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dude your a whip just ask her what the worst thats gonna happen she tell u no?
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When should it be ok to talk sexual?
Posted: 3/21/2010 10:26:53 AM

Dating leads to sex.

Except, of course, when sex leads to dating!
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When should it be ok to talk sexual?
Posted: 3/21/2010 5:54:47 PM
Ya know Derek you certainly could "hit it & quit it" OR hit it and stick around---I don't see a down side here yet for you. It would seem she's already "talking" and you're somewhat standing around scracthing your head, wondering just a bit too much what she's up to.

I see a gal who is indeed in hooking up with you, might have always had those desires and since you've reconnected she's letting you know what's on her mind. She's not hinting so much as saying she's very much in the mood.

IF she's only in this for the quick hook up, to satisfy some long ago desire to have you and it comes to that you won't know until that morning after really---unless you persist in talking her to death about it all. If she's looking for longer term dating that too won't become apparent until afterwards. So far it seems the sexual conversations have come easily enough, you're both comfortable with it so the only thing to do is take it that one step further. Time only will tell..........

hopefully you are reading this derek because i think i have a real idea of what she is thinking...she is obviously a sexual person and feels comfortable putting herself out there, because of past men in her life she prob feels that is what you WANT to see, i think she may have a bit of low self esteem and feels that putting herself out there sexually will make you more attracted to her...just let her know that you think she is hot and can't wait to be "with" her however you like her for who she is on the inside, personality etc... and that spending time with her and getting to know her is just as important as looking at her bobbies...
good luck!

Lots of conflicting info in this post ^^^ so take it under advisement. Not every woman who's sexually adventurous and willing or eager to make the first moves or tell you outright what she's interested in is low on self esteem or laboring under a misconception behaving as she believes men want her to do. Some just enjoy sex enough to make the moves in order to indulge those desires---normally we love that type of woman and there's nothing to suggest she's anything less.

Hope things go just as you wish they would!
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