bend me over the side of the bed and take what you want...sometimes. Hell, I've done the use him for my pleasure and don't care if he gets off a time or two myself. Neither of those are staples in my sexcapades.
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Is woman's sexuality more selfish than men's?
Posted: 11/20/2015 8:17:02 AM
speaking generally, the fellow who isn't much interested in exploring a lass's entire form, but just want to feel his Tab A into Slot likely defining the expression "narrow focus" if not "Self focused"
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