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tearing down what texting builtPage 2 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
I hate phone texting and will not.

If someone wants to talk to me or ask a question they can call or send an email, simple as that.

If that's not what they want to do, then it wasn't important enough in the first place.

I see peoples faces buried in their cell phones or walking around with it stuck to their ear like it's grown roots to their head.

Technology is a great thing, but between all the gadgets (computers too) we have now and yet to come.........I figure the people of the world will eventually not have many social skills and will not even know how to communicate face-to-face without checking with their technological support team.
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/9/2009 10:39:13 AM
I don't text - and anybody that knows me knows not to text me - lol. Have no interest in learning it. If someone wants to get a hold of me quickly they can call.
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/9/2009 11:27:58 AM
I have fully embraced texting as the preferred form of communication for the future.

Just like the way of the record, telephone calls are dying away.

After embracing it, I understand now. It's just a lot more convenient to get back to someone's question after doing whatever it is you're doing.

These days if I talk to someone voice to voice, it's usualy in person....

unless it's just too much to text.


Some of you older people have got to realize that in my generation, it's considered socially taboo to some degree to meet someone new in public anymore. There's such a paranoia about strangers, that everyone who approaches a stranger is automatically thought of as being creepy.

I still do it... but I'm an exception to the norm. My trustworthy vibes are so strong that girls usually give me a chance. My buddies are not so lucky, though.
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/9/2009 11:34:17 AM
I agree. Dependence on tech has gone over the top. That is why I have at least Tech-free weekends (once a month, no cellphones - house phone allowed, no email, no text, nothing). Usually when the weekend is done I feel "connected". Wish I could do it more often but am getting there.
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/9/2009 11:59:11 AM
I like texting AND I'm gonna be a teacher. Snap! lol

Seriously, texting is handy for me in the same way that IMs are. It lets me multitask better than talking to someone on the phone. Plus, I don't really like talking on the phone too much unless it's somebody that I REALLY wanna talk to. Sometimes I just don't feel like talking verbally. And texting lets me carry on multiple conversations at once if necessary. I don't think I know anybody that typically has long phone conversations anymore unless it's with a parent/other family member or a significant other. My friends and I either have super short phone convos or we text each other.
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/9/2009 12:09:09 PM
I have no problem with texting, though I don't do it very much.

wut i do hav a prblm with is ppl who rite lik dis bcuz dere txting

What's even funnier is that most phones have full keyboards and people still text message in indecipherable gibberish. Every so often you'll even see people in this forum typing like that even thought they're sitting at a computer with an actual keyboard. I take pride in the fact that even though I have a cheapo phone, if I do text I still use capitalization, punctuation, proper spelling, and use complete sentences.

Frankly, I think it's a bit rude when people write in text-speak. They don't mind making me get a headache trying to decipher the hieroglyphics they just sent me just because they can't be bothered to take a few extra seconds to make their message clearer.
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/9/2009 12:20:05 PM
I don't mind text or IM speak as long as it's confined to texts and IMs. A lot of texts have character limits, so it makes perfect sense to me to shorten words there instead of wasting extra texts.

Now if you do that in a paper for school or an email or something, then I think we've got a problem.
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/9/2009 12:27:08 PM

Some of you older people have got to realize that in my generation, it's considered socially taboo to some degree to meet someone new in public anymore. There's such a paranoia about strangers, that everyone who approaches a stranger is automatically thought of as being creepy.

Oh Soldier, for the luvva God!
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/9/2009 1:24:15 PM
Texting does not use more of your brain. It actually desensitizes parts of you. It is impersonal which is the biggest part of the attraction to it. Like a computer casting emails, and IM's you have no fear of saying the wrong thing.

I have used all of these forms, and I have to say that taking the guts to walk up to a person and maintain that person's attention takes way more brainpower than texting.

My friends and family text me when running late, but call to tell me they care. Even my ex did not dare text me "I love you" unless he knew I was busy in a meeting.

People, I could care less about your texting love, but please do not make up facts on the mythological brainpower of texting.

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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/9/2009 4:21:37 PM
My cell phone is rarely on or present while I’m out with other people. I personally think people who text while hanging out, are at the dinner table, having friends over ect... are rude. If you are spending time with people spend time with them. Put down your little security blanket and have conversation!
Joined: 8/11/2008
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/9/2009 4:52:23 PM
We left there and went to a smaller club called Boomerz. My daughter was with me who is 22 and we did a face count. Out of the 200 or so people that were in there over half had their faces buried in their phones...not talking...just texting. One table was full of guys, attractive men. My daughter is gorgeous (some say she looks like Sandra Bullock and some say Brittney Spears)...seriously she is a good looking girl and she must have walked by that table numerous times but not once did they turn their faces up.

So, I tapped one of the guys, very handsome and asked him why he left his suit of armour at home...then I tapped his chest lightly and said..."Never mind, you brought it"...he busted out laughing and I introduced him to my daughter. They spent the rest of the evening talking and I could tell he was genuinely interested in her since he told me thank you for bringing him over and saying my daughter was gorgeous when she went to the ladies room.

Having an unlimited texting plan: $100
Going out clubbing with your hottie daughter: $300
Pimping out your daughter to a handsome young buck after you tap him a couple of times: priceless
Joined: 4/11/2009
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/9/2009 5:50:44 PM
In general, I agree with OP and a lot of the comments made from other posters about the negative effects of texting. However, I also believe there is a time and a place for texting. Some people just have over used it.

I will send a text to a group list saving me time from having to call a dozen or more people. It seems everyone has a cell phone, but not everyone is by a computer.

Some of my contacts can't take calls during working hours. I know I turn my ringer off myself. Yes there is voicemail, but isn't it easier to read a quick message like "call me as soon as you get off work" instead of going through voicemail?

But again, I agree some people overuse texts, phones and email for that matter.
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/9/2009 7:57:40 PM
Yep - I'm tellin' ya, folks, all them young whippersnappers are going to pot. All them textings, and that hippity-hop music - and all of those... metal things in their face, like they were in some kinda auty-mobile accident...

Welcome, my friends. You have become your parents.

You promised me you'd never do that. I'm horribly disappointed.

You don't like it, don't do it.
If you don't like it being done to you, tell the person who's doing it.
If you don't like strangers doing it, it's none of your business in the first place.
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/9/2009 11:34:07 PM
while a usefull tool when it comes to personal communication I think it sucks it just is to lacking
Joined: 3/16/2006
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/10/2009 3:59:14 AM
What's wrong with texting? I wish i had it back when the only phones we had were payphones and those old rotary beige pieces of shit attached to the kitchen wall at home. -once you left the house -the only way to find your friends back then was to hope you passed them while cruisin.

If teens aren't communicating today, its because parents don't teach their kids how to be sociable and congenial. -and from some of the stupid teens i've seen out there -it may be natures only way to select and stop the lazy genes from reproduction.

Texting a great way to let a group of friends know: who, what, when and where (in a hurry) -can even take cell pics and send, to show what they're missing...

FYI: I'd be really pissed if i caught my mommy trying to hook me up with strangers...
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/10/2009 8:20:56 AM
I am the self-proclaimed King of Texting.I do have texting etiquette though.I would never ever text in another persons company,in a public establishment,or walking.I've actually have walked in to a pole before I gave up walk-texting :P

I have no problem talking on the phone,but I have a 5 minute rule.I just think anything that needs to be said can be said in 5 minutes.
Joined: 1/27/2009
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/10/2009 11:08:58 AM
Well Dardika, nice to know other people find this social behavior so odd. I started a post about this couple of weeks ago, check it out (
Some people have pointed out, that all this madness has to do with people having a lack
of social skills or interesting lives etc....and I agree. I had an epiphany one night as all my so-called friends were texting, facebooking and exchanging stupid pictures instead of conversation.....that I will be moving on to other social circles if I'm lucky enough to find them. Women/girls come in and just constantly masterbate with their phones and wonder why they never meet anyone, while guys sit around and watch....lonely worm type guys come into the bar, order a drink and immedietly go into a shell and doodle with the crackberry, its truly a sick scene, and I'm dedicated to finding humans who want no part of it.
Joined: 4/2/2008
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/17/2009 6:07:02 PM
I'm with the OP. I will NOT text. Ever. (Unless I'm lost in the mountains and need help and have a bad case of laryngitis on top of it. I think it's just a further extension of a social phenomena that distances people and does not bring them together. In the same way TV violence has desensitized our country to violence, texting seems to be a half hearted attempt at communication and is sorely lacking in that regard. You can't tell from looking at text what the context is, what the person is really feeling, what words they're emphasizing, what's being said in jest and what isn't and so one. I find it really obnoxious. If someone wants to communicate, that's why they were given a mouth. Use it. Smoke signals went out decades ago.
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/17/2009 6:22:05 PM
I hate texting, I do it only when I absolutely have to, to be honest my nails are long and it's just a pain in the butt. I usually text one or two word answers and tell whoever is on the other end to just call me, I can talk much faster and with much more clarity in communication than I can texting. I also can talk while I drive...if I tried to text and drive, I'd kill somebody (probably myself and everyone else on the road).

My daughter can text at 70 wpm, that amazes me. She is 18 and can carry on multiple text conversations at the same time, all while carrying on a regular talking conversation-her phone is set up to do it all at the same time. I think it is a skill, and is to be appreciated. But for me, I'll have to stick with the tried and true methods until I get a bit better at the new technology. I'm too slow to do it well.

And if I'm in a club with friends or out with my boyfriend, puh-leeze! It is just rude to sit there and text other people. Put your phone should only be answered if the call is from your child, and they better be dying!
Joined: 3/24/2008
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tearing down what texting built
Posted: 8/17/2009 7:27:58 PM
If my date pulled out their phone to text or make a call. I would finish the date and never go out with them again. I don't care for cell phones. I don't own one. My parents were concerned about my long travels, so they gave me one. I rarely use it, if I do text it is my BFF, never a guy. People have text me, but I don't respond.

I'm not into this type of convience. If they are that interested in knowing how I am or what I'm up to, they can pick up the darn phone.

Technology is definitely going to ruin dating for the younger generation. I definitely not into dating someone who wants to have an entire convo. on a text. I do fine without a cell, I did for 30 years and I will for the next 30.

I have 300 minutes a month on my cell. Maybe I use 2 mins to call to see if my mother needs something, if not I can talk to her when I see her in person.

I have a land line and make use of that.

Big brother isn't going to keep tabs on me. If you think I'm paranoid; don't talk to me.
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