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Well, if that isn't the biggest load of stereotyping bullshit I have ever seen, I don't know what is.

I like my professional hair hair is beautiful and takes someone who knows what they are doing to trim it correctly...even though it is very long, I don't want some scissor happy kid chopping up my hair!. I probably spend more than $400 a month on everything from cosmetics, to clothing, and shoes. Women's apparel for a professional office is expensive, and one of my suits that I wear will cost me at LEAST several hundred dollars, on sale. But that same suit will be worn and rotated in my wardrobe for years, because quality lasts. Yes, my handbags and shoes are expensive. I don't wear Manolos every day, but I have them for evening wear, because in my line of work it is what is acceptable. My daily shoes run about 100 bucks a pair, and yes I have tons of them.

But here is where I have the problem with your little list. Even though my profession deems it necessary to dress well and spend money on the things I wear, I do not wear too much makeup, I wear the appropriate amount. My hair takes a while to fix in the mornings, so I allot that amount of time to it, but I get complimented all the time on it, and my boyfriend loves it. My nails are done regularly, and guess what? My boyfriend goes to the shop with me and we get pedicures together...took some convincing to get him to get one the first time, but now we enjoy going together and relaxing. It's nice to have groomed hands and feet, and it is something that he and I do together as a couple.

But you know, I make biscuits from scratch, can cook anything he likes usually without a recipe, I do the laundry, clean house, and wait on him hand and foot as much as he will let me when he is with me. That is because I love him.

Yes, I like to maintain the outward appearances, and make sure I look good, not only for myself but for my man...who wants to be seen with a slob? But I also iron his shirts, and cook like a gourmet (I have owned my own restaurant and have the training), all while in a nice dress and shoes.

So please don't categorize women who take the time and effort to maintain their appearance with being stupid, or shallow, or gold-diggers. Some of us are quality women who know that ALL these things we do in our lives count for something, and we want to be the best person we can be.

So yeah, I guess I'm high maintenance, but if you want the best, you should work for it.
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High maintenance woman
Posted: 11/30/2009 4:59:55 AM
Here is the deal: All relationships take work. Some require too much work. On an emotional level, if they are hard to get along with, they are by definition high maintenance.

High maintenance simply means they are more trouble than they are worth.

Women have a lot of wiggle room with personal grooming, shoes, and cloths though... beauty = attraction = love... to some extent. But yes, in some cases they can get out of hand.

And yes, sad as it is for me to say it, too many women are materialistic. Buying something new all the time is not the secret to happiness.

By the way... did you know that it is more expensive to raise a girl than a boy?

But men can be just as materialistic... boys with their toys.

"High Maintenance" is someone who always sees themselves and their problems as the center of the universe. The earth revolves around them plain and simple.

Personally I think a lot of that behavior come from people who are a)sociopaths b) people who feel so insignificant that they have to turn to drama, emotional extremes, making big scenes, etc so as to inflate their stature in a room. In other words they constantly (not occasionally as most people do) have to make everything about them. It is almost the same as obsessive impulse disorders that compel certain people to make themselves louder then everyone else in the room to compesnate for some kind of anxiety issue.

- That only covers a few high maintenance traits. There are many more... for example, a woman with a stalker ex could be considered high maintenace... baggage, kids, irresponsible, medical problems, mental problems, workaholic, smoker, drug user, gambler.... the list goes on and on.
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