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True Australian women use australian words too; like bum or arse, not butt... Big clue in the vocabulary used too...
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in what way are australian women different to women of other cultures?
Posted: 9/12/2011 10:44:43 AM
MMm I use words like built in cushion, bumpers, or derriere. Will have to add bum and arse to list
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in what way are australian women different to women of other cultures?
Posted: 9/24/2011 2:46:07 AM
Australian women are very accepting and accommodating in that they are prepared to give anything or anyone a go. The difference is they draw the line at not being true to themselves and wont think twice about walking away when their morals or values are questioned. They're very sweet and very strong.
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in what way are australian women different to women of other cultures?
Posted: 1/3/2015 5:52:41 PM
You see it time and time again. A Japanese lady comes over here, all nice and polite, nice clothes, nice manners etc.

Then they start hanging round with Aussie chicks. Next thing you know, they call people the c-word all the time, smoke bongs with truckies, spit on the ground, and dress like whores. After that comes the tramp stamp/arse antlers, then its straight down to centrelink to sign up for the baby bonus, where they'll latch on to some dribbling idiot in a terry-towelling hat and con him up to give her a belly full of arms and legs. All of a sudden she's slapped a DVO on him and blown half his mates on the sly, and so she moves into a caravan with Shazza. So next time you drive past a caravan park and see a haggard flogged out old Asian woman watering the flowers, you'll know exactly how it all began.
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in what way are australian women different to women of other cultures?
Posted: 12/26/2016 8:24:11 PM
I agree with the first few stanza's of the drovers wife (poem)
Australian women do come across as bitter tired old hags who don't know how to be ladies.

In all honesty the Australian woman has tickets on herself, because the average Australian bloke falls over himself for a piece.
She's always looking to trade up her case and work the system appearing weak only when it suits her agenda.
She has none of the Aristotelian virtues men are looking for & lusts only for wealth, power and above all status.
Her 'ground floor' mind takes no time to consider how life should be lived or how she effects those around her other than to reflect the empathy of the herd and her spiritual obsession with yoga is no more introspective than the color of her leotard in sharp irony of the very basis to which the practice was derived.
Aussie women are vain without the looks to warrant it.
Aussie women have no use for men, they are so strong and dependent the only reason they have a man is to cuckold him into subservience so her children have a mother.
Aussie women are trivial and delusional, chasing after what they are told they want by others and not even considering what works and makes their world happier.
Aussie women hold a grudge and after one bad partner treat every man as the devil; where upon they must prostrate themselves before 'lady justice' and plead their case that they are but not merely a man, but divine.
It must above all not be a lie though it cannot be true, & upon this thread is the sword of Damocles.
There is no love to the Aussie woman, nor from and the fabled medusa would make a greater wife than she; in both looks & temperance.
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in what way are australian women different to women of other cultures?
Posted: 12/26/2016 8:26:51 PM
I wish I lived in Oz and only had to contend with witches. :P
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in what way are australian women different to women of other cultures?
Posted: 12/26/2016 9:09:14 PM
i wouldnt be surprised alot of pple would hate me for this post

Well it's sat there a month and nobody's even bothered to respond, so I doubt you've caused a ripple let alone a frenzy of hatred.

Men dont know how to handle such a change. For the old ways of courtship, often get slapped in the face. so now Men fear of rejected, where as men in the golden times, do not.

I would be most curious to hear about these old ways of courtship that worked so well in the golden times that would now cause a woman to slap a man? Because it takes an awful lot to make most women strike a man (excluding a percentage of nutters), and I can't imagine too many old genuinely lovely courtship techniques that would cause it. Surely the sorts of things a woman would slap a man for would be well outside the realms of ...courtship?

Okay please look at the wikipedia entry for courtship.
Courtship is not dating; it is not a casual affair it is more in depth and ritualitic.
For a start finding out where a girl lives and serenading her is likely to land you an AVO or at the very least a tresspass warning.
You cannot go through elders because people don't respect nor listen to them these days.
On top of this it's hard to build up to something with the casualization women have towards partners; I fully expect any woman I like to either already have a partner or be 3 days away from a 'tie over'.
If this is not the case then they are the sort that is saving themselves for the 'always something better'.
You don't get better than me, I work, I'm sane, average looking, intelligent and a gentleman.
That's not good enough for such women.

I have noticed that Women have given too much power. Too much power of controling the situation of whom they should meet, whom they should get, what they want, and so forth.

You don't think women should control who they meet, who they go out with and what they want? Errrm, who should make these decisions for the women then?
There is nothing wrong with their elders making such decisions; they are likely to listen to the concerns of their children and have not only the world experience as well as the personal distance to consider things objectively.
The problem really comes that there can be no mid way between the two where an elders opinions are taken to heart.
Personally I am very introspective, I understand myself very well.
If I am honest without tempering my wishes I would date nothing, but beautiful 18 year olds or reserve my heart (I've been single long enough not to care about being single); the rational intelligent side of me recognizes that such a want is not healthy for me and as much as I may desire it, it isn't actually what I want.
Perspective is what allows the irrational desires of the self to be tempered so that true happiness can be achieved by simply being realistic and more relaxed.
Do not expect a rose to be in bloom by your bedside every morning, expect fair weather and soil and to grow enough so that you may find them there in any season but winter.

It is a new thing to have and they dont know how to use it properly.

So women shouldn't have control over their own lives because they haven't had sufficient experience at being in control of their own lives? Well I've been in control of my own life since I reached adulthood, much the same as all of us here, I'm guessing. It's not minute I was a 40's housewife and next thing, whammo, I found myself in the 2000's not knowing what to do with myself. The women who didn't have control of their own lives, back in this golden era of which you speak, are probably in nursing homes or dead by now. The women you'd be meeting/dating didn't grow up not having control over their own lives...we are not the same women...women are not this collective entity, but rather a whole stack of individual female humans with their own unique consciousness and experiences. Surprising, hey!

It is more correct to say that they have been handed power like the young emperor Nero was handed his by his mother and like Nero have gravitated to allow no authority over and hence corrupted themselves to Tyrany.
Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
It corrupted men before womens lib, now it's corrupted women post womens lib and in the words of many forefront feminists today if all we have managed to accomplish is to flip the coin then we have accomplished nothing.

So... how does that make the women of today any less experienced with controlling their own lives than the men of today? And therefore why on earth would you think that to the women of today this is a "new thing" that they "don't know how to use properly"? Then again, I guess some people have a brain all their lives and don't become any more skilled at using it.

Because it was a forced & not natural transition of state. It is why there is such a problem today where both sexes mistrust each other and fail to get what they desire from modern dating.
I can back this up using both logic and example.
Simply put though women ask for too much then complain that there is not enough of the angels cut to go round, they don't become more realistic in fact quite the opposite working more on themselves to increase their own introspective value that has no real world application because it cannot make a 5% population group into a 60-90% population group.
Men are unhappy because if they are not in the top 5% of elligible males then they suffer from the negative feedback loop presented by overreaching females and have no choice in the matter.
There is no balance and therein lies the problem.
Women long for confident strong stable vibrant men predominantly, by age 40 can you say you've encouraged those qualities in men? or have you just looked for what you want and been cherry picking till you ended up alone?
In the latter it's not one persons poor judgement that affects only the one persons future; she affects many.

my god, i met a bimbo once.. i couldnt even SLEEP with her she that boring.. lmao

I wonder how long it took for her scars to heal. Still, I guess if someone else could simply make her decisions for her, about where she goes, who she meets, and control her life for her, she wouldn't be such a bimbo huh.

The rest of your post just seems to be a series of generalisations about women wanting men with cars and credit cards who look like Fabio, and then a quick rant about you wanting women to lose weight. Oh, and I think you called some people shallow. No wonder nobody bothered to respond for a month.

I do disagree with the car bit in particular, when I interact with women it's not around my car and from what I understand of psychology and sociology it's not going to impact therefore on the first impression and likely not on any date.
Especially with the whale in the room that a modern man isn't throwing cash at some random uninvested party who they might not see ever again; and damn modern man for not being more traditional. *rolls eyes.
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in what way are australian women different to women of other cultures?
Posted: 1/2/2017 3:12:42 AM
what a waffling diatribe. more work needed on the 'rational intelligent' side.
clearly ladders-of-inference have played major roles in the warped views here.
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in what way are australian women different to women of other cultures?
Posted: 1/15/2017 11:54:16 PM
Generally speaking australian women are great , this is a very general statement , the only difference between them and women of other cultures is i find they sometimes lack confidence.

European women in particular are very easy to talk to because they dont assume you have an agenda.
Asian women are very shy at first but are still lots of fun and easy to get to know.

one thing ladies most decent men find a bit of a turn off is having a few too many .. this is an australian culture thing i know but its not a good look.

I would love to go out and be my self and talk to ladies , dance , have a great night without them being worried ... that would be awesome.

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in what way are australian women different to women of other cultures?
Posted: 1/30/2017 4:31:37 AM
l'd like to say they were the best chicks in the world but sadly l can't, not even close.
The age terribly , lose all sex appeal, looks, body but yet have such an unwarranted sense of entitlement and me me me , that it's bloody ridiculous, especially for what your gonna get for your trouble. Just look over the date sites or up and down any shopping mall .
My ex gf was a modern Italian , no comparison , not in bed or out , or looks, or cooking or passion, convo, fun,or anything. Don't know if l'll ever fall in love again but if it's an Aussie then she'd have to be a big big cut above the norm that's out there in 40s and 50s these days but l'm not even interested in one from any l've seen.
Pretty sad sitch really. Wish l was still in Melbourne with so many other nationalities , unfortunately mainly just aussie girls in my area here
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in what way are australian women different to women of other cultures?
Posted: 1/30/2017 6:07:59 AM
But if you "can" find one that's looked after herself and isn't screwed in the head , they're ok.
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in what way are australian women different to women of other cultures?
Posted: 7/2/2017 10:17:16 PM
it would be interesting to ask australian women " what do men want ? " if they dont know or care about the answer then that maybe the difference.

Women i have met from different countries most definitely know what men want. Not talking about sex , thats a minor part of it , im talking about how to charm a man , to make him feel good , to get him to open up and get him to want to be around them.

If a lot of australian women are finding it hard to get a man .. then its possible they dont know what men want.

just a thought
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