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I have not had a first date when a woman paid the bill. Not yet anyway. I have had a shared bill and it was quite an impression to me by that LADY. She is a LADY. She's independent! Its just me but to think that its all about manners that Men should always pay the tab on a first date just like Shay-Ley would suggest then it works both ways. Right, a woman is also being judge on a first impression for a long-term relationship. This is also my advice. Chivalry and respect should always be applied to all worthy women. Not ALL are worth it. Men also demand respect. Gone are the days when women only cook at home and no income. If you're educated, manners, and got good income you pay your own tab. As for me, I'm just generous and I still have chivalry left in me. thanks!
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who pays the bill??
Posted: 12/24/2011 11:11:20 AM
So I met someone from POF recently for happy hr drinks. We both knew we didn’t hit it off and although it was not said we knew we would probably never see each other again. He caught me off guard and started to pay the bill. I insisted on paying my share or for both of us but he wouldn’t let me. He said he feels bad that he came late and to not worry because I didn’t owe him anything. This made me feel very uncomfortable and made me want to say no, you don’t owe me anything.

Anyway, I really don’t mind paying for my share or for everything whether we hit it off or not. I rarely meet someone anyway and I can afford to pick up the tab once in a while. So, how do I make sure this doesn’t happen again, because I really don’t want to repeat this experience (and be told I don’t owe someone anything) and I also don’t want to limit myself to seeing someone in the park or someplace where picking up the tab is not an issue.

Would it be too strange if I arrived early and gave the waitress my card before he came?
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