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WOW! I didn`t reealize there were so many vanilla thoughts emanating from tis thread.
To criticize anyone for doing something different,sexually that you have no realm about nor venture into doesn`t mean its wrong!
Yet, some attack others who do enjoy the swingers lifestyle attempting to demean them.
These things occur. There are some who do like domination as well as people who do enjoy experimenting sexually.
Just because you have personal sexual issues, doesn`t mean you have the right to attack others who don`t quite share you`re 1950`s views..
Swingers aren`t into relationships...
Try to open your mind and understand not everyone is narrow minded..

I gotta say, this may be the first time anyone on this site has hit me with the "vanilla thoughts" charge.
I don't have any realms, nor crowns, no monarchial bloodline, either- but I have had quite a few (ad)ventures, in just about all the "realms" that I could slip into, lol, even another man's territory. Not proud of that, but I reach for it sometimes to find the audacity to speak on the "edgier" issues.
1950's thinking!! Cuckholding was an oft-used plot thickener in Shakespeare's tales, as well as Chaucer's, and it was old hat even then. There are biblical prohibitions of it, and horror stories in the old part of that book, that rabbis wrote, about what happens to those who trespass on another man's woman. And it probably never would have been included in that book of books had it not become a social problem before then. The "disapproval" you source to the '50's dates back at least two additional milennia, O Master in search of a relationship. lol
Nor was my post (or this one, either) intended to demean anyone- just pointing out some apparent pitfalls to what struck me as an aged brag.
 Beyond the Cleavage
Joined: 6/5/2010
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Posted: 8/28/2010 3:42:43 PM

I once read an article that said swinging was a way for "beta" males to feel like an "alpha" male...

A woman that's a swinger told me all the men she has meet are small

there is a certain type of power or feeling taking another man`s women in front of them and doing as you please!

Boom boom!
I think the same could be said of women swingers, too.
Joined: 8/1/2012
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Posted: 9/26/2012 6:51:52 PM
So how does a couple go about finding another couple or person...i mean you cant just walk up to someone and ask if they swing....
Im new to this lifestyle and I swear Ive got a million and one questions and no one I know has this lifestyle. Matter of fact if my family knew they'd prolly disown me :P
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Posted: 9/26/2012 7:27:40 PM
Just Join AFF.........Plenty of people are into it!
Joined: 6/25/2012
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Posted: 9/27/2012 11:13:27 AM
Each too there own on swinging i cant see what it proves i mean as a male if i care about a women and had emotions there is no way i could share her with another man, or be with another women, it just wouldnt feel right and ethically i wouldnt let myself do that, i couldnt really respect a man who did swinging, as i proberly respect people for values, honesty, and ethics. I think if someone wants that lifestyle then its fine as long as they didnt want me and the lady i am with too be involved.
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Posted: 9/27/2012 11:45:06 AM
One of my best friends is a swinger and has been for years. Although it's not for me, I don't judge her on it. Anyone you run into, that has a problem with it doesn't have the swingers mindset. Not everyone will look upon that lifestyle like it's no big deal. I can't do it because I just can't see myself having sex with multiple people and multiple parties and you don't know how many other multiple partners they have had. I know all of her swinging friends. To each their own. Sure they all "claim to wear a condom" but oral sex performed on 100 of people over a life time, to be sexually liberating doesn't sit well with me. It does to her though! It's a different lifestyle for sure, and yes very open minded and liberating if that's what you call liberating. It won't and can't sit well with everybody the same as not everyone will agree with your sexual lifestyle.

You have a group of people that understand and enjoy the lifestyle .. don't worry about the rest of them that don't get you, or frown upon you. That's neither here nor there. You have the right to be who you are just as much as they do. POF unlike Adult Friend Finder does not have a sexual lifestyle selection. This is a pretty vanilla site that offers the married man an intimate encounter or a FWB is about as far as POF allows. There are no nude pictures or videos like AFF that you can post Nothing in here encourages the swinging lifestyle profile to come alive! They don't give you the choice of wanting a man AND woman or couples.

NOT that it matters but.... the site where you will be accepted the most is where people think most like you. And that would be Adult Friend Finder. There you KNOW it's people looking for sex and only sex.

Just be you and don't worry a bit what other people think of your open minded lifestyle. We all have our own life to live!
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Posted: 9/27/2012 12:34:20 PM
^^^^^ actually AFF is a commercial site ..they have one purpose like many vanilla dating sites make money ..and you will pay well for the opportunity to successfully use them ...Swinglifestyle dot com is kinda the pof of the swinger community POF they do have a premium status .. but the site is also like POF in that one can use it and actually contact people on a free account ... like POF they have to pay expenses some way thus the premium accounts
Joined: 1/30/2012
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Posted: 9/27/2012 9:04:04 PM
I went to some swinger events as a single man. Most of the people I met in the lifestyle seemed to be nice people. Some men enjoy watching their wife having sex with another man ( or woman in some cases ). Especially if it fulfills a fantasy that she has. Having said that, I would not go to a swinger events when I'm in a serious relationship.
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Posted: 10/23/2014 8:43:08 AM
There is nothing wrong with a couple who want to swing. Do i think you can meet swingers on POF, the answer is no, however, there are plenty of swinger sites available to satisfy one`s curosity.. As for consenting adults, whatever feels comfortable for you and your partner is acceptable IMHO...
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