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Old people driving. Page 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
I dont think this is a thread about young drivers?

Personally, i think the age limit for driving should be raised to 21 (at least)

How many times do we pass lamp-posts or trees strewn with flowers in memoriam of some boy racer in his souped up mean machine who thought his driving was really good and he simply 'must' show off his excellence at every opportunity. And he kills not only himself, but all of his passengers and anyone unfortunate enough to have been in the way.

There is no excuse, bad driving is bad driving whatever the age.

This week alone.

I have nearly been ploughed into from the side on a roundabout by a 20 something Woman, who simply did not see that someone was actually on the roundabout.

I've witnessed a Male driver (in his 40's) hogging the outside lane of a motorway, while both other lanes were completely clear of traffic.......He was doing 55mph.

I've seen a 'little old Lady' career across 3 lanes of traffic narrowly avoiding causing a multi-car pile up. It bothers me somewhat all this 'mirror, signal, manoeuvre' stuff.........Some people take it way too literally......Just because you have mirrored and signalled, that doesnt then mean you can make your manouvre regardless of what is in your way.

And i've had a boy racer screaming up behind me on a single lane road, headlights on main beam, and get so close i couldnt actually see his lights at all. In fact, i get this one practically daily.

Ooh! And tonight I witnessed a Woman pulling away from traffic lights, she clearly wasnt too sure of the road layout because she then bumped up the kerb and proceeded to drive along the central reservation until finally she realised something was wrong, so she eventually rejoined the actual road.

I dont even mind the last one so much, that seemed to me to be more like a genuine mistake. We all make those, we just hope we dont kill anyone when we make them.....
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