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Joined: 3/26/2009
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I want to start running first thing in the morning.....should I eat something before running?Page 2 of 2    (1, 2)
Two concepts you're already familiar with here: Aerobic and anaerobic. One requires glycogen and the other primarily doesn't. Guess where running falls under? When you're asking about eating before a run, think about the time it takes to digest that food. Then think if your body will actually use it during the run. Then ask yourself,"If my body is using resources to digest the food, can I still concentrate 100% into my run to make it meaningful?" Truth is, your body doesn't need carbs to run. You'd think you get tired faster, but that's mostly psychosomatic. But for weightlifting, food is essential. The best thing you can do is consume protein an hour before you run to spare your muscles from being catabolized as your body scrounges for something to burn. The amino acids will save the day, my friend. Except soy protein, that stuff doesn't have the complete amino acid profile and if you don't get all the amino acids, it'll throw away several components because one is missing during muscle synthesis. You need to go for 30+ minutes before the typical body uses up all the primary fuel and switches to fat burning mode. The interesting thing about running is it's cumulative. So unlike weightlifting, you can run for 10 minutes. Wait an hour, run for another 10 minutes. And it'll be as if you ran for 20 minutes, however the conditioning aspect is blunted but you still achieve the same health benefits. So wake up at 6am, pop some caffeine pills or a thermogenic and drink a scoop of protein powder, leave by 6:30am, run for however long you can and then walk for the rest of the hour, get home by 7:30am, pop another scoop of protein and get on with your day, then eat something in 2-3 hours. Find the strength I know is in you to do this 3 times a day and promise yourself you can do this without failure, because failure is not an option.
Joined: 3/16/2008
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I want to start running first thing in the morning.....should I eat something before running?
Posted: 8/10/2009 5:13:54 PM

interval training (ie. short sprints alternating with rest/walking)

After a good warm up (10-15 mins gradually increasing walking/jogging pace), try doing 30 sec sprints with 90 sec jog recovery, then do 4 more. This'll really help burn off cals. It's also a great way to boost overall heart n lung function. And best of all, you'll still be frying off those cals for hours afterwards, even when sitting down.

Now, Back to O.P.
I'd recommend getting something in, but nothing huge. if you've got a blender, try throwing in an apple, a banana, a glass of half o.j. half water n a few berries if you've got em handy. Drink half before ya go, (add a sprinkle of salt to go all isotonic - don't forget to mix it), then when ya get back in, whizz up the rest with some peanut butter for a protein shake - if you're allergic, don't try this bit at home :)

it is very much an individual thing tho, see which method works best for you n let us know..
Joined: 8/5/2009
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I want to start running first thing in the morning.....should I eat something before running?
Posted: 8/14/2009 8:42:19 AM
From what I have been reading, Orange Juice is very good to drink before a workout. It has plenty of sugars and carbs to fuel your workout. However I agree that you should limit your caloric intake if you are trying to loose weight. Conversely you are also trying to build muscle so it's a bit of give and take. Of course your stomach doesn't necessarily need to be empty and you can and should drink plenty of water before you run.
Joined: 5/21/2009
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I want to start running first thing in the morning.....should I eat something before running?
Posted: 9/6/2009 6:52:08 PM
Start the day with at least 1 cup of warm water....hydrate hydtrate hydtrate.

Years ago it was told not to run "first" thing in the morning.
Too stressful on the heart muscle.

If you do want to eat something make it would be good.

Mary Lou
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