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I couldn't manage over the road but one thing is for sure. Having your CDL can save your booty because you can get a job in an hour if it comes to it. Anyway good points made about OTR. I drove two kinds of local haul, roll off dumpsters and concrete. Both jobs are absolutley fun, i enjoyed them very much. I did the roll off's to get the experience and make what cash i could waiting for the concrete wich paid over twice as much and had beni's.
10 wheeler positions are fun to. If you can get some experience then get in with UPS or such they pay extremley well.
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Truck drivers
Posted: 9/8/2009 6:33:04 PM
OP you can take what everyone saying as true or take it with a grain of salt but coming from someone who drives for a living I am gonna say this. And thats I don't have health issues because I take care of myself and you don't have to be a truck driver to get health issues. I did over the road and I love it as I got to go to places and states I know I will never go in my life. The reason I am not still doing it as I would rather see my kids as much as I can so I have a job still driving big trucks and I still love it. Now you can go to these schools and learn if you want but I didn't get my training from them. I got my training from being in the military aka the Army Reserve to be exact. Now they train you and pay you but I am guessing you don't want to go that route so when you go to one of these schools make sure you Research Them All Very Well]/b] before just going to a school as I had afriend go to a school and after 7 days the kicked her out and still made her pay. So you do what you think is good for you and being single all you have to do is think about whats you want to do and whats good for you.

Good Luck
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Truck drivers
Posted: 9/12/2009 4:33:23 PM
ok heres the deal everyone talks about truck driving as a job...take it from me ..otr driver for 27 yrs.. you have to look deep inside you ..because buddy trucks ain t no job..its a way of life..its got all sorts of adventure for sure ,but you have to give stuff like,holliday weekends,any social life as you know it, to save you a lot of time stop at any truck stop sit at the restaurant counter buy yourself a breakfast and listen to the season drivers this about a week straight ,you ll know more about trucking than any school will ever teach you
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Truck drivers
Posted: 9/12/2009 4:38:26 PM
ok, In regards to all the fun questions.

1) Yes, I pay my drivers well, very well. They work as hard as they want, and get a percentage of the load, which pays better than per-mile.

2) My drivers are like family. Granted I could probably treat my own family better, visiting instead of calling for holidays & birthdays and such... But that isnt on trial here.

3) No, the people who I hire to drive for me, usually stick around until something else takes them away from trucking... Usually a jealous wife... Or small children.

4) My drivers recommend the company to people all the time, however I'm very selective in the hiring process, and not all applicants will be hired.

I'm home whenever I want, I run how ever hard I want, be it 2,000 miles per week, to 5,500 miles per week, I love my truck, and if I want to take a vacation somewhere with my truck, then I can schedule myself to do so. My trucks pass Regular DOT inspections and carry the FMCSA sticker in the windshield. They are Not governed and all have big roomy sleepers, and new trailers.

My drivers take their trucks home if they want, I have pre-selected places for repairs if needed, although most is addressed before a problem occurs, my drivers drive as hard or not as they want to, and if they don't want to go somewhere, (like West in the snow), they don't have to. I don't make my driver's do anything I wouldn't do myself.

Guess according to your rules, I'm on the bottom 1%...

Where's my Rock???

Chapman, Kansas
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Truck drivers
Posted: 8/1/2010 3:15:00 PM
re: OnDMove... :
"Wow... In reading the responses, kinda makes me, as a Trucking Company Owner, want to run and hide under a rock..."

Do you pay your drivers what they are worth?
Do you treat them like humans?
Do you have a 175% turn over rate?
Would your drivers recommend your company to other potential drivers?
If you answered yes to those questions then you are in the bottom 1% in this industry because most other smaller logistics companys are now gone!
I started driving a roll back for a building material supply company hauling trusses making $12 an hour and then the housing market crashed. How do you think that went?
I now drive for a retail chain as a dedicated driver. I'm home most nights, which is great, I average 2000 miles a week at .32 a mile. 4th year, Clean DAC, No tickets. I've never put a scratch on a truck or a trailer.Yup. I'm really rakin, in the cash!

Another year has passed, I own 3 trucks personally, and am still on the up & up. In regards to your questions? Although I've already answered them, I will pretend I haven't, and give updated answers...

1) I pay my drivers well. Sure everyone wants the most money for their time, but you have to have a cap somewhere. My drivers have never complained about their rates or wages. But then again, how does another person decide what another is worth? I put a price on what the job is worth to me, if you like it great, if not, that's great too.

2) They are treated well. I treat them like owner-operators, except for the fact that my name is on the title of their trucks. They take their trucks home, decide when they want to go home, and for how long. And if they are by the ranch and want some time off, they stay in my spare room, graze from my fridge, and enjoy the amazingly hot water in my shower. Sounds like family to me...

3) I am lucky not to have much of a turn-over rate at all. My lease-ons come and go as they choose. Not necessarily due to rates/wages, and treatment, but mostly due to family, and their own personal reasons. In the past 2 years, I've only let go of one driver, and that was due to his own health reasons. (he couldnt qualify for a renewal on his medical card due to his blood pressure.)

I don't haul the traditional boxed freight. Never have, never will. I turned down some loads of Hay this weekend, and the farmer was willing to provide the trailer as well. I don't haul cheap loads, and don't steal other people's loads.

I got my reputation from knowing my job, and not wavering, rather than cutting rates, and hiring anyone with a heart beat. I spent 233 days on the road last year, which included visits to friends, days off, days driving, and any day I was anywhere near my truck, even the 15 miles to the car wash.

Although trucking isn't for every one, I can't honestly think of any one job or industry that is. Thats the beauty of it. Find your niche, and then stick to it...

Chapman, Kansas
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Truck drivers
Posted: 9/11/2014 7:32:50 PM
Jeez, why do some people carry on so much about something they hate? (coughOnDMovecough)
I know this is an old thread, but the industry has changed in 5 yrs time. Don't let everyone scare you away with their horror stories of going broke, losing wives/gf/home/dog/cat/bird/ect... Everyones situation/attitude is different, so my advice is to try it out for yourself. Don't get yourself too invested(money wise) because you don't know if it will work out for you, right? Look into a grant of some sort. Research the company you're looking into. Don't go for the first place that offers 5K sign on bonuses and such...that's just a shiny hook to pull you in. Be smart, be positive, and do your best to enjoy yourself.
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