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You've had some good advice and interesting comments. I don't have a lot to add really, just one or two things to think about. I'd guess she is just 'seeing how it goes' at the moment and is not sure about you, but does like you. She probably isn't used to showing her interest or doesn't know how. If she comes from a puritanical family then she may not be used to normal signs of affection, touching, cuddling and so on and sees those as a sexual advance, so you'd tend to go from one extreme to the other. Also, I think you could have a conversation about dating and ask her how she normally shows her interest in someone. That could be quite revealing.
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Is this a game, or interest?
Posted: 7/5/2009 9:10:30 AM
Severin - First off you have received some great advice here - especially from mysteriosa

Granted I have only skimmed this, but you just entered this relationship, what you may interpret as "over the moon" may not be how she views things. From what you have described, clearly she likes you. She may be reserved and have a tough time sharing feelings, nothing wrong with that, alot of people are. You have to decide how that makes you feel - perhaps you are someone that wants to discuss everything, get it all out and then hash over it, once again, nothing wrong with that either.

I can identify with her, I am somewhat reserved, a big observer and listener...."Do I agree with what this person is saying? How do they interact with other people? How are they around my friends and their friends?"

Certainly sounds like you enjoy being with her...enjoy it!!! I think it is a little to early to decide exactly where the relationship is going
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