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When I read that she assaulted you, it became a whole new issue, then the cheating. This sounds like someone who needs therapy because she is displaying abusive behavior along with being unfaithful a deadly combination. I wouldnt even consider it , I would recommend she get some therapy for the two diviant behaviorrs. Do you really want to live throught the type of hell she would relive and has relived with you? You think that was a roller coaster, you will have repeat episodes of it. She needs therapy.
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cheating dileme
Posted: 11/10/2009 4:25:36 AM
I stopped reading this after the line of "2 weeks prior to this she was arrested for assaulting me"....... get out! Why would you stay with a girl that assaulted you as well as cheated on you??? How desperate are you? Get Out!
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cheating dileme
Posted: 11/14/2009 4:58:21 PM
I would bet dollars to donuts the time she admitted cheating wasn't the only time she did it. Can I prove it? No. But in cases like this, the ugly truth is usually uglier than you think.

If you let this go, you are basically writing the word "doormat" on your forehead. You'll make it clear to her that no matter what she does, you'll forgive her. Don't do it. Tell her to get lost.
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cheating dileme
Posted: 11/14/2009 5:08:20 PM
Lifes lesson....what you see is what you get...she didnt think it was a mistake when she laid down and spread her legs for the werent even a thought in her head...and i am sure the guy dumped her...and..she decided to tell you before you found out...because right now...she has an assault record..and any man that does a check on her before he dates her...wont go near her...guys and gals do it all the time...Once a cheater..always a cheater..your young...and..dont settle for less than you deserve...when you become a real man...worry about a girlfriend...focus on your schooling...and getting a great job...and stashing money in the bank.... Go back and read what you wrote...then make your decision....if you make a foolish mistake and get back with will continue to make foolish mistakes the rest of your life...have some self least...for yourself...
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