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Rudeness on 1st date.! Or What,Page 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Very old thread, but ill reply anyway.

I've said it before, but there are women out there who have been hurt and are looking for a man to hurt back, I've had a lucky escape with one of these.

Again I find myself saying this........ Men have two main reasons for being here (should be obvious), women have hundreds and only about 10% of them are here for the list of reasons available in our profiles. It's pretty obvious to me that those who take the time to use these forums are probably the most genuine POF users in the pond.

I'm not saying to approach every date with excessive caution... If you've been 100% honest and open before meeting, then you have done nothing wrong and the problem (no matter what the other person tries to hurt you with) is solely theirs.
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Rudeness on 1st date.! Or What,
Posted: 4/4/2012 4:11:51 AM
Don't get mad, get even! Get a "friend" to pursue this lady; get her to travel to a distant meet, and then do similar to her!
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Rudeness on 1st date.! Or What,
Posted: 4/4/2012 6:51:17 AM
OP you've had a lucky escape.

There is never any excuse for rudeness. I've been on dates where I've not been attracted to the person, but as they've all travelled to the meeting place of my choice I've had a coffee/drink/dinner with them. It wouldn't cross my mind to leg it, even the man that said he was 5ft 11 but turned out to be 5ft 6, the athlete who turned out to be a sumo type athlete and the man who sent me a picture of himself taken 20 years prior were treated respectfully.

I hope the experience hasn't put you off OP.
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