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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspectivePage 5 of 7    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

You yourself said that part of you could one day help cover a porcupines arse. So logically a part of you could possibly make up a part of a new born childs brain, more specifically the part that deals with conciousness.

well, technically almost everything is possible. Its possible that somewhere distant in the universe a collection of molecules could spontaneously fly together and form an exact replica of my house. Possible. yes. Will it happen, very unlikely. The time it would take for something like that to happen would be a googal times the age of the current universe.
Similarly, the chance of each of your brain molecules randomnly meeting again in the brain of a newborn baby are equally astronomical. So astronomical, it would also take a googal times the age of the current universe to ever happen.

But you're missing the point anyway. It doesnt matter if the same molecules spread from person to person. What makes us "us" is the higher order structure of those molecules. Theoretically, if you could make a brain that is identical in every way to mine....same structure, all the proteins and molecules in the exact same spot, each individual cell identical to all my cells, both in physiology and anatomy, then that brain WOULD have my consciousness. It would have my memories. It would be me, because thats what I am...i'm a collection of ordered proteins in my brain which make my memories. So that brain would be me, even though it had different molecules.

So, the chances of "me" ever rearranging again by chance is essentially zero. Not really zero, but so close to zero that astrophysics call things like this zero.
Even if all the molecules and atoms of some babies brain were made from mine, who cares?? It still isnt me, unless the STRUCTURE is the same as me.

The consciousness itself does not transfer. Nothing really tranfers, except individual atoms. And the chances of even TWO of my brain atoms ending up in the same babies brain are astronomically low...let alone the chances of a SIGNIFICANT amount of my brain ending up in any one babies!!! The time required for that to statistically happen by chance is a googal times longer than our species will exist.

So, what are we talking about here?

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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/1/2009 5:26:05 PM

am not talking about souls. I am talking about matter and energy and natural transformation. You yourself said that part of you could one day help cover a porcupines arse. So logically a part of you could possibly make up a part of a new born childs brain, more specifically the part that deals with conciousness

No, I don't think so. Material is not the same as memory. If you take a computer hard drive disk, smash it, melt it down and use it to help construct a new one, how much information from the original disk would be left and/or readable? Would that information randomly pop up on someone elses hardrive? Probably not, unless you are on a network and sent the info out prior to the destruction of the disk. People's minds are not on a network though, at least not naturally. Maybe in the future there could be a device that can translate, transmit and receive thought. Or maybe after 1000s of years of using wireless devices that our genes may adapt naturally to do such a thing, if that's even possible. I wouldn't hold my breath on that.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/1/2009 9:07:07 PM

which might allow you to experience a conciousness once again as a new being.

But that is the same thing. Think of twins, genetically they are clones, however they have two distinct minds. We are made of trillions of atoms. Those atoms come from our food, drink, parents, their parents, other people, the earth, the sun ect.. However, which of these "minds" would we inherit? All of them? You could have atoms from billions separate sources, millions of different people, if all possibilities are considered in the transfer of atoms to you. So if that's the case, how could one ever experience consciousnes again? Which one of the millions gets out on top?
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/1/2009 9:17:03 PM

Poster 119 .. if you have lost the 'magic' of awe before the wonders unfolding scientifically then IMHO you have lost something , a quality of thought , that a scientist must have .

on the contrary....i have not lost the magic at all. I just know where to look for it. This knowledge is most of the key. If you see magic in random places, it is you who have lost something. There is a science to identifying magic, versus deception. It might come to you in time.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/1/2009 9:17:15 PM

.i'm a collection of ordered proteins in my brain which make my memories. So that brain would be me, even though it had different molecules.

So, the chances of "me" ever rearranging again by chance is essentially zero. Not really zero, but so close to zero that astrophysics call things like this zero.
Even if all the molecules and atoms of some babies brain were made from mine, who cares?? It still isnt me, unless the STRUCTURE is the same as me.

The consciousness itself does not transfer. Nothing really tranfers, except individual atoms.

Memories are not stored INSIDE the neurons. Memories are a process - the firing, the energetic exchange BETWEEN neurons facilitate memories. You are confusing the structure with the content, which are different. You should know of the study where rats were taught to go through a maze and researchers kept taking out parts of the brain - but the memory of the maze continued, although many other abilities of the rat suffered. No actual spot in the brain contains a single memory. Even if a memory can activate in one part of the brain does not mean that by removing that part the memory will not pop up somewhere else. Cells have memory, they have ways of reacting to surrounding stimuli that act totally independent of consciousness. It is this kind of collective reactions of the body consciousness that is said to transfer.

Saying consciousness is within the neurons is like saying everything on this computer is within the computer program. The information coded in the program was put in there by somebody, and it is quite arbitrary which code refers to what. All of this is done beyond the scope of the computer itself. The code is simply a vehicle where information from outside can be communicated and reproduced on the other side.

It is subtle energy that keeps the body alive, and it is that which departs upon death. It no longer is confined to the physical laws we humans consider basic, once it departs. It now has the freedom to move about but carries with it the physical imprint of the body that it left. That is the thing that then comes back to the body of a newly conceived human. It is a kind of informational transfer - it can then seek the most appropriate informational - ie DNA structure that it needs. Thus the DNA is both ancestral - physically inherited from 2 cells, but also develops according to the informational system of the subtle energy which gives it life. Since subtle energy is not detected or recognized by science does not mean that it does not exist. That which works on a level that is not in this physical realm it is currently beyond our ability to test (as far as I know). But since we all have it, since it has been around forever since life started, it can be FELT. It is a very different method of awareness that allows one to feel this energy, and it must be practiced just as with anything else. Since the subtle body moving from one physical body to another will gather information and lose it's form constantly, it is a not the consciousness in the brain that it is transferring, it is the entire influence of feelings, preferences of the whole body. After all there is still no good explanation for why some DNA is more active than other parts of DNA. As we know much of it is silent or only gets "turned on" with specific environmental stimuli. The subtle body is partly that which influences the DNA to activate. Many who are reincarnated have weirdly similar features - thus they must have similar DNA. What is "randomly" selected according to science (a huge cop out of an explanation as far as I'm concerned) would actually be actively selected, active mutations according to the inherited disembodied life forces of those who have passed on.

That is a very simplistic hypothesis of what is going on, but there is nothing illogical in it. I am sure there will one day be instruments to detect the subtle body but today it is just people - and there are many, many, many people who detect this. Some call it soul, aura, what have you, I've felt it and experienced what it can do and so have many others. Some don't however, and it simply by avoiding feelings then one can lose their perception of it. Our culture is not one that understands feelings or subtlety, and so it is common for people to have no idea what it is about. Sensitive people who naturally DO feel it get labelled crazy or unfortunately just have to seek long enough to find people who can understand it enough to know it's real, or might be lucky enough to be born to those who acknowledge and nurture it. No scientific explanation can unexplain the massive number of experiences involving this subtle body and the volumes of literature and tradition that involve it in all cultures. The fact that science is alone in denying this says something about the shortcomings of science, not the shortcomings of its existence.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/1/2009 9:51:41 PM

They take place because of the pre-existing architecture of the neurons the moment BEFORE the exhange took place.

Not "because" but through the architecture. That is not cause and effect, you keep confusing cause and effect with correlation. Losing short term memory is not the same as having a memory exist in one place. It is still just a vehicle for physical information coming in, and a memory being recreated. The recreation doesn't happen in that one little spot, it has to be connected to other information to cause recall. I keep thinking of Zoolander where they try to take apart the computer to find the file INSIDE of it.

Fine, I wont quote the rat study again but I can't write anything else because you won't read it. I'm just proposing a logical explanation for what might go on, explaining things which you have outright rejected.

Sorry to inform you, but memory DOES reside in certain areas of the brain. And if perfectly recreated, you can form memories in an artificial "you"

Wow, did they do that? Did they make an artificial me? I'm sorry, but until this has been done, I don't believe you for a second. That's like saying I can recreate a photograph that someone made without seeing the original image. The photograph doesn't cause the image, it's just a vehicle to relay an image that was projected onto it. The process of making a photograph requires a great deal more than silver halides or digital code.

You haven't convinced me of anything.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/1/2009 9:55:13 PM

The energy does not disperse, and is self contained so it has no possibility of existing in multiple organisms. It is attracted to biological material and is processed by the body so that it is used in the reproductive process. I don't know, it sounds pretty kooky.

it does more than sound kooky.

The energy does not disperse?? Where did you get that idea? No possibility of existing in multiple organism?? This is total pseudoscientific wishful thinking. It has no basis in reality. I can no longer converse down this line of doesnt benefit anybody. But good luck with that. :)

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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/1/2009 11:37:02 PM

Dude, Greg, you have always seemed like the voice of reason in this room.

thanks for the compliment. I think it just might sting a little when that voice is aimed in your direction. Over the course of this, and other threads, i have stated quite well why what your saying is impossible.

Energy, in its purist form is neither created nor destroyed. But specifically taylored energy IS destroyed. When i die, the electricity that holds my memories is destroyed. It becomes heat (why we get cold), and some of it is used in the breakdown of brain and other organs. It reverts back to its elemental form, which holds no more information about "me" specifically. AS for your respect, i'm sure i lose alot of people's respect when I aim my debate towards them. I wasnt attacking you personally, just attacking your post.

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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/2/2009 5:09:56 PM
Op: I think you are on the right track until you get into consciousness. Our "energy" never actually dies but changes shape and purpose. So in that sense, we are indeed reincarnated however, there is no real proof that any part of what is known as our consciousness goes with it.

I think of it like this, our consciousness seems extremely important because of our perspective. However, during the period when our bodies are decomposing etc. our perspective has changed and it really is the energy that is most important.

It's kind of like thinking cake is really important to your life until you get to a point of food insecurity then nutrition becomes more important. You realize that the cake never really was that important but just extra gravy on your life platter.

That's kind of how I feel about our "soul". People combine energy and consciousness when its probably more the case of energy influencing consciousness.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/2/2009 9:33:15 PM
Alas, as much as I'd like to believe in an afterlife or reincarnation, we're all worm food when the lights go out.

I hope I'm wrong (edit: even if it means I suffer for eternity for choosing poorly). I'm pretty sure I'm right, and I'm not such a coward as to take any variant of Pascal's Wager just to make myself feel better.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/4/2009 3:01:03 AM

Address Posts Not Posters Else It Will Be Closed along with the Flamers!

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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/11/2009 7:02:47 PM
I DO believe in an afterlife (and beforelife). But first, my background consists of 36 years in the practice of law but in college I was a math/physics major so my life has been devoted to facts and not faith. I am NOT a religious person in any way whatsoever. If I had to label myself, the label would have to be agnostic.

So, as a person who deals with facts, these are the facts that suggest an afterlife to me. Many decades ago I used to attend many lectures at UCLA. The one I found most fascinating was a PhD clinical psychologist working in San Francisco who did a two year clinical study (including hypnotic age regression studies) of 100 random "street people". Few if any of these people even graduated high school or seen the inside of a library. These were drug users, general societal dropouts who were all hypnotically regressed to past lifetimes. All, to a person, described their past lives in great detail and these details were later verified. For example, some of them were regressed to several previous lifetimes and described things, events, that only a steadfast researcher would have known. Consciously, none of them remembered any past lifetimes but under repeated hypnosis, remembered it all. They remembered family names (later verified), historical events (also verified) and many other things that this group would simply not likely be aware of.

I soon became very interested in hypnosis (to see for myself) and took several courses in it. One night, a met a guy at a party who was an engineer. We got to talking about many things (in addition to hypnosis) and, as it turned out, this man was having trouble keeping focused (his mind would drift off from time to time) at work and asked if I thought hypnosis could help. I told him I thought it could and would be willing to try it as an experiment. He agreed and the following week I hypnotised him several times. It DID wind up helping him focus with the aid of some fairly simple post hypnotic suggestions.

But we went further (with his eager permission) to do an age regression over two or three subsequent sessions that (with his permission) were all tape recorded. During those sessions, he recalled his most recent previous life as a coal miner in Kentucky. He described (named) his wife, children and other relatives. He described how he and all of his family members lived and died and his life in general in great detail. Keep in mind this person was born in New York and never even visited Kentucky and has no friends or relatives who live (or ever lived) in Kentucky.

It was a fascinating experience for both of us. Well, a couple of weeks later, my new friend had to go back east because his mother was ill and not expected to live. During the month he was back east, out of curiousity, he did some research from the various vital statistics from the State of Kentucky to find out that the people he described actually lived and how and when they died. It freaked him out so much that he called me from New York in the middle of the night to tell me what he learned.

The next area of FACT that swayed me was meeting a true psychic. This was a mind blowing experience because I was completely skeptical about the whole of psychic phenomena notion before I met this lady. The notion of "psychics" conjured up images of circuses and palm readers, tea leaves and all that entails. BUT, this woman, after simply touching something I always wear (my watch) told me several very specific things about me that she had absolutely no way of knowing.

For example, she told me where I was born (Long Island), what i did for a living, what my hobbies were, that I have three sisters, and many other specifics (NO generalities one would expect like "you're going to meet the love of your life soon", etc.).

She told me one of my favorite restaurants was called Mama Leone's in New York. This is where I thought she might've fallen down on the job because, to my knowledge, I've never been at any such restaurant and my family migrated to Los Angeles when I was about 14 months old.

So, the next day, I called my mother who was then living in Palm Springs. I asked her about that restaurant and she told me that "Oh yes. Your father and I used to go there all the time when I was pregnant with you. It was our favorite restaurant". THAT raised the hair on the back of my neck in ways you can't even imagine.

She also told me where the ring I usually wear was located (I wasn't wearing it at the time I met her). This ring was a two-toned gold puzzle ring my ex wife bought me for a birthday present. It was a Turkish engagement ring that came apart into six separate interlinked rings. Once you took it apart it was very hard to put back together unless you knew how. She described it in great detail and told me that it was hanging on a hook in my kitchen which is exactly where it was. I used to leave it there when I was washing dishes so I wouldn't drop it down the drain.

She told me that, in the future, I would be working with someone I trusted who lived in the west (San Fernando) valley. I had no clue who that might be. But six years later, I did in fact start to work with a lawyer (also another musician) who became a close friend and we've been working together successfully ever since to this day.

That episode convinced me that there absolutely IS a cosmic "consciousness" (for want of a better term) that some people can tap into. I think this information is "out there" and available to those with that specially developed gift. In fact I asked her about herself and she told me that, when she was a young child, she could do this all the time. In fact, it created so many problems for her and her family that they had to move several times because her "gift" absolutely freaked people out. As a young child, she assumed everyone could do what she was able to do and when she found out that was not the case, she stopped being so "up front" about it until years later.

So, there are many FACTS that I've used to come to the conclusion that life is an endless cycle of "lives" and that sometimes we come back as men and sometimes as women and continue to do so until we learn all of the life lessons we need to learn. I don't really care what the skeptics say because I was one of them and can only say that once you experience what I did, they'll change their tune.

Now, as a disclaimer, I'm not suggesting all psychics are the real deal. There are many frauds out there taking advantage of people at their most vulnerable moments for profit and these people are, to me, despicable. The psychic I met and talked with refused to accept money from me although I did gladly offer it after the session. There are good/honest people and liars and cheats in every business and profession and psychics are no different. But when you find the real deal, you'll know it.

I consider myself to be a fairly hard-headed individual with a "show me" attitude. Well, I was shown and, believe me, once you're shown, you know.

But one of the questions I had was, if reincarnation is true and our earthly population has grown enormously over time, where did all the extra other "souls" come from. I came to accept the notion that there are other sentient beings throughout the universe and reincarnation isn't limited to earthly "beings". Yes, I know what that sounds like but it fits and I'm perfectly comfortable with that notion and can accept it because it makes sense.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/12/2009 12:41:30 AM

am not right but God is... how could the Creator of everything in existence be bored?... what with running heaven and the universe and all ..

Yeah, and sitting around wondering who created Him would keep him occupied for quite a while I'm guessing. Not sure how reincarnation fits into the Judeo-Christian Bible tho.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/12/2009 9:05:22 PM
I've heard from lots of different sources that current scientific theory is that there are lots more dimensions than the ones we can see. Consciousness may simply be held in some of those extra dimensions.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 9/15/2009 4:50:44 PM
Ergo cosmic conciousness.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 5/7/2011 4:06:36 PM
I have really no idea if reincarnation is possible...thou i am doing many
experiments in this life...i have to get it right if there is an afterlife.

I have hypothesized, therrized and tested various genders and concluded
that none of them have been very God like
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 3/13/2012 5:41:52 PM
energy, like matter, cannot be created or destroyed...only transmuted---Roger Penrose has some thoughts about this inherent in his theory of the quantum soul...
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 3/15/2012 4:49:25 AM
People believe in all shorts of weird ideas,,Life just IS, no more, no less.It is up each one of us to create a meaning for the life we live in. We humans have climbed close to the top of the highest mountain of knowledge, but as we try to reach the top of that mountain, we are always greeted by a bunch of priests who have all the answers.
Fortunately these days they only know what happened before the Big Bang.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 4/5/2012 5:30:43 PM
"US" it would depend on what you mean. If you're going to define your existence as pertaining to all the atoms that were once apart of your body, then you're probably spread about the world already. Skin flakes that come off you have already passed through the air. Maybe a dust mite ate some of your skin and you know live as the guy who started this thread and as baby dust mites?
But, what about things that aren't even alive? Would they also count as "you" as well?
Generally, I would define my existence as my consciousness. If I am able to think then I exist.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 4/10/2012 1:25:04 AM
the sliver lining,

reincarnation is not philosophical; it's based in religion and mysticism. furthermore, outside of the lens of science; testibility, falsifiability, and the scientific method. with that that said, i think what you are looking for, is 'Naturalistic Pantheism'. the way that 'Naturalistic Pantheism' would relate to reincarnation;[ i'm not going to explain pantheism] is that matter/energy can not be created nor destroyed, in that sense, we are all just recycled matter/energy. [i use matter/energy based on general relativity]

but yeah, there's your scientific scrutinization, YAY!!! as well, an actual philosophy we can discuss. i suggest starting with Spinoza if you would like to discovery more. happy hunting :)

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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 4/10/2012 9:38:37 PM

absurd to even use the words "reincarnation" and "scientific" in the same sentence

galaxy15 has done it without sounding absurd.

"There is no scientific perspective of reincarnation.
Science has not fused the necessary disciplines to understand the concept - or for that matter detect any proof of reincarnation,"
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 4/12/2012 2:14:29 PM
i like to suggest that so called ' junk dna' may

carry the mechanism that transmit specific consciousness and
life experience to a new body.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 4/12/2012 5:28:26 PM
"Would it make sense that as we decompose, and return to the earth so to speak parts of us are eventually absorbed by other humans (or other living things). Living things divert those pieces of us into creating new offspring that in turn are concentrated in to a consciousness that is only minutely "us", and minutely parts of others things that have lived (life as we know it: animals, plants). As a result we individually, and simultaneously experience this as our own new conciousness. It may be that it all combines to be one. I don't know. Is this completely illogocal?"

-No. Once the brain is gone, memory goes with it. Ask an alzeimer's patient, or anyone who has been reincarnated if they remember their past life. The only way for the mind to inheret anything is psychological because the brain needs to grow off of the basic building blocks. I'll admit though even though this is obviously true, it does conflict with a spiritual perspective.
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 4/16/2012 9:56:09 PM
To understand how crazy ideas come up and get believed in, one need only go to various forums and read on any topic which involves, god, religion, ghosts, bigfoot, aliens or anything else that is impossible to prove as a negative.

Entire human cultures will take nutty ideas like Zeus or a wold that sits on the back of a giant turtle and believe it like there is absolutely no chance it isn't an absolute. In other words, the human mind can be shaped into believing anything.

It still remains that thoughts, personal history, personality are all created by an incredibly complex machine of a brain. A "soul" as it is described by most people is an "image" of these traits. Like a program sitting on a disk. Like a file. The question of this thread is basically asking, can this file/image be transferred to the surrounding environment and stored until it is then reanimated in another human or animal or tree or ghost. There is, to date, absolutely no evidence of any kind that such a transfer would be able to take place or that there is any mechanism for this image to be stored outside the mind which it was constructed in.

Also, when people speak of the soul and afterlife, the image seems to retain it's personality. Something which would serve absolutely no purpose in a non physical world. Another problem is the filing system. Suppose you are buried in a graveyard and your "soul" seeps into the ground. Highly unlikely that a ground filled with all these people is going to keep that all strait. No more DNA or physical boundaries, seems like it would all muddle up together. After all you can only fit so many different radio waves in a band before they start effecting each other. When people talk about ghosts and such they always speak of "waves" and "energies" and "vibrations." Unfortunately they obviously have zero experience dealing with such things cuz any good Ham radio operator can tell you that those bandwidths get clogged up pretty fast. It's like taking all different colors of light and turning them on at once, Eventually yer just gonna get white. (bad analogy but you get the picture)

As a person who has been dead twice now, I can say with 100% honesty that (for me) there was absolutely nothing there. Not so much as a dream or a flash of light. I would assume this has a lot to do with my lack of belief that an after life exists in any form. Still, I know someone who, in a near death experience, remembers vividly seeing her dead grandmother in the room. This is a person who spent a lot of time in church. Given that the mind can create lucid dreams and various hallucinations, it seems quite plausible that her mind could build on her belief system under duress and create that moment for her.

So it's impossible to prove there is no afterlife. It's easy to show there is no known physical mechanism to facilitate it and one doesn't seem to loom on the horizon. As for the people who say why bother spending any effort discussing it, I think the effort isn't completely wasted in that the afterlife is almost always used as evidence, threats, bait or rewards regarding religion. Though I don't really care what anyone believes as far as religion, once the religion starts trying to push it's influence on government, then it's extremely important to point out that religion is based upon complete fabrications of the mind. None of which can be proven. Not Christ, Not Mohammad, Not the Mormons or Scientology. It's all nothing but hearsay at it's core, 1st day, self proclaimed prophet claim of holiness.

That's why the discussion of afterlife is always a valid one. So that people understand that religion is a choice. A choice which for much of history, was mandated by threat of death and at this point in time there is a claim of freedom which is constantly under siege by those who want religion running the government according to one "holy" book or another.

You cannot have a free country if the government bans any religion. You cannot have a free government if any religions gains control over the government. Freedom under one belief system is not freedom :) So if there is reincarnation..... I was obviously, at one time Thomas Paine >:)
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Reincarnation, from a scientific perspective
Posted: 4/23/2012 10:39:45 AM
^^^Interesting, thanks for sharing your experience.

I've drowned before and watched from above as my body was being carried out of the water. I was able to accurately describe who carried me out, how far into the water they went etc. While there was no fear and after I got over the awe of how beautiful the park was from up where I was, it turned into frustration of wanting to be on the ground with my friends. This led to a facination of the afterlife for me.

I've pondered reincarnation and thought from a scientific viewpoint that it could be possible that we inherit a genetic memory from our ancestors, similar to how animals know without being taught.

For example, if a person had an ancestor who worked in a castle during the medieval times and inherited that dna along with the memories, it would explain why one would have flashbacks to that time.

I believe there is something to reincarnation because in conversations with young children they have described to me knowlege and experiences that are too accurate to be imagination.
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