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Would you leave a relationship because you wanted marriage and your SO didn't?Page 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Oh yeah definitely let them know.
I personally know lots of ladies who had demanded this and that then ended up alone ..anyways after trying 1-2 marriages. And who else wants them ? Well not too many anymore....for marriage.
But more and more ladies tell me that they don't want marriage now, they just that little bit. I ....dunno.
So be c.o.c.k.y when you are young ladies and hit the table with your fist..Ohh yaaaaa see what happenz...experiment and be "unique"...
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Would you leave a relationship because you wanted marriage and your SO didn't?
Posted: 9/21/2009 6:21:09 PM
I don't think it was a misspelling

Yes, it was a misspelling, I meant woman.

I take it you've never been married before? or married a wrong one? Marriage is living two or more lives like your own. Anyhow, until you know you want to marry Her - she's not your Ms.Right...keep searching
Right. and that's a commitment anyone can make without ever being married, that was my point.

marriage doesn't, cohabitating does when you use her for sex when she is still young and then you'll find newer model 10 years down the road. Because men become richer with age, and women don't become more they try to exchange their youth and beauty for your potential when they can. later, when they make their own money (and maybe even more than you) they will choose younger men and then it will be their turn to say:"I don't want someone who stays with me simply out of convenience or financial status, I want someone who stays with me out of a mutual love and respect"...yeah, right
First of all, men don't use women for sex, it's a mutual and consensual exchange. second of all, a commitment that someone makes to themselves now will still hold down the line regardless of whatever piece of gold you may carry on your finger. The type of men who would end up cheating ten years down the road would do so whether they are married or not, same with women.

I want the man in my life to value me enough to marry me and make a deep commitment.
Do you really think marriage is an indisputable proof of commitment? It's not, just look at the statistics.

Anyway, All I am trying to say is that marriage is a false concept that a lot of people buy into under out of conformity or because they have been indoctrinated, from a very early age, into thinking that it's something mandatory or magical, which it's not. I find it sad that so many people can be duped by such a weak and shallow concept(why not symbolize your commitment by throwing salt over your head and buying each other tongue piercings while your at it, it's just as ridiculous). Commitment doesn't come on a piece of paper or a ring, it comes from deep within two individuals.
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Would you leave a relationship because you wanted marriage and your SO didn't?
Posted: 9/21/2009 8:49:45 PM
~ OT ~ I would leave. If he wanted marriage, it would be selfish for me to keep him wondering if I might change my mind and get married again. That simply isn't likely in my lifetime. In my mind, I'd be keeping him from something he wants to do and that's not OK with me. JMO
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