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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/SpousePage 5 of 7    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
^^^What studies are you speaking of? Can you provide your references?
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/21/2009 7:01:13 PM
^^^If as many men liked to dance as much as women, women would take them up on dancing, and they wouldn't find themselves looking for someone to dance with as much. It's more common that women are out with men who don't like dancing and end up either sitting around because of it.

So it's less common that a man would be out looking for someone to dance with unless he's single and actually likes dancing. Most men that ask women to dance are doing it to get to know her, not for the dancing itself.

P.S. Dancing only leads to sex if there's attraction and if involved with someone, the desire to cheat. Both of which would be present sans the dancing.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/21/2009 7:15:38 PM
It doesn't take dancing with someone other than your spouse to cheat. It takes a place and a little free time and a complete lack of respect for your partner. JMO
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/21/2009 8:31:31 PM

doesn't take dancing with someone other than your spouse to cheat. It takes a place and a little free time and a complete lack of respect for your partner. JMO

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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/22/2009 5:53:37 AM

Inpune: No I will not, You go fined it. It happened to me 3 times and seen it many
times from Others. Go to google you'll fined all the studies you want on this.

It's true, dancing does lead to sex!

Do I detect a "tad" bit of hostility, Inpune?

Dancing does not lead to more UNLESS the intention was there to begin with. Hence, no dancing need be in the equation for it to happen. So you should ask yourself what exactly is leading your partners to CHEAT on YOU!

Snap out of it, and shake what ya Momma gave ya!

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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/22/2009 7:50:25 AM

Exactly so you admit that the majority of men want more than a dance,correct?

In places I go, yes. Admit? It's not a secret. Partner dancing places are different, but in nightclubs - most men don't really want to dance for the sport of it (tho there are a few that absolutely do love to dance). I don't care what they're after cause it's up to me anyway, but it is true that men are usually after the woman, not the dance floor.

A lot of you women mention "asking permission".Look,if it wasn't a problem,you wouldn't feel the need to get or ask permission for anything.This is why I find it offensive for a woman to ask "is it ok if I dance with other guys"ARE YOU SERIOUS?I feel like Im just being tested.The last date that asked me that,I didnt even get mad and I said "Go ahead,you should do what you want,I cant controll you but find yourself another ride home." Dont I have that right? When I was younger,I would put up with that crap because then I was truly insecure and thought I couldnt do better so I would tolerate that.I mean,your damned if you do and if you dont.

I agree that asking is stupid. I let a guy know that if I want to dance and he's not into it that I WILL dance with other guys. We're adults, here.

And seriously,How could I as a man,walk up to another man and ask him if I can dance with his lady like its nothing.Any man with the nerve to do that is only doing it because he has had his eye on the girl cause he is attracted to her.I mean,why her and not any other random unattractive girl?

Who knows. Who cares. If she's not interested in him it doesn't matter what his deal is. And most of the time dancing is just that.

And all though it it may be possible the man would just like how the lady dances and wants a dance with her,this is highly,highly unlikely.If you dont wanna get burned don't play with fire.These guys on here need to Man Up and be real and honest with them selves if they think otherwise.

Again, a dance partner is a dance partner. For women who won't dance unless it's a couple's thing - their SOs are probably going to get dragged on a dance floor a lot. I'd go with it.

I have gone through my immature A-hole phase and I have done these type of shady things and if I was to dance with another girl in front of the girl I was with,it was because I didnt respect her or see us as serious.Get real people.

Again....women are more into dancing than guys. Also, no guy who wanted to dance would get turned down by his GF when he asked, so there'd be no reason for him TO dance with another woman. This is about men who are out with GFs and don't want to dance with them. Since a majority of men don't care for dancing and a majority of women do - rarely do men HAVE to dance with other women in the room in front of a GF. Pfft.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/22/2009 8:42:15 AM
Women can go dancing and dont need a partner, its called line dancing.
 peppermint petunias
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/22/2009 1:33:54 PM
" No I will not, You go fined it. It happened to me 3 times and seen it many
times from Others. Go to google you'll fined all the studies you want on this."

LMAO 3 whole times?
Does this mean you can't dance any better than spell or be civil to other posters, which leads one to believe no rhythm or????..... OUCH.
Please rant on...

opie, Ridiculous manifestos of some posters aside, if a person is jealous over a dance they are to insecure for me.
I have danced all of my life and still do. I have never have a partner act anyway but proud I was going home with him if I shared a dance with another.

I used to partially judge a guy on his ability to be bf material by looking at his face if I danced with another guy. If he smiled at me and looked like he knew I was having fun, I knew that was a start to a generous and non jealous heart.

We are not all animals. I do dance with my basset hound in the living room to Disco and Motown..I guess by some pervs reckoning I want to do my dog? Brilliant.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/22/2009 2:53:56 PM

Women can go dancing and dont need a partner, its called line dancing.

Outside country bars and strip clubs, women can dance alone - and some do. Dancing isn't partner required...nor are a lot of other things.

P.S. I've seen a lot of men line dancing too - alone. What's their story?

PS: Woman in progress... where is it that you have been going? are men in your town really that boring and predictable?

Actually yes - add unattractive to that list. What can I say, most men that want to dance for some reason also want to talk, grab, and continue hanging out once the song's over. To me that's not about the dancing. My friends and I go out cause we're about having fun and dancing, not pushing some dude back 20 times in a song.

dancing is fun, its like fitness, get the heart beat up, gets hormones moving, releases endorphins... what's not to like?

I agree, we're all fitness nuts, so we go out to get some cardio. We just dance alone and/or with each other UNLESS we run into a guy we already know, we like the guy asking or we ask someone we like (which as I said before in this state is rare anyway). There's really no need to include men when dancing.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/22/2009 5:02:10 PM

OK,I think we're kinda on the same page here.And this is what Im talking about.

If I went out with someone like you who agrees that most men want more than a dance and yet I see her dancing with another guy,what other reason would there be for her to argue back with me by saying "Its just a dance" (And yes this has happened).She is contradicting herself.I would assume that she's just not that into me and/or wants to be a Bi**h with me.I mean,what else?

If I was the type to want to dance, like to dance with men and my guy was with me, why would I need to dance with another guy? He should be dancing with me. That's my point. Personally I don't care if I date a guy who dances, but there are a lot of women who do care. If you're dating a woman who likes dancing and expects you to take her and you don't - what should she do? Give it up?

I hate how some of these women say "If I draw the line at *Just a dance* then it is *Just a dance.A man should trust his woman"

The thing women fail to understand is that just cause you draw the line somewhere doesnt mean anything.As long as one person wants more then it is MORE.And thats what us guys have the problem with.Not necessarily our womans intentions but rather the scum bags intention.We are men, and know how other men are and think.Any straight man would feel some kind of excitment to have a hot woman so close to him.I wouldnt get off on seeing my girl TEASE another dude.

If a simple dance is a tease for him, that's his problem. If he expects it's more than a dance, it's his problem. If she's not interested in the guy then you'd be either distrustful, or insecure/jealous to care. Bottom line is if you don't like your woman dancing with someone else, take her dancing enough that it's not an issue...

Exactly,Women unlike men can dance with each other and not look bad,Why would you need a man if your just out for fun.Actualy a girl I dated once schooled me on that.I couldnt get mad if she went out with her girls but yet she would get mad when I went out with the guys to a club.She said that "It was different because she could dance with her Girls and not with other guys" But men couldnt do that so "He is most likely trying to score".Techincaly she was right and I agreed with her about the men because its true.But I already knew this and the only reason why I would go out was to get back at her wich was immature on my part.Either way,I felt like she was manipulating things to her favor and I wasnt having that so

Again, if you're dating a girl that goes out with her friends to dance, it's one thing. If you're dating a woman who expects her man to take her dancing that's something else.

I mean if you really needed to dance to let off some steam then why cant you turn up the radio and dance at home.If you need a partner,invite your female friend over or you man.If you need all the men around,it must be the attention.

BS. Women like the music, the drinks, the place, the atmosphere, and should be able to go out without being told there's a reason for it. If you think she should socialize at home in order to be trustworthy, it's a controlling statement.

With all the negativity towards men on how were "PIGS "DOGS" Etc..It just boggles my mind to hear all these women say that the other guy "Just wants to dance"

I didn't say all men just want to dance - I did say I could care less what they want, and most women are the same about this. If you don't like to dance and your woman does, you will have an issue with this if you expect her not to dance anymore cause you're dating her.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/22/2009 5:13:01 PM
So is the problem people have with girlfriends/wives dancing with another man based on the motives of other men? Men generally only want to dance because they think it'll lead to attraction or ultimately sex... so boyfriends/husbands think women either think the same way as men, or think they're falling "prey" to another man's motives?

It does reek of insecure. The only exception where a woman should be "made to feel guilty/at fault" should be when she's dirty dancing (embarrassing!) or doing it passive aggressively to provoke her man.

In my case (I can only speak for myself) I dance because it's fun and I'm good at it. I never do it to make my boyfriend jealous or attempt to provoke him into "taking" me back, that's ridiculously pressuring and immature. Are guys here always picking the insecure women with other motivations?

I dance to throw off some extra energy. If a guy wants to join me? Great. The presence of a stranger can make dancing more exciting (not sexually- dancing with girls I don't know feels the same). If other guys have a problem with that? Well, what DON'T boys have a problem with girls doing with anyone but them?
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/23/2009 12:35:42 PM

This sounds like a double standard.So us men should do every thing a woman wants us to do and the woman not respect anything men would or wouldnt like to do?Maybe these people just aint compatable and should just go there seperate ways.I admit when I was younger I would get all upset and try to get my girl to change her way's but you CANNOT change anyone.Allthough I may still have my same beliefs,I let myself get mad anymore or at least not show it.First of all because an issue can only be serious if your in a serious relationship which Im not BY CHOICE.How ever if I realize something is not right with someone Im dating,then the solution is to cut her loose and save your self the headache. have two choices with a woman like this. Dance with her or leave her alone about who she decides to dance with. If you'd rather not dance, being jealous is out of the question. If you're too jealous, suck it up and dance. Is dancing really as bad as cutting off your arm? Then I guess you sit back and suck it up when she wants to dance with someone else. What do you care? If you're right there and she's not into anyone else what's gonna happen? Sheesh it's about dancing, not buying a new car.

I guess thats all I ask.If Im not interested or uncomfortable with something you think is OK to do and I talk to you in a ADULT and calm way about it, dont make me out to be that there is something wrong with me.Yes it does work both ways.At least have the respect enough for my point of view or at least have the decency to just let me go because I would be doing the same soon enough.Its not about GIVING UP,its about cutting your losses.Maybe some people just like the drama,IDK.

There's nothing wrong with not liking to dance. There's a huge problem with not wanting to and expecting a woman not to either. Your point of view is valid. How you handle it is another story.

Despite what it may seem to you,Most girls I've dated never felt insecure with me,because I never put them in those messed up situations unless it was something I had no controll over.For example,I use to be a nightclub DJ and I would meet a lot of girls.And sometimes other girls I dated weren't comfortable with that.Music is my passion (so obviously I like to dance too) and Im not gonna give that up for anyone,however,I dont need to be an A-Hole about it.I always made sure my girl knew that she was welcome to come to the club cause I had nothing to hide.And I could have thrown it in there faces on how girls are gonna talk to me and flirt sometimes to request songs and even worse,I could have thrown it in there face how we wern't even in a serious relationship.But I would never do that.For what?

I don't know where you're going with this. If anyone is jealous its the boyfriend of a female club DJ, and I've been on over 25 years. Trust me, I know the scenario. Guys I date don't have to like it - but it's part of the package. They're free to come in and hang out, or stay away and not deal with it. Again, that's their choice, and I don't force them to do one or the other - but it's not like I am going to give it up. Anyone who dates me knows going in what I do for work, and anyone who dates a woman who likes to dance knows THAT going in.

If I really needed to,I could wait for the next weekend to pick up on girls which is my right if Im technicaly SINGLE.Isnt that what were suppose to do on our way to find our soulmate.It never really gets to that point for a girl to get upset with me because I really don"t do anything wrong.

I don't know what any of this has to do with dancing. If you are single by choice as you mentioned, then why does what you do matter to anyone? If you are a DJ and a woman starts dating you, why would she have a problem with it? She signed up for it.

One time this girl I was dating came to the club I was working at and was all grinding on this guy right in front of me as I was DJing.I wasnt mad because we wern't serious.I was more dissapointed then anything.She thought like others in this thread but if she really believed nothing was wrong with what she did,she would have never cried and apologized for what she did.I didnt even start an argument with her or tell her in a controlling way (or any way) that she couldnt do that.I just said " I really liked you and thats why its sucks to do this but we should'nt see each other anymore.I dont want you to feel bad to do what you feel is ok to do but I dont want to feel bad either"....She still came to the club and we were cool with each other but I had more respect from her and she wouldnt even dance with other guys which didnt matter at that point.It was a shame I didnt get that respect before.You may still not agree with my point of view but why should I be called "insecure" for standing up for my beliefs.In fact its the opposite of insecure.

I don't see a problem with dancing, again - unless it's done to make you jealous, OR it's with someone they plan to cheat with. If I am working and a bf decides to dance with a customer - that's fine by me. If he starts damn near having sex with her on the floor, that's different - but general dancing doesn't bother me. *shrug* Most men I date don't dance or don't tend to hang out in bars or clubs a lot so I don't deal with it a lot, but what do I care?
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/23/2009 3:18:52 PM
I was married to a man who was a dancing fool. The man just loved to dance. He was a great dancer.

And me? Well not so much, in fact not at all.

But I am not an insecure person nor would I want to deny him something that he loved to do simply because it wasn't something I could do.He was so much fun to watch as he danced. So when we went to parties, weddings ,etc. I would always go find him someone to dance with from our friends and relatives, people we kinda knew. There are many wives who are married to non-dancing men. I would ask the girls to please come dance with my husband.

I loved to sit back and watch him dance and have fun. The nondancing husband and I would sit back and watch them and laugh and be happy that we weren't dragged out on the dance floor. It seemed to work for us.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/23/2009 5:02:45 PM
OP I think this is the ultimate where the lightbulb shines the brightest!!!

Maybe these people just aint compatable and should just go there seperate ways

For you this is the "dealbreaker" (something that you demand, NO DOUBTS about IT)
You may see it as right. While others say its wrong. You best find this out before you
ever spend money or even go out for coffee.
People have different views on this worldwide rector scale.
There should be give and take in all of us. You have decideded this to be disrepectful
others say not. You have the opinion and others and may have a different perspective
but at the end of the day, you know what you felt when came in the room. So basically
Before you sit down, to coffee or dinner, you have discussions of this and other things
that are your "SHE BETTER DO OR NOT DO LIST"
Hopefully you can line all your prioties up and they fit.
and you won't give up your view of the dancing harlot or scarlet
for someone respectful, barefoot, and lazy, who is secretly crazy
PERSON, someone that fit all you views. (at lest the dealbreakers)
Maybe she will work and put food on the table, and take care and school of your
babies. But the night you go out and she has an "innocent" dance,
(Oh thats right they don't exisit!!!
Just do the dang interview, obviously this is important to you and
if you dont "COMPROMISE"
I Hope you get what you want. Lest not what you deserve

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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/23/2009 8:12:23 PM

LOL,No,I dont think so.What about the third choice and just dumping her a** if she is goin to disrespect me.I dont have to and I dont tolerate anything.Thats just not gonna happen.

So she has to give up dancing then or you end things. Way to be fair - maybe as long as it works for you, it's fair. Just don't date women who like to dance if you hate it that freaking much. It's just not that severe of an issue to most and compromise is usually an attractive trait, in most people. *shrug* - so in your case when a girl says I like to dance, just walk away and move on.

So I guess my 30 years doesnt count.Apparently not.Is this a compitition now who who gets jealous of who now?

Where did I say anything about your 30 years - and when did I get that information? My point is less women DJ than men (at least in my area) therefore men REALLY don't get it when a woman does it. It's more common for men, and less likely a woman will find it a huge deal. There are jealous people of both genders, but men are more convinced a gf needs to give up a job (radio or club or both) that puts her in the public eye in front of a crowd of (possibly) drunk men. Don't ask me, this is what men have told me over the years. I think it's dumb, but I didn't make it up. I'm just saying I sometimes get it worse in reverse in comparison to most of my male peers.

The problem is that we dont always know everything going in and nobody has to tolerate anything once they find out.If he dont like what you do,you dont have to tolerate it and let him go and vice versa.

No one knows everything going in, but stuff like being into dancing and DJing for a living aren't going to be real easy to miss. If someone dates a person who loves to dance or a person who's a DJ for a living they pretty much find out in the initial dating conversations. At that time they are free not to continue dating someone if that's a problem.

If you cant figure out what one thing has to do with another then no wonder you think the way you do. I cant beleive anyone would not think its disrespectful.Its no surprise that so many divorces happen nowadays.The statistics say it all.

It's disrespectful TO YOU. Not everyone thinks like you do, nor should they. A lot of people don't sweat stuff like this and it doesn't affect their relationship, because they are secure in it and trust each other. What people want or expect or do outside that relationship isn't relevant unless you allow it to be.

The difference with me and other men who shares my opinion is:
Guy 1-Puts up with her dancing with other men and holds all the anger and frustration inside because this man is the insecure one who thinks he cant do any better and so he tolerates her being disrespectful.And then tells everyone else "ITS OK" so that she dont get mad at him.

Guy 2-Scolding and yelling at his girl cause she is dancing with another guy and demanding that she change her way.Some men to the point of verbal or/and physical abuse.

Me-No argument,no demanding.Just a simple "good bye" and move on to the next.

If I dont care about a girl dancing or flirting with other men is because I dont care about her,plain and simple.I really only want one thing from her.It is these women who then get mad at me for not getting jealous and say that I dont care about,its cause I dont.I swear the test women do.I wont fall for it.

My answer to all of the above is that if you don't want to dance with a gf, and you don't want her to dance with anyone else, then don't even bother getting to know her once you find out on or before the first date that she loves to dance. Saves you all the trouble.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/24/2009 12:14:43 PM
In response to the quote from division 77 :^

[You "were" married.
Past tense.
Perhaps all that dancing with others finally caught up to you?
Personally, I don't buy it.
If he had been dancing with women you didn't know or trust, I'm sure you'd have said something.......especially if his hands found her asscheeks or vice versa.]

Actually he died quite a few years ago. He was actually reluctant to leave me sitting while he went off dancing but I assured him that i was fine and that I enjoyed watching him dance with the the girls. They were all women we knew at parties, weddings, etc.

There were a few instances of a strange woman trying to dance with him inappropriately and he politely showed them his wedding ring and told them that he was happily married and intended to stay that way. I did not see this happen. It was reported to me by the sister of the innapropriate girl who thought it was sweet of him and funny that her sister was put in her place.

I'm not a jealous person. Jealousy does not show how much you love a person but shows how insecure you are.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/28/2009 7:52:49 AM
^^^If I was going too, no - I wouldn't find it a big deal. Just as when a woman is dancing with another man and you're there it's not a big deal. Exactly....I assume you're inviting her to join, since that's comparable to the topic in this thread.

By the same token, if you expect to go off with someone else and leave your girl home then it's different - just like if your gf went out routinely WITHOUT you and danced with other men, THAT would be different.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/28/2009 8:11:49 AM
going out with your s/o + other friends, and each of you dances platonically with the other friends: YES, THAT'S FINE
attending a family/community event with your s/o (wedding, etc.) and you dance with others platonically: YES, THAT'S FINE
taking ballroom/swing/salsa lessons with your s/o and going to a dance where people do those specific dances, and each you dances with others platonically, just for the practice: YES, THAT'S FINE
going out with your s/o and they "dirty dance" or grind with others: HECK NO

Dancing, by itself, is not the problem. To me, the line is drawn when an attached person dances in a specifically sexy/arousing/flirting way with someone who is not their s/o. It's just disrespectful.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 9/28/2009 9:09:25 AM
I cant even get a straight man to dance with me. They just want to stand at the bar and watch. So I dance with girls. Hmph.

This is why I have gay boyfriends to go dancing with.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 10/10/2009 2:31:13 PM
I would NEVER dirty dance with a guy when i have a boyfriend (whether he's there or not), but i would clean dance with a guy.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 10/10/2009 2:39:04 PM

I defy anyone to find anything wrong with doing a polka with the neighbours 19 year old kid.

Hi. I'm Chris Hanson. Why don't you have a seat over there?
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 10/11/2009 10:03:52 AM
A friend and I had this conversation last night on the way home from a dance club.

She's dating a guy that doesn't like to dance, doesn't like clubs, etc. She routinely asks if he'll go out with her dancing because she'd rather be with him - he routinely tells her it's not his thing. He's also told her many times he's thinking of taking dancing lessons (which she'd love to do) but never really follows through with it. And in a club, dancing lessons don't do much good anyway - it's not a competition.

She has no interest in any other guys, but when she comes out with the girls dancing (because it's either that or go out alone if that's what she likes) there are times when we're all not interested in dancing for whatever reason and she's asked to dance by some guy. Does she say no because she's got a boyfriend? No - she dances with the guy, and I don't blame her. For her, it's all about dancing.

She also has no intention of doing anything beyond dancing, so if/when men go in for the kill and want a phone number and says "no thanks" because she's got a boyfriend, they ask where he is. She says "home" but thinks to herself, "he SHOULD be here, this guy's got a point."

Yes, it's a mismatch from the start - but once it's happening there are two choices:

1. Stop an activity for fear of being taken the wrong way when your SO doesn't like to do what you like to do.
2. Do what you like to do, invite the SO to join you and let your SO take it however they want since they choose not to participate.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 10/11/2009 10:12:29 AM
I happen to agree with jlorence, if you cant do it in front of your lover then you shouldnt be doing it. It would like him doing something you would object to. I think its a matter of respecting each other and the relationship otherwise the two of you shouldnt be together in the first place.
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 10/11/2009 10:16:45 AM
To women in progress. My question is where are all your girls husbands and boyfriends since your out together? And next how would you feel about them going out clubing and dancing with other women when your home alone?
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Dancing With Another Man Besides Your Boyfriend/Spouse
Posted: 10/11/2009 11:28:33 AM
^^^Some of us are single. Some of us are involved but have boyfriends who don't want to join. They are free to come with but decide not to. Their choice.

Most of the husbands/boyfriends in the group aren't the type who would have a problem with an SO going out with friends in the first place - they knew when they met these women that they go out once in a while, and they're fine with it.

Life doesn't have to stop when you get involved.

P.S. Men we date won't have to go out to clubs and dance with other women because we'd go with and they'd have a dancing partner (at least for those of us who care about dancing with an SO, anyway). We wouldn't sit home - that's the point. If we did sit home when asked to go, however - it'd be too freaking bad for us if our men danced with other women - because we had the choice to do it differently.
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