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I would have left him there to wash dishes, pay for my meal and go home and watch a movie! It's not a loving thing to do to save someone's from their irresponsible behavior. If he doesn't have the intelligence to think that he is going to need money when entering a restaurant he can't be intelligent enough to have a relationship with.

Some may call me a proper b&stard for this, but i did just that with a date who told me she forgot her wallet after she ordered a lot of drinks and food.

I told the waiter were paying separately after this revelation and promptly paid my part and left her to it.

First date as well, also my last with this particular person
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Did he really forget his wallet??
Posted: 8/28/2011 2:54:43 AM
^^^She probably didn't forget her wallet, was just a ploy to get out of paying.

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Did he really forget his wallet??
Posted: 8/28/2011 10:18:09 AM
If a guy really forgot his wallet, he would notice BEFORE the bill came. The fake patting of the pockets is a ruse.

That said, there is quite a double standard here. Lots of the girls are willing to go dutch, but it seems that only a few would be willing to pay for someone else. Many of the ones that would go dutch would graciously accept if the man offered to pay, but look down upon the tables being turned. I am amazed that people would walk out on a person over a $15 tab, to leave them to suffer.
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Did he really forget his wallet??
Posted: 9/4/2011 11:48:47 PM
I have actually forgot my wallet on a date. It is extremely embarrassing, but it does happen. If I were you and I wasn't sure if he was just angle shooting to get a couple free beers, I wouldn't go out with him again until he pays you back.
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Did he really forget his wallet??
Posted: 9/5/2011 4:19:25 AM
because of his lack of communication with you after this incident i believe he purposely forgot his wallet. be glad it happened this early and be more glad the tab wasnt higher..sometimes blessings come in small packages and this sounds like a blessing that you found out what a schmuck this guy is right up front.
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