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First: quietjohn2 that whole post is so riddled with untruths and misinformation I consider it an assault on facts and below the effort to dispute the cumulative mistakes
Please read prior posts on page one.

OP .. I talked to an older rancher friend of mine about the possibility of some uncommercial practice or antique piece of equipment that was capable delivering electrocution. He said that he used to hook up his fence wire directly to 120vac line voltage from time to time. It's called a weed burner and the purpose was so that when the grass / weeds would get to tall and get into the line lowering it's effectiveness by grounding it slightly along the path they would hook up line voltage directly to the fence wire. The line voltage does have sufficient amperage to burn the weeds at the height of the wire and kill the weed /grass ... and some unfortunate soul who was unlucky enough to not see it, however even that does not have sufficient power to instantly burn a human in the manner you described.

SO .. even with that possibility ... as almost everyone has stated .. it's impossible
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 8/20/2009 1:38:07 PM
Ok .. Now I could go through and dispute what was said or what I think is wrong.

That really isn't the issue here is it?

I think that it could be more accurately stated that my post was not a presentation of facts contrary to the post itself but more of an insinuation of a lack of intelligence and integrity directed towards you.
An unprofessional, and unwarranted insinuation. This is the second time my lack of understanding of human nature or my own has led me to being berated.

I think that some of what you said is inaccurate but that by default does not entitle me to say what I did or present your post as not having any merit.

I apologize.

I'm really not an ass, but sometimes my actions and words can prove otherwise. There is a learning curve here and in light of recent statements (you wern't the first to hit me back with truth thinly layered in sarcasm today) I think I shall refrain from posting until maybe I have thought a little more about how what I am wanting to say can be interpreted or how it is directed.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 8/20/2009 8:21:01 PM
It is possible if you are close enough so the urine stream doesn't break up, as once it does, it can't conduct a charge to the "host". There is a story on Darwin which I think is true. It happened right here in Northridge where I live. We have high voltage power lines running next to Northridge. A couple of teenagers decided on a hot summer day to practice their climbing and repelling skills on a tower. Since it was hot, they were wearing shorts and muscle shirts. At one point one of the teens took a break after climbing up onto the platform just above the high tension lines. He leaned back against the tower (his shoulder making direct contact with the metal) and decided it would be fun to pis on the line. Well he got enough of a shock that it threw him from the tower and he died in the fall. It didn't howerver, fry any of his body parts. But I disagree there is insufficient power to burn you. High voltage/amperage is a very dangerous and unpredictable thing.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 2/5/2010 4:02:50 AM
I got that email awhile back and looked into the pic. It is a photo of the penis of a man in China who received some sort of microwave treatment on it for something (I forget what his complaint was). It was left in the "easy-bake" treatment device (by negligence or accident...I'm not sure which) about 100 times longer that it was intended. The condition wasn't immediately apparent and actually developed over a period of days. The man eventually(?) lost most if it.

I guess the device was an American import and the Chinese couldn't read the badly translated assembly & use instructions correctly. It was probably invented by some guy who bought an "easily assembled" "made in China" barbecue.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 2/5/2010 6:28:28 AM
I can tell you from experience that the urine stream shuts off abruptly.
A charlie horse in the urethral sphincter is a very strange sensation. Not one I'd care to experience again.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 2/5/2010 10:44:58 AM
Unless you are putting some serious force behind it, a man's urine stream breaks up into little droplets soon after leaving the body.

So if you are pissing on the ground near an electric fence, you are probably safe since the stream has broken up. If the fence is powerful enough to get you this way, then you are probably going to sustain some damage. Now if you are brave and deliberately pissing on one from a closer range, you run the risk of getting nailed regardless.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 2/5/2010 11:20:39 AM
Mybusters is great fun to watch, unfortuantelly they get a hell of a lot of things wrong. For instance, urine in a full blader dose not come out under its own presure but is pushed out by the presure in the blader. Aditionaly, the urethra is not a perfect circle, but almost a figure eight shape. This, combined with a twist provide by the bend of the urethra provides twin streams with a twist that keeps the stream constant.

Didn't he try it again and got a bit of a shock and only after he got really, really close to the wire, as in almost touching it?....and why are we discussing this? Really?

sometimes these fora get really...well...weird!

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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 2/5/2010 2:00:54 PM

When we where kids we used to time each other

I remember when we were kids we used to have pissing contests (pretty much the same thing as some of the form arguments) to see who could go the farthest, until one day we had to award the trophy to a girl. That was the end of the contests.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 2/7/2010 11:00:44 AM

3-phase electric power isn't even available for domestic use.

Really? Perhaps you can explain why one week ago, I switched out a 240 V 3-phase plug on my new dryer because the socket in the wall of my laundry room used a different prong pattern. Perhaps the wall socket, my breaker box, the dryer, and the plug were all mis-labeled as 240 Volt 3-phase.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 2/8/2010 1:48:05 AM
this discussion is all very detailed, but a simple question occurs to me...

Why would you?
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 2/8/2010 6:23:10 AM

Why would you?

As Sir Edmund Hillary would say: "Because it is there."
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 2/9/2010 6:43:50 PM

It is beautiful to behold and can be used to write your name on the snow

Dotting the i's is what separated the men from the boys.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 2/16/2010 1:57:15 PM
I have touched an electric fence... and they hurt. If it was going straight up my wahoo via pee... it would hurt even more. Maybe he was peeing on an electric fence designed for large game?

Either way, I've had the electricity go through a piece of wet grass... did the Mythbuster dudes actually pee with their own stuff?
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 2/18/2010 3:02:38 PM

Jewels you obviously spent a lot of time with other girls as a child.
If you had hung out with the lads you would be aware that a male stream of urine is a beautiful golden arc and completely continuous at least until the final few seconds.

Thanks for the observations (I thought blokes never looked at other blokes "streams"
another myth debunked) All urine is made up of droplets, dense enough to create that "golden shower" ...I was asking, my much more learned forum buffs, IF this (density) could factor into the equation...

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the thread it has been really interesting.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 2/25/2010 1:13:01 PM
If the guy put his weiner against the fence he could get hurt but those fences generally are just enough so that livestock is disinterested in the fence.

If he was just peeing, then he couldn't get injured much. The electricity causes the muscles to tense and the pee pee stops. Think about it.

My friend and I did this when I was about 12. We wired up a device so that his dog wouldn't pee in the wrong place. It worked very well with no injury because the pee is not continuous like a wire. It's intermittent as it splashes in different directions.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 3/1/2010 4:59:29 PM
I don't know about electric fences but power lines WILL do the job.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 3/1/2010 8:23:48 PM
How unlucky is that?...I wonder if he thought, when the power line came down it was not LIVE or just didn't think.
A real tragedy.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 3/2/2010 6:25:20 AM
Well, the good news, is that he won't ever do that again.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 3/2/2010 9:31:03 AM
^^^^^ for some, the cup is ALWAYS half full.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 3/2/2010 7:53:08 PM
Well, I always try to see the positive side of things
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 3/5/2010 3:59:55 PM
If you've ever been young and drunk in the country you've pissed on an electric fence...and known nothing happened.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 7/12/2010 5:02:54 PM
two years ago, a homeless got electrocuted for pissing on the third rail of the subway system i live by.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 7/12/2010 5:40:33 PM

My question is, my much wiser POF forum buffs…Is this possible to fry your penis if you urinated on an electric fence?

Yes. Urine is a fairly good conductor.
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 7/27/2010 7:22:41 PM
all I can give you here is my personal experiences of playing with an electric fence as a seriously.

They pulse, and if you grab it with bare hands and bare feet its a good shock but wont burn or kill you. if you grab it wearing boots you dont get a shock

if you touch it with a wet stick you get a weak shock. If you touch it with a dry stick you get no shock. Using a metal wire gives you a shock. Rigging up metal wires from the electrified wire to the actual metal fence transmits the shock throug the fence and gets weaker as you get farther away.

electric fences will not light up a light bulb.

electric fences will not start fires

throwing grass on top of the electric wire in an attempt to lure cows over to eat it and get electricuted in the face didnt....seem to do anything. Cows are smart. They also know what electric fences are.

farmers dont like it when the neibors kid plays with their electric fence

and peeing on it does not electricute you.

No information available about doing #2 on the electric fence. It didnt occur to me at the time.

yes, you just got firsthand experience on the subject.
 bint fishing
Joined: 7/28/2010
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Pissing on electric fences
Posted: 8/4/2010 10:07:52 AM

If you've ever been young and drunk in the country you've pissed on an electric fence...and known nothing happened.

Well, I'm from the country, have been young and even drunk! But I have never pissed on an electric fence while drunk.

It deepends on the fence and the voltage along with contact, (keep the stream going) yes. pissing on an electric fence will give you a shock. But no, it isn't going to electricute you. Been there, done that and have no interest in doing it again.
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