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For any people that think that is being paranoid is just plain silly.

Count me among them girly man...

Shudder to think the danger you are in with these little gals..

Cmon onlythis.. you know the old saying the marines have ... Be polite to everyone but _________

Also, your tolerance for risk is dependant on circumstances such as having kids at home. I have a 14 year old to worry about. Even though he is rock solid, a black belt and thoroughly familiar with the operations of Mr John Browning's masterpiece, he still lacks some of the smarts only aquired through time.

If you read Theodore Roosevelt's Bio, there was a situation when he was the police commissioner where a woman feigned distress and was trying to get him to escort her home. Roosevelt wisely passed on that but sent some cops to investigate. They found a half dozen thugs waiting for him at the woman's destination. (my guess with TR is that would have amounted to fairly even odds)

When I'm out I text my kid with any changes in my itinerary including if I am going to a woman's home. Also, even though I live just outside a major city, I only have one neighbor with any view of my home and they are 500 yards away through the trees. So, yes, I do exercise some caution and make sure that I'm not bringing a Sharon Stone Fatal Attraction type home.
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Safety issues at POF
Posted: 11/11/2009 2:27:59 PM

need special extra caution.
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Safety issues at POF
Posted: 11/11/2009 10:17:46 PM
Even as a guy, I wouldn't go to a woman's home for dinner on a first date. And a woman who'd do so is crazy. Even if your friends know he's there, it's a bad idea. Do you want a stranger to know where you live? Especially if you have kids.

Save cooking dinner for a guy until you're really comfortable with him. A home cooked dinner on a date is almost an intimate event. And so is being invited into a woman's home for the first time.

Maybe it's my age, but, like sex, it'd feel like it's all happening too soon. Sip the wine, don't gulp it.
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Safety issues at POF
Posted: 11/12/2009 12:19:47 PM
There is no such thing as safety. Everyone, everything, and everywhere, presents some risks. The greater the risks the greater the rewards. You can never win the lottery without getting a ticket. Buying a lottery ticket you take the risk that you will not win, and so will have wasted the money you spent on the ticket. Meeting a date at home means you will be alone in your home with a potential serial killer...AND a house full of: knives, meat cleavers, guns, clubs, household chemicals that can be splashed in his/her eyes, etc. Home can be a lot safer than a restaurant. It is not where you meet that matters. It is the mindset you bring with you. Be alert, be aware of possible dangers, ands be prepared to defend yourself. Meeting at your home gives you a defensive edge. You can have armed friends waiting outside, ready to rush in if you scream. At home you will feel more comfortable, and relaxed. One woman I know has guys meet at her home...because her next door neighbor is a cop. He can drive by, while on duty, check the license plates on any cars in her drive way, run them for wants & warrants, and decide if the guy with her is more, or less, apt to be dangerous. That makes her feel very safe.
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Safety issues at POF
Posted: 9/21/2017 3:08:30 PM
I'm safe I'm reliable I don't hurt people I don't want people to hurt me
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Safety issues at POF
Posted: 9/21/2017 3:46:04 PM

Well golly gee, that's just swell !
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