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This child support thing can mess up your life for about 20 years even though the kid is not yours but you live with a woman for a while in NY and other states. So be careful in what you do...
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Why men run at the first sign of pregnancy?
Posted: 10/13/2012 3:02:42 PM
Well, this question was interesting. Quick answer is that we live in as society where divorce is running rampant and so many kids are being raised by single parent households. Many men know from experience that a husband will become a defendant before he even gets to know his children. So, while I do not advocate running from responsibility, I understand why so many do. When you are treated as a criminal, called "defendant" and abused in the Family Court system, you lose hope. That is the best I can do to explain why I think young men run away without even trying to be a Dad. Maybe they know what will happen when she gets tired of being together, files a restraining order and starts a child support obligation. It has been a painful experience for many American men and many young men had a bad example to consider while growing up with a single parent Mom who hated Dad.
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Why men run at the first sign of pregnancy?
Posted: 10/13/2012 3:43:53 PM
wrap it up and always pull out.....puff puff pass....
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Why men run at the first sign of pregnancy?
Posted: 10/13/2012 5:35:30 PM
Because Maury said it wasn't mine. Duhh. Maury's DNA tests shall never be questioned! There isn't one answer to this question there are so many possibilities. Men may run at the first sign of pregnancy because it is a big responsibility that many men can't handle. This is mostly in men that aren't mature enough to take away their world where they are the center of attention. Although there may be other factors such as family that pull them one way. With things like oh my god you got a girl pregnant how could you do this? Showing signs of disappointment. Men may feel the best way to escape the disappointment is to avoid the responsibility and cut the girl off completely. There are so many things that could be the reason a man runs. Why do couples have sex without protection if there is even a possibility that the man is going to run? There are things such as morning after pill, condoms, birth control, and surgical procedures that can prevent pregnancies. Although none of them are 100% they are very close to 100%. If a woman gets pregnant and a man is using a condom and the woman uses birth control. Then the man should assume the responsibility regardless. If he doesn't he'll be missing out on the child's life and it's his loss. And a woman can't beat herself up over getting pregnant and the guy ditched her. They took all the precautions to avoid it and that right there is an achievement in society today. Something to be proud of. If that woman doesn't think she can handle raising the baby due to financial problems or she can't do it by herself then abortion or giving her to the proper authorities for adoption are always options. If a woman doesn't want to do either than she should assume the responsibility of taking care of the child by herself. That is all. /End rant. (I know I got off subject. lol oh well. xD)
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Why men run at the first sign of pregnancy?
Posted: 10/13/2012 8:09:25 PM

How you liking it?

The whole problem with women who seek to alienate a man from his children is exactly that attitude. It's not about how adults feel about such a situation, it's about the effect on the child(ren). This is not about "even-ing" the score. What an inappropriate comment!
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Why men run at the first sign of pregnancy?
Posted: 10/21/2012 2:38:45 PM
Thats why Im thankful for living where I do. As long as the father shows support, has a home, a job and overall decent, if requested the father can ask for joint custody and placement and the judge will give it. Before my ex and I got married, we had and on and off relationship and on one of our off times she dated a guy-for several months and thought she might be pregnant, we were friends during all of our breakups she told me about it and wasn't sure what to do, she told the guy and he wasn't sure what he wanted so she cut it off and when she told me and since we had a long past I told her that even if we didn't get back together at one point I would take the child as mine. Turned out she just had a late, late period. There was another where we seperated and I was gone for the military and she told me about a guy she met and was dating for a few weeks but they broke up before I can home for Christmas, we had some fun during that time and after I got back, she told me that she was pregnant comfirmed by a doctor. We talked about her options, cuz we didn't know who's it was, and she was honest from the beginning. When I came home I told her I'd sign the parentage without question. Due to being in the military, they require a DNA test if not married to the mom before they take out CS even with a courtorder. So it came back that I was the true father, and my life has never been better. She did use condoms with the other two and not with me, and thats because since we had along past she didn't mind having a child with me cause she knew that I'd be there and didn't bother me either cause I knew she wouldn't rake me over the coals. I do have joint everything and do pay CS but that only because with her being on state aid it over rules our divorce decree. I would never run from a woman that said she was pregnant, although I would wait for a DNA test. My ex was different due to our long past.
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